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Personal experience.
Why do we leave for the USA.
Reader & laquo; Newspapers.Ru & raquo; about why he decided to move with his family to live in the United States.
Reader & laquo; Newspapers.Ru & raquo; tells about why he and his family decided to leave Russia forever and settle in the United States. Before the trip to an unfamiliar country, Mikhail Ivanov compiled a list of what he hopes to find for himself in America and what he leaves in Russia. In the first part of the list of items was more.
From the editorial office. We draw your attention to the fact that the texts published under the heading "Personal Experience" were written by readers of "Gazeta.Ru". The editors do not always share their point of view.
We decided to move to live in the US. Very soon we will fly away, and we only have one-way ticket. We chose the small town of Boulder (in the state of Colorado) as the place from which we want to start learning about America. If we like it there, then we will stay, if not, then we will go further.
Like thousands of other people, we thought that we do not like living in Russia, but nothing concrete was done to change something. Urgent matters overshadowed the important.
It so happened that we won the Green Card Lottery, which allows us to legally live and work in the US, and eventually get citizenship. We decided to take this chance and accept this challenge.
Our comrades ask why we are leaving. Why do we leave here the possibility of self-actualization, interesting work, comfortable living conditions, status, relatives? To answer this question, we wrote this post. What do we hope to find?
Health and harmony.
Moscow & mdash; a terrible city for the health of children, and we have two (8.5 years and 1 year). The consequences of the fact that children grow here will last a lifetime. Of course, in Russia there are many beautiful places where ecology is significantly better. For example, the North Caucasus. But how can one earn a living there? And just live?
Communicate with nature and the opportunity to live outdoor.
We do not remember when the last time spent in nature the whole day. A trip to nature (real, not from two shrubs next to the country house) in Moscow is associated with many hours of standing in traffic jams. After them, you ask yourself: & laquo; Did it make sense? & Raquo; And very quickly you spend the harmony got in a wood or on the river. We are very lacking in nature, because we are both from small places, where all life passed outside the house.
10 - 15 additional years of life for each.
Statistically, a man lives in Russia for 59 years, in the US & mdash; 76. Women & mdash; 73 years in Russia and 81 years & mdash; in USA. For men, moving & mdash; this is plus 17 years of active life. Of course, this is only statistics, and the machine can knock you down anywhere in the world. But in Russia this probability is still higher. This is not a joke when it comes to 17 additional years of life.
We do not see the prerequisites for changing the political and economic situation in the country. On this topic, you can discuss a lot, and everyone will remain at their own opinion. For us, the current situation is not connected with Putin's personality, but with the deep historical roots of all that is happening (we still can not put it better than Alexander Akhiezer; therefore we simply refer to his fundamental study of the history of Russia).
At the same time, we do not feel in ourselves either the talent or the motivation to lead the revolution and become the Russian Ata Turk. And why? The world is global. With the current openness of the world, people can choose for themselves the most suitable place for implementation. We do not have a special affection for the current place of residence (neither to the city, nor to the country). Therefore, we believe that we have the right to choose.
New experience and one more life.
We really appreciate the acquisition of a new experience. It is interesting for us to set new goals, to try, to learn new places and people. We can in many respects predict what will happen to us here in 10 or 20 years. The difference will be only in the amount of money earned and the name of the places of work. But we have absolutely no idea what awaits us in another country. There is a tremendous opportunity to live one more life. Try yourself in something that you never did. Everything has to be learned and re-learned. It's exciting!
Yes, a new life will require a way out of the comfort zone. But we are not afraid of this. What do we lose?
The possibility of self-realization through business (this is indicated by most of our friends from the business environment)
We are not sure about this. In general, we have earned enough money to afford the sabbatical year, but still we plan to start looking for the application ourselves from the first day. USA & mdash; the most comfortable country for doing business. Look back, a significant part of what we use is created in the USA. The place where we're going, & mdash; One of the new centers of the entrepreneurial industry in the States. We believe in our entrepreneurial and managerial talent. Already now we have several ideas for a new business.
Relations with family and friends.
Perhaps this is the main thing that we really lose. We will miss our friends and relatives very much, because we will not be able to call and see an hour later with a glass of wine. And we can not run together so often. But given the means of communication, we can continue to communicate with friends, and to see each other even more than now, living in the same city. We expect that people close to us will be able to get over to us, as soon as this can be done legally and if they want it. In addition, several authors of the publishing house live in Boulder, with whom I maintain a good relationship, & mdash; Joe Freel (author of the "triathlete Bible") and Jim Collins (author of "From Good to Great" and a number of other books).
This is a matter of perception. We do not have much piety in front of the names, and we have never aspired to the "cream of society". We have few chances to get into them in the States either. But it seems to us that status is a continuation of what you really are. Crossing the border, we do not cease to be ourselves.
There are a number of household problems that need to be addressed, namely, & mdash; arrange a daughter to school, get the right, open an account, find a kindergarten for the child. But we both already have experience of changing our place of residence. I came to Moscow from Nalchik, my wife & mdash; from Kamyshin. We believe in ourselves.

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