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Schengen visa for property owners in the Czech Republic.

Schengen visa for property owners in the Czech Republic.
Schengen visa for property owners in the Czech Republic (Schengenske vizum pro majitele nemovitosti)
If you have already bought or are going to buy real estate in the Czech Republic, but do not intend to stay long or permanently on its territory, the Schengen visa is just what you need. Having received a single Schengen visa (short-term) as real estate owners, you can stay in the Czech Republic / Schengen for a total of up to 90 days during each half year - agree that this is a long enough period for your property to remain unattended.
You should also know that for a one- or two-time visa, you can enter the Czech Republic / Schengen territory once or twice, respectively, and stay here on the dates indicated in the visa. Therefore, if you plan to visit the Czech Republic / Shengen regularly and for a short time (eg trips for 1-2 weeks), then having a property in the Czech Republic, you can request a Schengen multivisa, it is issued for a period of six months (up to 5 years). Of course, this visa also allows you to stay in the Czech Republic / Schengen max. 90 days during each half year, but you can come here without limiting the number of entries at any time convenient for you, and not in specific, visa-defined terms.
The Schengen visa for the Czech Republic for property owners in the Schengen area and their close relatives is drawn up on the basis of the following documents:
Document confirming the purpose of the trip and residence: - an up-to-date extract from the Property Catastrophe or a copy of the contract / purchase transaction, etc.), confirming the fact of ownership of this property by the applicant; in the case of close relatives - confirmation of kinship; A document confirming the availability of financial means (not older than 3 months) for the period of the intended stay and for returning to the country of residence (or, for example, confirmation of the fact of owning real estate in the country of residence). For a list of other documents, see here:
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