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Switzerland – the creation of the company, f.

Switzerland - the creation of the company, f.
Registering a Swiss company, obtaining a residence permit and investing in Switzerland.
Our company provides services related to the registration of Swiss companies. No intermediaries & ndash; the customer will not have to overpay, the registration of the company in Switzerland will not cost much!
A team of highly qualified specialists from Zurich and Moscow knows all the subtleties of working with Swiss legal forms & ndash; from the most common AG Switzerland (SA) and GmbH Switzerland (LLC), to the rarer forms: partnership (simple, limited partnership), as well as cooperatives, associations, holdings, trusts, domiciles and any other Swiss companies.
Estimated costs of establishing a company in Switzerland (once):
Swiss Joint Stock Company (AG) - from 2'900 Swiss francs. francs.
Limited liability company (GmbH) - from 2'900 Swiss francs. francs.
Swiss representative office of a foreign company - from 2'500 Swiss francs. francs.
Swiss partnerships (for example, general, simple, limited) - from 1500 Swiss francs. francs.
Swiss individual private enterprise - from 1500 Swiss francs. francs.
Swiss non-profit association - from 1500 Swiss francs. francs.
You can entrust us with the execution of all necessary work in terms of registration. For our part, we guarantee the achievement of a positive result in the shortest time possible & ndash; This possibility is explained by the established cooperation with notaries and state structures.
At the end of the work, the client receives the company completely ready for commercial activity & ndash; & offshore & raquo; in Switzerland. It becomes the owner of a bilingual charter, a VAT number and a registration number (UID). In addition, the organization is registered with the tax authorities, the Social Fund. insurance and in state structures responsible for maintaining statistics. At the request of the client, a postal or virtual legal address will be provided in Zug or Zurich, and a nominee director is appointed - resident of Switzerland (in this case the Swiss law is applied to AG / GmbH).
How is the company registered in Switzerland?
The firm in Switzerland is opened in four consecutive stages:
1. Primary consultation, combined with the choice of the legal form of business. To do this, you need to contact our company by phone, which you see on the site, or fill out the online form. You can get comprehensive information on how to open a company in Switzerland;
After all the basic aspects of cooperation have been agreed, the minimum of necessary data (the name of the commercial organization and the direction of economic activity) is obtained, it becomes possible to draw up a cooperation agreement. At this stage, it will be necessary to deposit a deposit (no more than two thousand Swiss francs). If the authorized capital is formalized by GmbH and AG (the minimum amount of which is twenty thousand Swiss francs for GmbH and fifty for AG) it is necessary to deposit to an account with the Swiss bank (after the company is entered in the Swiss Commercial Register, the client is again restored access to these means);
3. Drawing up of the notarial deed and receipt of documents.
The registration procedure is carried out at the notary public in Switzerland, one certified package of documents is sent to the client. After that, you can consider yourself a full owner of the company in Switzerland & mdash; all characteristic of commercial activity will be contained in the received notarial deed;
4. Payment of remaining funds and completion of the process, after which the company in Switzerland can begin its activities.
The final actions (namely, registration in the Commercial Register, tax and social insurance bodies) will be executed immediately after the customer has fully settled with the company.
Accepted any types of payments (both electronic money and cash). In addition, it is possible to transfer funds through the implementation of a secure payment system (it is called escrow service).
Is there a need for the client to travel to Switzerland personally if necessary to register a company in Switzerland?
Our company is happy to meet and get acquainted with each of its customers, however with modern capabilities it is possible to save time and work with clients from all over the world. There is a wonderful opportunity to open a commercial company in Switzerland by proxy (the list of actions that a trusted person can perform is strictly regulated by law).
What is more profitable to establish - AG or GmbH?
AG & mdash; is a full-fledged JSC, and GmbH in its essence has more in common with the company. AG shareholders have the right to maintain confidentiality (obtaining personal data of shareholders is carried out exclusively within the limits of the bank in order to be able to withstand money laundering). In turn, the shareholders of the GmbH do not remain anonymous - their personal data will appear in the Swiss Commercial Register. In addition, the size of the company's authorized capital is different. Taxes, legal responsibility and accounting audit have no differences.
How long can I open a company in Switzerland?
It takes at least 14 days to receive the Company Registration Certificate. The lion's share of time is the process of processing the filed documentation by the Swiss Commercial Register. In the summer, when the business activity of private structures is reduced, it is usually much faster.
How can I contribute?
Accepted as electronic payments (including those conducted through escrow service), and payment in cash.
2. Obtaining a residence permit in Switzerland and the right to work.
� Advice to a Swiss lawyer.
� Probing the applicant's chances in the cantonal departments of Switzerland.
� Assistance in drafting a dossier, development of a residence permit and work permit.
Cost: 17,000 euros.
In addition: Gos. fees (CHF 1 000 - CHF 1 500) and the development of a business plan.
Getting a residence permit in Switzerland for non-EU citizens is very difficult and there are no standard solutions here.
For each client, the approach is individual, it is necessary to identify many aspects (opportunities, ideas, preferences, type of business, place of residence, etc.), all these issues are preliminary agreed with the cantonal departments, whether the business is acceptable in this canton, is there more quotas for non-EU citizens, etc.
3. Selection of individual offers for profitable investments.
� Advice to a Swiss lawyer.
� Preparation of proposals (maximum 10)
Cost: 3 000 euros.
Other services that go beyond these proposals are charged to the account depending on the time spent (CHF 400 - CHF 450 / hour = 300-350 euro / hour).
In individual cases, a contract for a lump sum is possible.

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