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Send matchmakers from Canada. What is it like to get married and go to Canada?

Send matchmakers from Canada. What is it like to get married and go to Canada?
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I have absolutely no idea what it's like to live in Canada and in general I did not appear to be crossing the ocean in my plans. I have a permanent job in Moscow with a distance abroad (I'm a research worker), a small salary, but helpers earn money, so, despite the difficulties, my situation will not be disastrous. In addition, I have a looming joint project with colleagues from Germany. I asked how my potenical companion of life sees my prospects in Canada. So immediately get a job there in a university or a research center is completely unrealistic (even given that I graduated in France). He taught at his native place at the university, and in Canada the first time he worked at a gas station. He offered me to start with some simple work, too, so that in a few years, perhaps, he will get a place in a university. If I were 25-30 years old, maybe it would make sense. But I'm 43 years old, that is, I have a chance to get a status in the same status that I have in Russia, which will be closer to fifty. This does not inspire me at all. In principle, I adapt very easily to a new place (I had the experience of living in France, and the last year I spent most of the year living in two countries, the Podolga was hanging in GRUSIA) (besides, I myself am a descendant of emigrants, my father is not from Russia. and French.So my doubts concern the basis of job search, the relevant qualifications.
Do you have any experience of moving to Canada at adulthood? how realistic is it to find a job in the university in the future?
Your fears are not unfounded and it will be very difficult to find a job in the specialty. It will take a year, because it will be necessary to study again. For the first time it will be possible to get a job at a low-paying job. Therefore, if love is big, ask your man- but can he afford you, your moving, your studies. This question is delicate, but you need to ask. It is advisable to ask about housing, in a mortgage or paid.
Another point that did not sound in the question is the receipt of your visa. It will take two years from today (according to my rough estimates). Firstly, he will come to Moscow and you will marry. You need to collect at least a little evidence of your relationship - photos, joint trips, some checks, love letters, telephone conversations, etc. On his return, he applies for sponsorship, which is not decided for a long time (I can not say for sure, but maybe within 3 months, all individually). If sponsorship is approved, you submit papers to the Canadian Consulate in Moscow. Sometimes this is decided in 8 months. In your situation, tk acquaintance and marriage "in haste", it is possible to wait for a year. Then there will be an interview and you will be asked questions about your relationship. Only then will the officer decide whether to give you a visa or not.
That's plus two to yours. And in 45 life is just beginning. You are still so young.
Do not be afraid of this figure, if you are vigorous, energetic and want change. BUT with one important condition - love.
But here, too, should be a sober head, take a closer look at the man. Because he is alone, and his territory will be slightly different. How old is he . If 60, then just afraid of loneliness. How many times was married? If not once in 60 years, then no love on his part can not be (IMHO). How much is the salary. In what part of the city does he live? These questions should not embarrass you-you change your life 100% (country, friends, relatives, work, traditions, life.) And should be responsible for yourself, so your questions will sound natural. On Skype, talk on different topics, ask about the weather, about the country, how he spends his weekend, what his hobbies are. About the prices. Make up the most complete preliminary "portrait". If the weather is ugly, the prices are high, the government is terrible, gets tired at work, and at the weekend sleeps, then the picture is clear. Was it in other cities in Canada, in other countries. I'm not tuning, I just advise. And of course I do not ask, but I just outline the range of possible questions. If he really understands the problem with the work, ask, and where you could immediately get settled, does he have specific options-a filling station, a seller to a store or to clean apartments? After all, he is also responsible for you and whether he studied this question. Because he has a stable business, maybe he does not represent the real picture of today's workplaces and the problems from him are far from being realized. Let already now ask about the studies. After all, HE wants to change your life! So let something do too. This will be an excellent indicator of how ready he is to marry. Your argument, you have a stable life. So if it's changed, it's for the best, not for the worst. And the main guarantor should be he. What he will do everything to ensure that life in a new place is not worse.
If you are satisfied with everything and you decide to move, do not sell your apartment immediately.
Sincerely I wish you to make the right decision.
A little worries about his clothing by Canada, which he projected onto me (& "You will surely love Canada, this is the best country in the world, you'll see!"). I'm sure that Canada is a wonderful country, but that does not mean that I will definitely like it there. Especially considering that I prefer a hot climate, summer heat + 40 - +45 for me it is. Therefore, after the daughter's arrival at the university, I planned to work at a remote site and spend some time with my relatives in Georgia, where the climate suits me. So with all the obvious pluses of Canada, I already have one big disadvantage - winter, from which I'm sick in Russia. I told him honestly about my climate preferences. But then again, if I fall in love, I can probably enjoy life in Antarctica.
The peasant is very cheerful, he is always good, always positive, I can not yet understand, is it so widely accepted in Canada to react to the whole surrounding reality or is it especially of a character? In any case, it is attractive that a person has a joyful view of life. But I'm a different person, I'm an optimist in prinitsa, but not 100%, I see everywhere and pleasant, and not very much. And I try to be safe. It offends him, apparently he expects from me a stormy delight. But I've lived in other countries many times and everywhere there was a lot of good, but there were unpleasant moments too. For example, in France, I would not want to live, but to stay or to work for a week is always happy.
in general, I will pause more questions to the potential groom, and there it is necessary to communicate live, of course. Thank you.
Come and see. Better in winter.
Winter and cold are disgusting.
which area, if not secret?
it's optimistic 🙂 although it depends on the region and that very Russian "status".
then everyone has a different reaction to marijuana. schutka.
Interestingly, I would never have thought.
Clear. I'm from the exact sciences, so, alas, I will not prompt anything concrete here. But there are linguists on this forum.
Linguistics. I earn money by teaching languages, translating and journalism, and writing not only in Russian, there were publications in the media in France. The question is - how much does anyone need in Canada? Here, I am quite in demand, so I do not see any reason to burn bridges and go for the best (?) Shares.
Teaching Russian is in Ottawa. Or in the States.
Teaching English or French - it's necessary to get a Canadian education. Not necessarily from scratch, but at least the magistracy of the local pass.
Teach a non-native language, like German. Well unless unless you have a heap of publications and references from Germany or Austria. In the field of foreign languages in Canada, the proposal is an order of magnitude higher than the demand, you can even find free courses.
I myself am a linguist and translator, if that.
many mathematicians also consider "so-so", and there is not even a paradox here.
But the catch is that I am now very interesting researches, I read lectures at one foreign university (in the CIS, this is the first course of lectures on my discipline in this country), I work with one Irish university, cooperation with one German university is planned. And to give up all this tasty and interesting is very, very sad. Even taking into account the fact that special money does not bring it. In principle, it is possible, but only for the sake of something even more exciting. But while I'm still not so excited.
I had to hide my own linguistics workshop (three languages) later, in order to find at least some work. And this despite the fact that before that, she lived for many years in the States (the fourth language). It's good that I managed to find myself in a completely different field.

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