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Russian Americans.

Russian Americans.
Yankees, go home and take me with you!
Why do people want to go to America.
Do you want to know why people want to leave for the US? Do not look for an answer anymore, because now I will give you an exhaustive answer. So, people want to go to America, because they do not know what America is, and how people live here.
Because if they knew more about life in America and not from propaganda newspapers and TV shows, they would not have thought of leaving for the US. Just throw everything to hell and long ago would have left.
Well, what is there that we did not know about in Russia? And I did not know, and I did not. I got here in Chicago on the occasion. And of course I stayed, because I like this kind of life.
And here the difficulties begin with explanations. After all, everyone likes something, but something does not. So I'll tell you what I liked personally. And what I did not expect at all is not what to see in America, but at least at least to see it.
You know, animals feel people very well. You noticed that cats or dogs to some people just cling because they feel good. And some people shied away, as if from a plague.
So, that in America the most important thing is & # 8212; here wild animals and birds live near people and are not afraid of people. And you know how nice it is when under your window beautiful cranes walk around, wild rabbits are wading in the yard in the yard, you can feed wild geese from the hands during the day, and in the evening a raccoon or opossum is knocking on the door, and they are asking to give something to chew.
Do not believe that this is possible? & # 8212; But I'll prove it to you right now. Moreover, I can easily prove it. You can talk a lot about America, give some figures, research scientists and something else there. Just present to your attention a small selection of your photos taken at different times, but no further than 100-200 meters from my house.
P.S. I told one aunt in Moscow of this, and she says: "And we, on the lake, also had a pair of swans last year." I ask: "Why did you live, flew away somewhere? & # 187; And she replies: "No, some peasants caught and fried." Calmly says so, the usual thing because.
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Take the raccoon simply! pancake & # 8230; that's great.
The photo is called: "Tiny and raccoon". Almost on the cartoon # 8230;
Vlad hello! And who is this with the mop? Fingers on the legs, like a man! I also have pictures of proteins, but I do not know how to lay out! Cool photos! Thank you so much :-)))
Olga, hello. It's such a big and shaggy rat called a possum. They are even tamed, they are sincere guys. Read the book "Tom Sawyer", there was someone had a manual opossum, in my opinion, Huck Finn.
Super! Friends living in America talked about etogo.Tozhe want to leave!
Come, what a conversation!
Vadim, who wrote in CAPITAL letters. Try it again, but it's more complicated, huh? Then I'll skip your comment.
Good afternoon! Something in my words was not true? Let the bitter truth be better, than pritarno sweet lie.
The thing is, as you know, the most unpleasant things happen unexpectedly. As the Americans live, I knew approximately, but did not attach much importance to another, non-Slavic stock of mentality, until, last year, my girl (it was going to a wedding) quit her job, but instead of looking for a new one, she left for the US with her friend & # 171; To earn money for a wedding & # 187 ;. I was very unhappy, but decided not to put pressure on her and let him go. The first time of communication through Skype, she told me just the horrors of the reality of the local life! How is everything wrong and how unbearable it is in another! And a couple of weeks before the proposed departure, she said that she likes it, and that she does not intend to return. I wanted me to come, because one is hard for her, and we can do something together. I did not agree (I'm an engineer, my salary is not over, but it's stable, by the standards of our country.) And I'll be nobody there). So I'm looking for a year, as a lost soul, an answer & # 8212; why all the whine, and return the unit.
Please delete the comment.
Vadim, what's the truth? What do people like to ponyt? Or that you can know approximately how another people live, sitting in a completely different country?
Not everyone likes it here, I do not do this secret. I personally like it, so I tell why and what it is like. Of course, this is my personal opinion and I do not impose it on anyone.
Vadim. some can not leave because there is no money for the ticket back. many states do not like it, but they still will not leave from here because they consider the CIS worse than nothing else.
Yeah, especially if debtors are waiting there!
Personally, I want to leave our despair and a defective mentality.
Abdulov was right: "The country of not frightened idiots."
Vladimir, I'm going to go there as a guest (to an American) in the next two to three months. I'm sure that I will not understand their language well enough. Perhaps you have some advice for me. How can I learn to speak American better in these couple of months? The closer the meeting, the more panic)))
On the spot, learn, do not worry.
Raccoon and "something fluffy with a pink nose". just struck down to the pile)))
This opossum is & # 8212; such a hairy rat. They can be tamed even. Tom Sawyer had a hand opossum & # 8230;
I'm tired, I really want to leave as far as tears. "
But lack of courage & # 8230;
Ride without courage & # 8230;
Vadim, I'm sorry, I can not help myself: on the first picture, a little aunt of such volumes that involuntarily makes you pay attention to her, instead of birds :))
Vladimir I am. Victoria, it seemed to you, probably, because this is my wife, and she is not at all like that!
Very much it was pleasant about ... For a long time would throw all to hell and for a long time have arrived & # 187;
I also think of moving to America soon. The truth is that we know very little about it. I want to learn everything on the spot)))
Vladimir, tell me please how to cope with the language.
Inna, teach in advance, but here to refine. The usual way, everyone passes through this.
Dear Vladimir, you are a very observant person, and then what conclusions you draw from your observations, gives me reason to consider you also very wise. We are in America for almost three years, and I can confirm the faithfulness of every your word. Now we are thinking about moving to Chicago. We've already visited you several times, and this city fascinated us, reminded our native Moscow. But we know so little about him. Most of us are interested in the area of future habitation, but it's too early to apply to realtors. Please give some names of areas with good schools, it will help us to start our independent research.
Katya, I'm not so strong in the districts, but I can give the navs to the Northbrook, IL area. Russians often settle there if they want to live in a safe area. Also I can advise you to read about it here: There you can ask, this is a forum of Russian Chicagoans.
Vladimir, and in what city do you live?
and tell us about the prices in the US? about the salary, taxes and so on.

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