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Rules for entry into Vietnam for Russian citizens.

Rules for entry into Vietnam for Russian citizens.
On the eve of the time of holidays many Russians are interested in entering Vietnam: what are the rules, how much will it cost to travel, do we need a visa for our citizens who decided to go on vacation or work in this state.
Vietnam is a classical oriental country with interesting traditions, a cuisine that can please any gourmet, a lot of attractions and stunning scenery. It should not be forgotten that Russia and Vietnam are historically connected. No Russian, choosing this country for travel, did not remain disappointed in the end.
Vietnam on the world map.
If you decide to find the Socialist Republic of Vietnam on a map, turn your eyes to South-East Asia, to the huge peninsula of Indochina. From its eastern side around the perimeter stretched ribbon a small country of your interest. From the eastern part it is washed by the South China Sea, with the western border of two states, Laos and Cambodia. A small piece of land on the north side is the state border of China and Vietnam.
location of Vietnam on the world map.
If you take the border with Laos, then it is the longest of the land, in Cambodia and Vietnam its length is in second place. The area of Vietnam is only 331 210 km 2, but at the same time it stretched for 1750 km. Due to the meridian stretching, the country's natural areas are markedly different from each other. There is also a climatic difference between the north, the center and the south of the state.
The presence of various climatic zones, nature reserves, beautiful nature and other make the Republic of Vietnam a wonderful place for an active and unforgettable holiday. The presence of a large number of beaches attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists annually.
Do I need a visa for Vietnam to a Russian tourist?
In 2018, visa-free entry to Vietnam for Russians is preserved. The condition for such a visit by Russian citizens is the observance of the period of stay limited to two weeks. To be more precise, you do not need a visa if you plan to stay in the country for 15 days. For a longer period, you will need a visa.
This is how a visa to Vietnam looks.
The good news is that the visa can be obtained not only at home, by contacting the migration services of Vietnam, but also upon arrival at it. And the procedure does not take much time. The main thing is to prepare all the necessary documents.
Who can stay in the country without a visa for 15 days.
Thanks to the fact that Russia has many years of friendly relations with Vietnam, an exception has been made for citizens of our country, like a visa-free visit. Citizens of other CIS states do not have such privileges.
Look in the video: a visa to Vietnam for Russians.
To make visa-free travel, you must meet the following criteria:
You are not in the black list, where citizens who are forbidden to visit Vietnam are entered. The last time you left the SRV is not earlier than 30 days before the new entry. The end date of your foreign passport will not be earlier than six months after entering the country. You have a ticket to the opposite end or to any other country in the world.
The last item is checked by the customs services very rarely, but you should remember it just in case.
One should not forget that within a period of 15 days the day when you arrived in Vietnam and the day when you leave it will also be included. In fact, you have 13 full days to enjoy the beauties of the eastern state without a visa.
The Vietnamese are quite loyal, therefore, for an extra day of stay in the country, as a rule, they turn a blind eye. By law, for every day of violation of the visa regime you have to pay five dollars fine. There are cases when customs officers managed to "fork out" hapless tourists and for a more substantial amount.
The procedure for passing a border without a visa is very simple. Regardless of whether you flew by plane or entered the country by land from Laos, China or Cambodia, at the border post you present the necessary documents, get a stamp in your passport and follow on, enjoy the beauties of Vietnam.
Reception of the visa upon arrival to the Republic of Vietnam.
In 2018, the rules for entry into Vietnam say that a Russian citizen can obtain a visa at the airport, arriving in the country only with the availability of Approval Letter. This is a kind of invitation, which says that the country's migration services give you the kindness to visit it. The document can be ordered on the Internet in one of the travel agencies. It is issued on a fee basis. You need to send your data and pay for the service according to the price list of the company you contacted.
We recommend you to see how to get to Approval Letter.
Visas are issued only at four airports:
If there is no time to apply for a visa in Russia, fly to these airports.
Getting a visa to Vietnam at the airport.
Fukuok is an island of visa exceptions.
The composition of Vietnam includes the island of Fukuok with special visa regulations for all foreigners. If you plan to rest on it and do not intend to stay on its territory for more than 30 days, you will not need an entry permit.
Many Russians, resting in the neighborhood in Cambodia, move for a couple of days to Fukuok to diversify their vacation, make it more colorful.
If you are after the island, want to go to other places in Vietnam, from your 15 days that you can be in the country, they will take the days of stay on the island. Therefore, it is better, by choosing it as one of the points of the tourist route, to put the island at the end of the list of visits.
What you need to show on arrival at a visa-free visit?
The fact that you do not need a visa does not mean that there will be no control over the arrival. You need to go through passport control and show your passport, as well as a ticket in the opposite direction or his reservation. Tickets are rarely of interest to customs officials. However, it is desirable for a tourist to be prepared to present this document, since in the case of a check, the absence of a return ticket may cause the tourist to refuse permission to visit Vietnam.
Video about what documents are needed upon arrival in Vietnam.
It should also be taken into account that a Russian citizen who is in Vietnam without a visa has no right to leave the country and then to return, since the permit has a one-time status that gives the right to enter and leave once.
Can I stay in Vietnam without a visa for more than 15 days.
Since you can not visit the SRV without a visa for a second time, you can only a month after the departure, it makes sense to learn how to extend the permit. This procedure is possible. If you see that the time limit is not enough for you, you need to contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country. For such treatment the tourist should have a good reason. Usually it is a case of diseases in which transportation of a tourist can adversely affect the state of his health.
Receiving a Vietnamese visa.
If you plan to repeatedly cross the borders of Vietnam in the coming months, or intend to stay in it for more than two weeks, you need to apply to the migration services for a visa. The shortest period for which this document is issued is a month. This type of deadline can be not only a one-time, but multiple. Permits for other terms (180 and 90) always have the status of multiple.
The video describes the categories of visas to Vietnam.
The most difficult thing is to get a work visa. Such permission is given only to highly qualified specialists in the demanded areas of industry, culture, etc. With other types of visa problems, as a rule, does not arise.
You can contact both the embassy of Vietnam in Russia and the embassies in other countries.
It is necessary to enclose in the package of documents the following:
Personally completed questionnaire-questionnaire, the data of which coincide with other documents. You can fill in manually or on a computer. Both manual and computer versions must be signed by the applicant personally.
You can download the application form for visa to Vietnam here.
A sample of filling out a visa application form in Vietnam.
International passport. The requirements for it are standard: valid at the time of filing the document, with a validity period of more than 180 days. Two high-quality photos 4 x 6 cm. The face should be clear, open. It is advisable not to wear headdresses when photographing. Headgears are allowed only religious or national character. The photo must be taken no later than six months from the date of filing.
If you applied for a visa at the consular services, you do not need to request Letter Letter.
The process of obtaining a visa at the consulate.
Vietnam is an open country for Russians. Documents for a visa you need a little. If you personally can not hand them over, you can issue a power of attorney to another person.
It should be borne in mind that the Vietnamese consular services are not particularly smart. The visa is issued for about 5-10 days. Outputs are not counted. The cheapest option is $ 25, the most expensive one - $ 100.
The same amount will cost a visa upon arrival, however, it will be issued only 10 minutes.
Extension of a visa.
If you need to stay in Vietnam for a period longer than that indicated in the stamp, you can, while in Vietnam, request an extension of the permit. According to the terms of stay, you can choose one of two options: 30 or 90 days. As a rule, there are good reasons for a second one.
Renewal is carried out by the State Department on visa issues, you can also contact not directly, but through intermediaries. This is convenient if you are away from the services that carry out the renewal. Mediators for their services take from 25 to 50 dollars. Much depends on the term, complexity and ambitions of the mediator.
If you have a work visa, you can also extend it, however, travel agencies do not render such a service. You need to contact the State Labor Office.
Rules for traveling with children.
In Vietnam, as in the whole world, there is a common visa policy for children. If you enter the country with your offspring, the first thing you need to prove is that it really is yours. To do this, you must present either a foreign passport of the child or, if his identity appears on your passport, a birth certificate.
If only the father or only the mother travels with the child, the SRV customs services, as in other countries, will require a notarized authorization from the second parent.
Third parties can travel with children only on condition that they have a power of attorney from one of the parents, in which the name of the trustee is necessarily indicated.
For what reasons can they refuse to issue a visa.
Vietnam is interested in the development of the tourism sector, therefore refusals to enter the country are rare.
You may not be given a visa only if you violated its laws in your previous stay in the country. Another reason may be incorrect filling of documents, in particular, questionnaires. The third reason is incriminating you when you knowingly give incorrect information about yourself.
Vietnam entered the list of countries open to tourism not so long ago. Going to Vietnam in 2018, you can rightly consider yourself one of the pioneers of this amazing, not yet well-traveled country sandals.

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