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Russian New York.
who ever lived or lives after California in New York?
A couple of words, why the question. I live now in San Francisco Bay, until one, without children, is mature.
like everything suits, the climate is excellent, a small comm (30 min), tennis courts, fitness, etc ..
But from time to time I'm drawn to a big city, whether it's better for me, or just a desire to change the situation.
In general, the motives are indistinct.
What confuses the NJC.
-Most of the car will have to be abandoned.
-more time messing with the commune.
-How to carry all the products?
In general, tell me who moved,
as you like here, do not you regret,
yes, and how with the swimming season in the ocean-how long does it take, where are the beaches?
There is the ocean, but you can only look at it.
- The climate is yes, it's worse. Even not so, there MOISTURE is suicidal in the summer.
- Why should I give up the car? Fully people lives with cars. You can park on the streets, you can pay for parking. We lived in a high-rise building in Brooklyn, in the basement there was a garage, for a cat. we paid 200 per month. It's expensive, but right in the house 🙂 It depends where you live. Yes, even in the city there are parking lots paid, I saw 150-170 per month.
- The time of a computer will depend on the distance from your home to work. If you live and work in the city, for example, in neighboring areas, then you can walk to work on foot. It took me from Brooklyn to get to midtown an hour from door to door. But in the subway, you sit quietly, you read a little book 🙂 Or doze off in the morning 🙂 The husband in downtown went 40 minutes from home.
- Well, look for accommodation near the big streets, where all the shops will be nearby. And in general, food is almost everywhere, well, maximum, 3 blocks will have to be passed.
- The swimming season is all summer, for there the ocean is warmer than on this shore. Thanks to the warm ocean - humidity. Within the city and Brooklyn, there are no good (clean, white) beaches. For Queens, Staten Island and the Bronx I will not say anything, I do not know. We went outside the city by car, about 40 minutes. In New Jersey there are good beaches, it's about an hour and a half away (depending on which beach, there are a lot of them).
- Another such nuance: I do not know how in the BSE, but in NY you will encounter a huge number of blacks. We moved here - so the eye cuts that there is very little black 🙂
machine-I only pay insurance, there will also be a couple of hundred for parking and insurance will increase,
Black we have here, too, no.
little did not understand about you -you want to come back or not?
In NYC I have a girlfriend, but they do not go swimming, although they live on the coast. Corks and mobiles, of course, get.
I myself have been to NYC times 6, I adore. But how I live is vague. In places it reminds Moscow. The main difference is that in the SF there is no hurry, never and in anything. And museums are so-so, relative to the east coast.

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