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The best countries for Russian retirees.

The best countries for Russian retirees.
Over the past few years, an interesting trend is beginning to appear. Many pensioners from the Russian Federation leave for other countries, where the living conditions are more in line with their personal taste.
As a rule, most of them continue to receive a pension in Russia, since there are no serious obstacles to this. In order not to lose with such an important choice, it is very important to study in which country it is better to live pensioners.
Reasons for moving.
Considering this phenomenon of emigration in more detail, it is easy to come to the conclusion that retirees leave their fatherland for objective reasons. Typically, they include the following items:
low standard of living; high cost of utilities, food in comparison with income; unsatisfactory quality of medicine; high rates of corruption.
This list can be continued for a very long time, but it will be much more rational to consider the most popular among the Russian pensioners, where more favorable conditions prevail for them.
Choice of country for living.
To a pensioner who decided to move abroad for permanent residence, it is very important to know that the overwhelming majority of countries are ready to accept it, provided that his financial condition is stable. If there is an opportunity to issue the necessary papers, to purchase real estate and maintain yourself, there will be no problems with finding a suitable place for living.
It should be borne in mind that many states provide for the possibility of issuing residence permits under special migration programs, which will allow them to legalize their presence on the territory of the country for a certain period. After this, a pensioner can use the procedure for the registration of permanent residence, and in many countries for this a simplified scheme is provided.
Where it is easiest to immigrate, learn from the video.
The best countries where Russian pensioners live comfortably are located in different parts of the world. Traditionally it is the EU states, where the standard of living is better than in other countries.
However, the lack of funds to purchase real estate and serious financial investments does not mean that the pensioner will not be able to move abroad.
There are quite a few countries where the quality of life is somewhat higher, and the accommodation is much cheaper than in the Russian Federation.
Bulgaria is a visited and popular resort among tourists and immigrants. It is quite possible to move here on an ongoing basis, since such a state can boast a number of advantages over most other areas:
excellent weather conditions; affordable value of products, everyday goods and real estate; convenience in obtaining a pension, due to the possibility of sending it directly to the Bulgarian bank; no need to learn the language and the simplest procedure of legalization in Bulgaria.
All these advantages make it possible to call this state ideal for permanent residence to a pensioner who decided to leave the Russian Federation. The main advantage, in comparison with other areas, is the low cost of housing. You can buy a home for only 500 thousand rubles or less. Choosing which country to leave from Russia, many people stop their choice on this option.
Montenegro is another popular European direction, ideally suited for retirees. This state is perhaps even more popular than Bulgaria, which is due to the excellent living conditions in the region. Montenegro can be proud of its nature, as it is the most environmentally friendly country in Europe, which allowed its inhabitants to achieve unique life expectancy.
One of the factors attracting numerous tourists here is the affordable value of real estate, which is much lower than the similar figures in Moscow. Typically, the cost of one square meter is 1000 euros, although if you want, you can easily find more profitable offers (800 euros per meter), but already noticeably further from the center of the country. These conditions are quite enough for pensioners to live comfortably.
Another reason why many Russian-speaking travelers who plan to live on a pension stop their choice on Montenegro - the loyal attitude to tourists, which is ubiquitous here. In order to undergo the process of legalization, which is necessary for a long or permanent residence in Montenegro, it will not take a lot of money.
The disadvantages of this variant of immigration are the complete absence of affordable medical services for migrants.
This makes medicine quite expensive, which affects the quality of life.
Considering the most comfortable in terms of residence, suitable for travelers of retirement age, one can not ignore Portugal. A characteristic feature of this direction is the mild climate, which is good for meteosensitive people. Winter here is quite warm, and summer is not hot, due to which the most comfortable conditions for life are created.
Another advantage of this direction is the low crime rate, which guarantees the safety of travelers who decided to stay here for permanent residence. Economically, this state is the best suited for thrifty tourists, because the cost of products and rental of real estate is very low.
To negative features is the overestimated cost of utilities, even in comparison with the Russian Federation.
This is offset by the small size of other costs, which makes life in Portugal inexpensive.
Especially for pensioners, there is a program in this country that assumes no taxation if a number of conditions are met:
Continuous living in the territory of the state for 5 years. The maximum duration of receiving funds without paying taxes is 10 years. If the conditions are not observed, the income will be taxed in accordance with the laws of the country in force.
In view of this, Portugal & # 8212; One of the most suitable for pensioners destinations located on the territory of Western Europe. With relatively cheap accommodation, this state provides comfortable living conditions.
The list of European trends that allow pensioners from the Russian Federation to significantly improve the quality of life is not confined to the previously mentioned countries. After all, Serbia will be an ideal option for thrifty travelers who do not have an impressive capital for moving.
Detailed map of Serbia.
Among the obvious advantages, we note the low cost of real estate, both rent and purchase, low cost of essential products and insurance medicine.
The most economical travelers buy or rent a house in remote regions of the country where the temperate continental climate dominates, and prices, almost all, are several times lower than in popular areas.
Video about life and prices in Serbia.
The disadvantages of Serbia include poor technical equipment of local health facilities, which becomes a serious problem for those residents who have a number of diseases that require constant monitoring by doctors. In addition, the number of immigrants living here is very small.
China & # 8212; an extremely popular destination for traveling pensioners who decided to move to permanent residence in other states. The main factor explaining this situation is the cost of real estate in the northern regions of China, which is several times cheaper than domestic rates.
Given this popularity, we can assume that the traveler will certainly meet many of his compatriots living in the territory of this state. The health care system of the Middle Kingdom is developing, which provides a number of advantages for the elderly.
An additional dignity is respect for the elderly, which seems to be the most important component of Chinese culture.
If a traveler has a strong desire to live in the territory of truly southern countries, it is advisable to consider Egypt. After all, this direction has long been checked by travelers who are sent here for tourist purposes, and wanting to earn money.
The cost of housing here is much lower than in Europe, which gives a chance to provide comfortable conditions for a permanent life. The highest demand among tourists, enjoys the city of Hurghada, in which it is easy to meet a huge number of immigrants from the Russian Federation and the CIS.
In terms of medical services, residents should rely on high quality, but only in the largest and most developed communities. In the interior of the country, because of the distance from the cities, qualified assistance will be extremely difficult.
The local climate is suitable for those who really love the heat. During the year the temperature can reach 45 degrees, which becomes a problem for some categories of travelers. This is compensated by extremely warm winters, when the air does not cool down to less than 17 degrees Celsius.
Turkey is relatively loyal to Russian-speaking tourists, and therefore is the best option for the everyday life of pensioners. Climatic conditions vary greatly depending on the region chosen for life, and a huge number of compatriots will facilitate immersion in the local environment.
Among the advantages we note the understated cost of housing and a relatively favorable level of crime in the resort areas.
The disadvantage is an unstable political situation, as well as a low standard of living in remote areas.
Sorry for Serbia there is no sea.
To my taste, living directly by the sea year-round is not the best option. It is desirable to have fast, easy and inexpensive access to the sea. This property is enjoyed by all Balkan countries. Is not an exception and Serbia

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