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Quebec makes important statements about the program for the immigration of skilled workers to Canada.
The province is looking for an "objective and effective" selection procedure.
The Government of Quebec today announced significant changes for the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) & # 8211; This is the main way for immigration to Canada.
In a press release posted on its official website, the government stated "# 8211; "Quebec will choose skilled workers in a more objective, consistent and effective way" within the scoring system. To this end, the government withdrew the accrual of balls that were previously given for the "adaptability" factor, which was determined during the interview and was considered excessively subjective.
The changes announced today come into force immediately and will be applied to the majority of applicants that have already submitted applications, as well as to those who can do it in the future. For persons whose applications are under consideration and for persons who have been granted a certain period of time to study the French language, those rules that were eligible at the time of application would apply.
Most likely, this news will be well received by existing or future applicants, as the government of Quebec removed one obstacle that must be overcome before receiving the Certificat de selection du Quebec (CSQ or Quebec Selection Certificate).
The remaining points in the scoring system are charged for:
� specialization or area of study of the applicant, work experience, age, language skills, preliminary treatment of Quebec (visiting the province or having relatives), factors of the human capital of the applicant's spouse or partner under general legislation (if applicable), and whether there is an offer for the applicant employment in Quebec;
� Children attached to the applicant (by law) and evidence of financial self-sufficiency.
Previously, candidates who scored a lot of balls for the above factors, as a rule, did not call for an interview. Since they already had a sufficient number of balls, so that their application moved on. The interview was conducted with those who needed an additional six balls. But they were given to the candidates not easily, since all the applicant's documents, knowledge of the language and the plan for his assimilation in Quebec were checked at the interview.
In a press release today, the Government of Quebec stated that it reserves the right to conduct an interview within QSWP, although it will not be awarded balls. In its communication, the government specified that future interviews are aimed at assessing the level of knowledge of the French language and verifying the authenticity of the candidate's documents. It was also added that the interview will be conducted to monitor the quality of the program.
It is not yet known exactly when the new rules will be applied in QSWP, but today's news is the latest in a series of statements made by the Quebec government over the past few months.
� In October 2014, the government announced its objectives - to create a modern and efficient immigration system to attract people to Quebec who will contribute to the development of the economic, social and cultural life of the province.
� In January 2015, Quebec announced public consultations on immigration and multifacetedness. And there was a beginning of a public political review of this issue.
� At the same time Quebec published a new list of Areas of Training.
� In March 2015, it was announced that the next recruitment cycle in QSWP will have 6,300 seats.
� In May 2015, the Government of Quebec stated that by 1 October 2015, applicants for immigration under QSWP will be able to fill out and file applications on the Internet.
At the moment QSWP & # 8211; this is the first step in the framework of economic immigration to Canada, at least until the government declares the opposite. While the Express Entry selection system selects potential applicants for federal economic immigration programs, based on a sample of candidates who are interested in the possibility of immigration to Canada. As a result, QSWP can become a tempting way of immigration for those who want to apply for immigration to Canada without having to enter the selection group. Potential participants of QSWP must demonstrate their desire to live in Quebec.
In addition, applicants must prove a good knowledge of French, having passed the testing in the ball system. Knowledge of French is a requirement of the program, and it does not matter if the applicant badly owns it. However, the applications of persons who do not know French well enough, but scored many points on the remaining items, can also be approved.
Immigration to Quebec through QSWP is a two-stage process. Suitable candidates who have submitted a full and accurate application are issued a Quebec Selection Certificate, after which they can apply for a permanent resident visa.
Even if the group of recruiting candidates in the new cycle does not have more seats, the candidate can enter over the limit if he or she:
� has the right to apply under the Program de l'experience quebecoise (PEQ, Quebec Experience Program;
� Invested the current job offer along with the certificate that was provided within the Quebec Skilled Worker Program;
� was informed by the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration of Canada that they agreed to review his or her application for permanent residence in Canada;
� are temporary residents and have the right to apply for CSQ.

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