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The bill on changes in the immigration system.

The bill on changes in the immigration system.
The draft law provides for a major reform in its "shaggy" shaking and shaking legislation. For a document that occupies more than you & shy; si & shy; chi pages and requires, in the event of its implementation, spending $ 50 billion, pro-sho sho sho-sho-va-sho-lo of 68 members of the Senate, against-only 32. US President Barack Obama , while on tour in Africa, approved the decision of the senators. The truth in the House of Representatives of the US Congress the situation with the adoption of the new law remains uncertain.
The document provides the chances of obtaining American citizenship for approximately 11 million illegal & shy; wounds & shy; com. Although, the period for this is considerable - as long as 13 years. At the same time, illegally staying on the territory of the country will have to pay thousands of dollars of fines and taxes to the United States, and also show good command of English. However, the current Republican Party, which controls the lower house of Congress, is against the very idea of granting citizenship to illegal immigrants in the United States.
The bill, approved by the Senate, also provides for an increase in budget allocations for the strengthening of border control in America, especially at the border with its southern neighbor Mexico. If the law is adopted, then by 2021 the number of border guards for patrolling will increase to 38.5 thousand people, they will be shackled by shots with a length of over 1,1 thousand kilometers, and control lines will begin unmanned le & shy; ta & shy; tel & shy and radar stations.
The document also provides for an increase in the annual quota for entry visas with the right to work in the United States: both for high-skilled workers and for workers without a qualification from the construction, hotel, and sh & shy of the shiny business. Employers, in turn, will be required to check the immigration status of the employed workers on a special shi; al & shy database.
And finally, the new law will abolish the annual lottery, in which immigrant visas, "green cards" that grant the right to live and work in the United States, and after five years in the United States - the opportunity to obtain American citizenship are played out. The law on the lottery was adopted in 1990. Every year, the year & shy; but with the help of computer toss of its lucky owners finds 55,000 immigrant visas. Approximately 7% of visas are received by each country whose citizens took part in the lottery.
The reform of immigration legislation is a key point of Obama's domestic policy. For the US president, every step in this direction is regarded as a success.
Obama welcomed the senators who approved the law. According to him, if the House of Representatives also accepts a "shiny" project, it will greatly strengthen the country's economy.
In Obama's widely circulated statement, the law was called "a compromise that brought the country closer to the final shaking up of the shattered immigration system." The provisions of the approved law contain "the most aggressive plan to enhance security at the borders of the country." Obama said that if the lower house also expresses support for the project positively, this will be a good step towards recovery after the economic crisis in 2008, and will also help reduce the federal budget deficit and reduce the size of the sho sh & shy ; gift & shy; stven & shy; but & shy; th debt. The adopted law will contribute to increasing the rate of economic growth, the US president believes.
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