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Signs on the birthday.

Signs on the birthday.
According to folk signs, birthday is a responsible event, requiring attention to detail during preparation, during, and after it. To understand, explore this topic in more detail.
When to celebrate.
Before the anniversary, you can not mark it in advance. Thus provoking the dark forces to respond. The future culprit may face various kinds of trouble for the next year. However, everything can turn out much worse. Noting in advance, a person attracts death to his person, superstitious people say.
Not the best option to mark and after the expiration: wishes will not be fulfilled addressed to the guests of the jubilee. However, like the coveted dreams of the culprit, because only one magic day is given to him. According to beliefs, the guardian angel and the deceased close relatives descend to Earth to be near the birthday boy, and send all wishes to God.
As for the day of the week chosen for the celebration, then you can plan on any day except Saturday, intended for spiritual self-knowledge, and not noisy parties. To the whole year not to experience indisposition and internal emptiness.
Guest control.
Anyone wants to meet the personal countdown of the year so as to keep in memory for a long time a pleasant experience. Therefore, it is worth thinking about who to invite. It is very likely that a hostile visitor, hostile to the owner, can bring unpleasant gifts that promise all sorts of misfortunes. True, it is not always easy to "figure out" a malignant, rather feel his energy insincerity.
People should not be many if the dates are 9 years, 40 (for men) and 53 years (for women). This is due to superstitious ideas about the evil eye of the birthday man, because in his day he is open to good and negative energetics. The above dates indicate the most vulnerable transition age stages. Because of what they are not celebrated at all, or by a close company.
It is recommended to pay attention to the number of guests expected. If an odd number is collected, superstitions say, someone came without a pair and can envy. But this prejudice. If only 13 people do not sit at the table, which promises death to the first one who got up from the table. It is urgent to find another companion.
Regarding the number of guests, their number can not be 9, 13, 18, 21, 99 and 100. With what beliefs they are connected is unknown, but the exact figures are preserved.
Before and after the birthday.
By obeying the precepts of accepting and superstitions, it is better to carefully prepare for the personal New Year. For what it is necessary to make efforts. Here is a list of what to do or vice versa:
Give back existing debts, do not borrow new ones; Make peace with people who are dear to the heart, if a quarrel has occurred; To put things in order in the house, it is up to the event, not the day in the day; Before the birthday you can not go to the cemetery or funeral; Buy new clothes to be ready for renewal at the next round of life; Do not get irritated about anything; You should not bite the seeds in the following after the triumph of 8 days, if you soon plan to acquire offspring; For the same reason, you should not spit under your feet; Write a written wish in advance, and say it out loud on your birthday; 12 days (after) live interesting, because they are the model of the next 12 months of the annual cycle; Pay attention to dreams before the birthday, especially where deceased relatives figure. Listen to what they say, because their words can be an omen of the future. If the road is dreaming, try to carefully consider it: whether it is level or not, and also the attendant moments of this dream.
Happy day.
And so he stepped on, and then meet him with a kind smile, sincere wishes of prosperity to the whole world. Strangely enough, but to give gifts invited to the celebration of the guests a good sign. Such a forgotten ritual means that, seeing your kindness and generosity, the higher powers will offer a gift much greater than you give.
The said wishes are considered a powerful magical message. Therefore it is very important to carefully select the environment for the celebration. Perhaps that's why some people intuitively avoid communication on such a day with friends and colleagues, going somewhere to rest.
Signs on the birthday are an important indicator of the future. So, for example, a good omen to prepare a pie with buckwheat porridge, then breaking over the head of the culprit before the start of the holiday. The more grains spill, the greater prosperity awaits him this year.
The usual thing is blowing out candles, held to fulfill the cherished wish of the birthday boy. However, there are superstitions associated with this action: you can not use this ritual if you are 18 or 21 years old. Unfortunately, the explanations are not preserved. But there are two beautiful versions. The first says that the light of the wax candles is the symbol of the star under which man was born. On this day, she will fulfill any dream of the ward. The second story tells us before blowing out the candles, the guesser is internally concentrated, blowing out his desire for a candle flame, the smoke of which rises to heaven, conveying information to higher authorities.
Bad signs.
Along with good signs there are negative, determining the nature of their meaning:
If the jubilee gets soiled clothes, it means someone's bad thoughts towards him. Therefore, changing clothes, they say: "not to thin, but to good"; The broken dishes are not thrown out earlier than the last guest leaves the house; Having heard insincere wishes from someone, they want all kinds of blessings in return; Do not bake pancakes, because this is a traditional treat at a funeral feast; Bad gifts are: yellow flowers, pricking cutting objects, utensils with cracks or chips, a mirror, a handkerchief, soap and sneakers. Therefore, if the newly born road to you, choose a gift carefully.
List item.
January 26, 2018 11 lunar day - The coming moon. It's time to bring good things to life.

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