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Salaries in Norway.

Salaries in Norway.
Norway is one of the most developed countries in the world. This state attracts foreigners with a decent standard of living, high wages, a loyal tax system and the possibility of employment in this country. The average salary in Norway allows you to live quite well. In 2016, the average salary of a person working in Norway was 4,400 euros.
Panoramic view of Tromso and mountains in Norway.
But in this state, wages are received in a different currency, namely in Norwegian kroons. If you translate the amount of the average wage from the euro into kroons, you will average about 40,000 kroons.
But it is necessary to take into account that this amount is not final. That is, this amount excludes tax payments to the state budget, which are mandatory, both for migrants and for the indigenous inhabitants of this state.
Average salaries.
In Norway, it is easy enough to find a job for foreign representatives. Most migrants choose this country because of high wages.
Comparison of wages in Norway with other European countries.
Norway in comparison with other European countries is able to offer its citizens and representatives of other states, very competitive wages.
Unlike in other countries, in Norway, it is rare to find a division between aboriginals and migrants. That is, a representative of another state can receive the same salary as a resident of Norway. And sometimes, the size of a migrant's salary may exceed even the wages of a Norwegian citizen.
This is primarily due to the fact that most Norwegians do not want to work if labor requires excessive physical exertion. It has already happened that citizens of this country prefer comfort money in the workplace.
Lunch break in the Norwegian office.
That is why many migrants are facing the prospect of good earnings in this country. Men in Norway get more women. The average monthly fee for a man in Norway is 42,000 kroons. Representatives of the fair sex receive a few thousand less. On average, a woman can earn up to 37,000 kroons.
The data presented above are official information from the Statistics Norway. In this country, there is an excellent trend - every year the living wage grows in the state and the average monthly salary grows. On average, for one year, the monthly salary level rises by 1000 - 1500 kroons. That is, in 2017 it is quite realistic that the average salary can be the amount of 41 thousand - 42 thousand crowns.
Payments by industry.
The salary in Norway directly depends on the position held, the amount of work and the number of working hours. Representatives of the mining industry receive the highest salaries in Norway. On average, a specialist in this field can receive from 62 thousand kroons. This is approximately 6,500 euros. Find a job in this industry is not very problematic. Due to the difficult climatic conditions and difficult working conditions in this area, it is difficult to meet the residents of Norway. Most often, all vacant jobs are occupied by foreigners.
In Norway, experts in the financial sector are also valued. Insurance specialists, credit inspectors, bank employees, economists, financiers and accountants receive about 58 thousand. In 2017, it is planned to raise salaries for employees of these professions due to a large deficit of specialists in this field.
Salaries in various state organizations in Norway.
Engineers and representatives of IT-technologies can receive in 2017 a salary in the range from 52 thousand to 54 thousand crowns. Especially in this country, programmers are valued. Workers in the energy industry receive about 51 thousand kroons. The lowest salaries in the restaurant and hotel business. In this area, you can receive no more than 29 thousand - 30 thousand crowns per month.
Salaries by professions.
As noted earlier, Norway is experiencing a shortage of programmers, IT project developers, managers, financiers and economists. That is why representatives of these professions are given one of the highest salaries. On average, having traveled to Norway to earn money in 2017, specialists in these areas can expect to receive 54 thousand - 57 thousand kroons per month. Senior managers earn about 78 thousand kroons.
Average salaries in Norway are for men and women, depending on the education received.
The construction sphere is also in demand. An ordinary builder with a profile education in 2017 can calculate for a salary of 40 thousand crowns. But managers of construction projects can receive from 60 thousand crowns. Ancillary workers at the construction site receive from 47 thousand kroons, depending on the variety of work performed.
Employees of hotel complexes and restaurants receive from 26 thousand kroons per month. The minimum salary can be calculated by an assistant cook, a cleaner or a dishwasher. Administrators and cooks receive about 29 thousand kroons. The salary of waiters is 25 thousand kroons, this is not their only income. The main part of the income is the tip left by the guests of the establishments.
Payment of salaries.
Norway is a unique country. And this is again confirmed by the fact that the state does not have the concept of minimum wages per month. More precisely, it simply does not exist. What kind of salary to offer a hired worker, only the employer decides. Going to Norway in 2017 for the purpose of employment, it is worth remembering that on the territory of this country it is necessary to conclude an employment contract. This document prescribes not only the basic duties and rights of the employee, but also the amount of his payment.
In the employment contract, the terms for the issue of wages are clearly spelled out. If there are no restrictions, often hired workers receive payment once or twice a month.
In Norway, a "transparent" tax policy is welcomed, so it is difficult to do without paying taxes. This is especially true of migrants.
The size of income tax in Norway.
With each issue of wages, the employer must present to the employee a document, called a salary card. It indicates the amount of salary and the percentage that is subject to deduction. Thus, the hired worker can make sure that all necessary taxes and deductions have been transferred to the state budget of Norway.
The tax system in Norway.
Although the tax system of Norway is considered to be very loyal, many foreigners who come to this country for employment are simply struck by the amount of necessary tax payments.
So that a migrant who came to Norway in 2017 should prepare immediately for the fact that about half of his earnings for paying taxes will be deducted from his salary. In 2017, every employed worker was required to deduct such payments as:
A sample of the Norwegian tax return.
Deduction to the Compulsory Insurance Fund. The amount of payment directly depends on the size of salaries. It is 8.2%; Income tax. Its size is 27%. But if a foreigner lives in Norway for less than two years, then this rate increases by another 10%, that is, 37% of the salary received per month; Additional tax. In this case, there are divisions regarding the amount of the amount paid: If a person receives less than 550 thousand kroons per year, then he is automatically exempt from tax; If the annual income exceeds 550 thousand kroons, but less than 885 thousand kroons, the employee is obliged to pay 9% to the state budget; If the salary is more than 885 thousand kroons, then it will be necessary to pay 12% of wages per month.
The tax system of Norway is perfect. In recent years, the Tax Code has not changed. But no one can guarantee that in 2017 the amount of necessary tax payments will remain at the same level.
Hello! So you write that finding a job in Norway is easy, is it true? After reading the reviews of people who already live there, I got the impression that it's incredibly difficult to do, and it does not matter what your specialty is. I realized that working professions and professions requiring higher education are equally difficult to get a foreigner.
It is not easy at all without Norwegian education and language.
But what if the country needs good specialists?
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I want to go to Norway (((
I want to go to Norway.
How many days can I reach Norway?)
Naive people! What kind of work can be without knowledge of Norwegian? Is that, good English can compensate for ignorance of the Norwegian for the first time. But still have to learn.
I live in Norway. The work is incredibly difficult to find. If you are a foreigner, not from eu, then for work in Norway you must find an employer while in your country. Work should match your diploma. The employer must prove to the Norwegian authorities that you are the specialist who is not in Norway. For example, you are a construction engineer, and you have a contract for a fish factory & # 8212; it does not fit your education. Now if you're it, and a contract for it-shnyu work, then yes, everything is real. Those who are without education or a rare profession & # 8212; forget, there are so many of their own, and from the eu and refugees, too. Maybe you are hoping that you will turn the steering wheel here? As a tourist, you can drive a car, but for work you will need to send everything from scratch. Ordinary rights & # 8212; it is from 30 thousand kroons, a truck or a bus from 100 thousand, and, in the presence of ordinary rights. And, yes, the picture on the account of a break in the workplace & # 8212; one for the whole of Norway.
If I have EU citizenship and English at good level & # 8212; have you any chances?
The figures are too high. Breakfast in Norway on the street - 100 kr + 50 kr & # 8212; 1 cup of black coffee, lunch & # 8212; 200 cr, cigarettes & Marlborough & # 187; & # 8212; 150 kr, 1 Coke & # 187; + chewing gum & # 8212; 50 kr, 2 tickets for the bus & # 8212; 100 kr. The total is 650 kroons. If you pay 1000 kroons for 1 day, and you have to pay for the old loan & # 8212; you "kirdyk," as my Russian brothers and sisters say.
And they can take a child out of school, and they will not tell you where they gave it to, they gave it to some pedophile, like the following parents! And they are very distrustful of Russians. Even if 80 years have passed since the seal war they led near Arkhangelsk in 1930-33, and even brought in a battle against Russian fishermen a new cruiser, Fridtjof Nansen, . So, the network once measure, once cut!

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