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Rules for registration of a guest visa to Germany.

Rules for registration of a guest visa to Germany.
On a guest visa, you can stay in Germany 90 days for 180 days once or several times. To obtain it you will need an invitation from the German side, which is certified by the German immigration authorities. The remaining documents are prepared by the applicant. The order of submission is detailed on the website of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany. Accurate adherence to regulations gives a 97% guarantee of success. Such a high figure is demonstrated by visa consulates in Germany when considering applications of Russian citizens.
Preparation of documents for the consulate to citizens of Russia and other CIS countries.
A guest (or business) Schengen visa is opened when relatives, friends or acquaintances who are legally residing in Germany send a formally certified invitation to a Russian or other CIS citizen. The guest visa is relevant for business trips, and for individual entrepreneurs traveling on business. Unlike the tourist, the future guest is relieved of the need to purchase a package tour or the presentation of hotel armor. Moreover, the inviting party can act as a sponsor of travel and accommodation, assuming financial obligations. The host country's capabilities will be checked by the competent German authorities before the signature of the inviter is certified.
If the inviters are limited in means and unable to host the guest, the driver will have to show proof of his financial security, take care of the hotel reservation and travel documents.
Organization and order is what Germany is famous for, which is in the hands of visa applicants. The requirements and recommendations of the embassy are clearly stated, it is only necessary to strictly follow the instructions. The territory of Russia is divided between the five general consulates of Germany. The map with the borders of the districts, published on the website of the German embassy, will prompt which consulate-general to contact the applicant, depending on where he is registered.
In Krasnodar and Vladivostok, the offices of Honorary Consuls of Germany are open, they do not deal with visa issues.
The capitals of the German consular districts in Russia are cities:
Moscow (visa department at the Embassy of Germany); Kaliningrad; St. Petersburg; Ekaterinburg; Novosibirsk.
Residents of Omsk, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, Krasnoyarsk, Khabarovsk and Vladivostok have the opportunity to apply to the VFS-Global service and visa centers that perform consular functions on behalf of the German Embassy. In other cities, VFS-Global offices provide paid services without performing consular functions. They can get consultations, go through biometrics, take a picture and hand over a package of documents for courier delivery to the nearest Consulate General of Germany.
List of necessary documents for opening a guest visa.
Valid foreign passport. Copies of pages with personal data of a general civil passport, as well as page 14 "Marital status", even if it is empty. An application filled out online. 3 photos, 35�45 mm. Original invitation-obligations of the German side and its copies to confirm the purpose of the visit. Receipt of payment of consular fees. Guarantees of return of the applicant to the country of residence. Confirmation of financial solvency of the applicant or the inviting party, depending on who is carrying the costs. The policy (and its copy) of medical insurance for the amount of at least 30,000 euros, valid in all countries of the Schengen agreement and the entire period of the visa required. Notarized consent of parents (guardians) to leave for minors (under 18 years of age). The signed "Clarification", in which the applicant confirms that he was made responsible for filing false or incomplete data.
Requirements for photos are standard and formal. For clarity, the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany published an instruction in the form of a poster and posted it on its website. With samples of faithful and incorrect photographs can be found by following the link.
Video: the algorithm of actions for inviting friends and relatives.
The form of the invitation and the procedure for its submission are prescribed in paragraphs 66-68 of the Law on Stay in Germany. It is received by the German side and sent to the applicant. The signature of the inviting person must be certified by an authorized official from the Office for Foreigners.
The guarantee of the applicant's return to the host country before the expiry of the visa period is documentary evidence that the applicant has strong, inseparable ties with the motherland, the family, the circle of communication, and the place of residence. It is important for the consular officer not to allow potential immigrants to enter the country. Especially those who, after arriving in Germany, plan to apply for a change in status or go to an illegal position.
Employees of the consulate are guided by internal instructions and techniques that allow them to identify undesirable migrants by careful examination of the filed papers. There is no exhaustive list confirming the guarantee of return, but usually prepare documents from the following list:
a certificate from the workplace indicating the position, length of service and salary; the certificate of the educational institution with the indication of the faculty and course, a copy of the student's card and the student's record book; certificate of registration of own company or the status of an individual entrepreneur (original and copy); documents for owning real estate; Marriage certificate; birth certificates of children; documents and certificates of achievements in science, sports, art, professional activity; any other documents that the applicant wishes to provide to the immigration authorities.
If a consular officer has doubts, they are usually treated not in the applicant's favor.
You can confirm financial solvency by providing:
a stamped certificate from the bank; an extract from a bank account where the balance exceeds the requirement of 50 euros / day per person; international traveler's checks (for example, American Express and / or Travelex); sponsorship letter of guarantee, to which additionally attach financial documents on the sponsor's solvency. The sponsor can be a natural or legal person, Russian or German.
The trick with replenishment of the bank account with the necessary amount, which is then withdrawn or spent before arrival in Germany, is known to consular officers, deception can be revealed when passing passport control at the border of Germany.
Cash is not proof, you do not need to show cash during an interview. This can be regarded as an attempt on a bribe with negative consequences for the applicant.
In favor of the applicant, there is evidence of old passports with previously open visas. They are considered proof of his conscientiousness, therefore they are served along with a passport and a copy of a civil passport. As a rule, a translation of documents is not required for a guest visa, however, if in an exceptional case such a need arises, the instructions of the German embassy for apostille or legalization of documents should be followed.
How much is the clearance?
Table: Cost of VFS-Global services.
Children under 6 years and persons with disabilities are exempted from service charges, for them this service is free.
Currently, the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany cooperates exclusively with VFS-Global, as it warns on its website. All other intermediaries from the number of tourist organizations and visa centers work through VFS-Global.
Video: an invitation from Germany.
Table: The size of the consular fee.
Transit or stay up to 90 days for six months with the right to both single entry and multiple entry.
Procedure for obtaining a visa.
The documents are collected and filed, the next step will be the surrender of biometric data. It consists in the removal of fingerprints on an electronic scanner. Biometrics is produced in consulates, VFS-Global offices and visa centers with which VFS-Global cooperates. When registering a guest visa from the passage of biometrics are released:
children under 12 years; those who are physically impossible to remove fingerprints.
And also heads of state, members of governments with spouses and accompanying persons in the delegation on official trips.
Most applicants receive a visa in absentia, compulsory interviews are in the past. Nevertheless, the challenge can not be ruled out. About him notify by phone and assign a date and time. You should arrive at the consulate without delay, you can not take cameras, players, mobile phones, recording devices, any liquids and piercing-cutting objects with you. At the interview, you need to behave calmly and kindly, answer briefly and concretely, do not tell what you did not ask, tell the truth and not fantasize.
The visa application form is completed online, which is much more convenient than a paper questionnaire. Replies are made to the appropriate cells, they save the result and are sent for review.
Video: filling out a visa application form in Germany.
As a rule, these procedures and subsequent verification of documents restricts the receipt of a guest visa. However, the consulate has the right to request additional papers, reissue of biometrics and another interview.
The period for reviewing an application and issuing a visa in the general case is 15 days. For citizens of Russia and a number of other countries, the period is reduced to 10 days. However, when calculating the extreme date, you should take into account weekends and holidays, when consulates and embassies are closed or are working part-time.
Citizens of Russia and Ukraine have an express visa procedure, they pay twice as much for it, but the visa is issued within three working days.
The Schengen visa allows you to stay in Germany for 90 days for a period of 180 days. With multiple entries and departures, there may be a situation where either the semi-annual period is violated or the number of days spent in the Schengen area is exceeded. In order not to be mistaken and to be sure of the legality of entry or stay, you can use the Calculator to calculate the days of legal residence in the countries of the Schengen agreement. At a guest visit, a situation that requires an extension of the period of stay is not ruled out. In this case, it is necessary to apply to the competent immigration authorities in advance with a petition and provide evidence of force majeure or exceptional circumstances, but be prepared both for a positive resolution of the matter and negative. If the answer is negative, you should leave the territory of Germany at the appropriate time and apply for a new visa in the usual manner.
If the visa is not received.
Approximately 3% of applicants are among those denied a Schengen visa. The reasons can be very different:
incorrectly drawn up documents; detection of false information; facts that compromise the applicant; mistakes of consular officers.
To find out the reason, you need to contact the embassy of Germany personally or through a trustee, then three options are possible:
Correct the errors and again submit the entire package of documents, that is, repeat the procedure. Within a month, submit a written appeal to the embassy of Germany by mail, e-mail or fax. An independent employee will check the documents and make a decision on the legality of the refusal. To file a complaint with the Administrative Court in Berlin.
Video: denial of a Schengen visa.
In case of refusal, the consular fee is not refundable. All procedural expenses for applying to the embassy with an appeal or complaint to the court are borne by the applicant.
A citizen of Russia who has received a guest invitation from Germany can independently apply to the consulate or to an authorized visa center. If the package of documents meets the requirements, the opening of a normal visa will take 10 days and an express visa - 3 working days. Rare refusals occur for formal reasons. Re-surrender of the corrected documents most often solves the issue in favor of the applicant, who also retains the right to appeal to the embassy and the complaint to the Administrative Court of Berlin.

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