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The countries of the world in which you will be paid if you move there to live.

The countries of the world in which you will be paid if you move there to live.
Countries that are willing to pay migrants high "lifting"
In today's difficult situation with migrants and refugees flooding the countries with a high standard of living in Europe, it is already hard to believe that somewhere there are states ready to pay good "lifting" visitors and provide them with social guarantees and assistance in a new place of residence. Nevertheless, because of the large outflow of population in the cities of America, Canada, Spain and a number of other countries, the authorities are ready to pay new residents.
City of Detroit, Michigan, USA.
Once a famous city due to auto concerns and hockey, the "Automobile Capital of the United States", today is almost empty due to crises and bankruptcies. To restore the former glory, the local authorities introduced a new program called Challenge Detroit, which offers $ 2,500 to young professionals in 30 areas. The program is designed for a year. More information about the program can be found at, the application for the current season 2017-2018 is open from February to August. You still have 40 days to implement the "American Dream".
Niagara Falls, USA.
Another state of America suggests realizing fantasies about life in one of the most stunning corners on Earth, while receiving financial support from the authorities at a rate of 7 thousand dollars. Young specialists who have just graduated from universities can take part in the program, having established themselves in local enterprises for two years.
Curtis, Nebraska, United States.
The American town of Curtis in Nebraska gives a free land plot in exchange for a really worthwhile, calculated idea for improving urban infrastructure or culture. You can try your luck.
New Haven, Connecticut, USA.
New Haven also offers a state program designed to increase interest in the city. If you are buying a house for the first time, you will be given an interest-free loan of $ 10,000. Having lived in the house for more than five years, you have the right to completely free yourself from credit obligations in the home. it will be completely written off. Moreover, you can get 30 thousand dollars to equip housing with new energy-saving technologies, and having lived there for 10 years, money can also not be returned.
Baltimore, Maryland.
This city ranks seventh among the most dangerous cities in America, but he really wants to change, and therefore gives visitors $ 5,000 to buy a house. If this amount does not impress you, you can double it by buying an abandoned house.
Much of the state of Kansas.
Kansas is ready to pay you if you move to any of his towns. For example, the city of Lincoln with a population of 3500 people. Here you will be provided with free land for building a house. You can get land in the city of Marquette, where there are only 600 residents. In addition, you will be exempt from income tax for 5 years or repay a loan for training in a university in the amount of up to 15 thousand dollars.
Alaska, USA.
For fans of snow-covered landscapes and a measured way of life away from the noisy megacities, Alaska opens its arms. A special government fund pays specialists who will agree to work in regions where the population is falling steadily, according to the portal But the important condition of the project is that in Alaska you will have to live at least one year.
The province of Saskatchewan, Canada.
The neighboring country Canada is also interested in the influx of people. One of the provinces of the country offers freshly-released specialists the support in the amount of 20 thousand Canadian dollars for work and living in the province for 7 years.
Pong, Asturias, Spain.
A small village in the protected territories of the northeast of Spain to attract young people and strengthen the economy offers 3 thousand euros to each young couple who came to live with them. In addition, each child born here is paid a capital of 3,000 euros. If you are a supporter of pure ecology, then this is an excellent option. It is noteworthy that in one of the three major cities of Asturias - Aviles there are free language courses, and at the Red Cross school they prepare for official testing of Spanish language - DELE.
Pipestone, Manitoba.
In the Canadian city of Pipestone, land is not distributed free of charge, but they offer large discounts if you build on the site during the year. In addition, if you want to start a business, the city offers grants of up to 32,000 Canadian dollars.
Matsayker Island, Tasmania.
Do not be attracted to life in the US, then you can go to Tasmania. On the island of Matsayker off the coast of Tasmania provide work and housing. Preference is given to families who will serve the lighthouse, provide meteorological reports, monitor the land and buildings.
Mishima, Japan.
The Japanese settlement of Mishima (not to be confused with the city of Mishima) is a village located on three small islands with a population of 400 elderly people. Here they offer 100 thousand yen (about $ 840) to cover the costs of moving and a monthly allowance in the first three years of residence. And besides, the cow in addition is completely free, which can provide you with milk, sour cream, cheese, cottage cheese and butter! In general, for those looking for a quiet corner of family happiness in a beautiful area with a Japanese flavor, & # 8212; then you to the islands.
The island of Pitcairn, the southern part of the Pacific Ocean.
For hermits on one of the most remote islands in the world & # 8212; Pitcairn with a population of 50 people - are ready to provide free land. According to, since 2015 only one person has moved there. On the island there is a single store, which is open only three days a week, and everything needs to be ordered in advance from New Zealand. However, if you like beaches and seclusion, you can become the second lucky person who moved there.
The village of Bormida in northwestern Italy.
The mountain village of Bormida is in the province of Savona in northwestern Italy, about 80 kilometers from Genoa. The settlement is located high in the mountains, but near the sea. Therefore, the air there is very clean. The mayor of Bormidy promises to pay 2 thousand euros to everyone who will move there to live. At the same time for immigrants renting an apartment with kitchen, bathroom, living room, garage, pantry, basement and four bedrooms will cost only 50 euros per month. Well, the most luxurious apartments will cost 120 euros. This proposal has already attracted a huge number of people from different countries, but there is a nuance: in the village there is practically no work. Residents mainly farm and keep pets. However, this should not stop lovers of rural seclusion, as it is possible to work today remotely, the main thing is to have the Internet.

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