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Temporary residence permit with the possibility to work in Spain.

Temporary residence permit with the possibility to work in Spain.
Get a temporary residence permit in Spain with the right to be an employee is the most desired document for our compatriots who dream of finding their place in this fabulous country. Spain belongs to the group of states most attractive to our fellow citizens.
Here you can really improve your life and find a job with a decent salary. This part of Europe attracts not only Russian seekers of a better life, but also labor immigrants from other countries with a dysfunctional economy.
How to obtain a residence permit in Spain with the right to work?
Now, unfortunately, it is rather difficult to answer this question. Temporary residence permit in Spain with the right to be an employee or Residencia temporal y trabajo por cuenta ajena is practically not available. Everyone knows that the European Union, and Spain in particular, is in crisis.
Statistical data on unemployment reached a level that was not for many years. The concern of the Government of Spain is clear with this problem. It makes every effort to stabilize the situation. To provide the Spaniards with jobs in sufficient numbers is the main task of Spanish state bodies.
It is much easier now to obtain a residence permit in Spain without the right to work. And even being the owner of your business, you have no right to work there. You are required to create jobs for the Spaniards. And only if your firm has serious turnover (which is about three million euros per year), pays considerable taxes to the state's treasury, creates jobs for the Spaniards, only then you can qualify for a residence permit in Spain with the right to work. Spain protects itself from the inflow of indigent citizens.
Nevertheless, many of our fellow citizens who have an official residence permit in Spain with the opportunity to work and are now safely living and working in the country. Now, for example, it is possible to get seasonal work in the agro-industrial sector of the country's economy. Spanish institutions need highly qualified specialists in various branches of science and high technologies.
Before you decide to apply for a temporary residence permit with the possibility to have a job, you must be sure that you already have a job. Moreover, you must have a preliminary contract with your employer. And if you can prove that it is you, not the Spaniard, who can successfully do this or that job, you will succeed.
What types of work permits exist?
In Spain, there are several types of work permits:
Type "B" is original. This type of work permit allows the applicant to work under an employment contract for up to one year. Moreover, he must work during this year in the indicated place and in this position. Type "B" is re-registered. This type of work permit allows the applicant to work for hire for two years. Such a document is issued after the expiration of the validity period of type "B" of the original if the employee wants to extend it. This document allows the holder to work at a specified location. Type "C". This type of work permit allows its holder to work in any position throughout Spain at his discretion. Issued to the holder of permission of type "B" re-registered after the end of its operation.
There are several ways to find a job in Spain:
with the help of the media. Possibilities of the press, radio, television, and also the Internet now it is difficult to overestimate; with the help of employment agencies; with the help of private firms that engage in temporary employment and act as intermediaries between the employer and the potential employee; with the help of the employment center.
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