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Reviews on immigration programs.

Reviews on immigration programs.
Alexander, November 2012 (Kiev, Ukraine)
Oleg, October 2012 (Surbiton, UK)
Inga, October 2012 (Kiev, Ukraine)
My joy has no limits, now I am going to hand over IELTS on Saturday and continue further with the immigration service.
Many thanks to Alexey and Marina (immigration agent) for their support and professionalism!
Sofia, October 2012 (Feodosia, Ukraine)
Valentine, September 2012 (Lviv, Ukraine)
Thank you very much to Alexei who guided us through all the stones and reefs of this process, was endlessly patient and benevolent, answered (which is very important - almost instantly!) To all our questions - from stupid to panic, checked all documents and letters until the last comma, translated them, instantly offered his assistance in crisis situations, explained what to expect and what help to collect in advance, so that they were already in their hands by the time they were asked from Australia. Total and do not list. And our boundless gratitude to Marina Matyushenko, who knocked on all the doors on her side, constantly reminded us if the consideration at some stage slowed down and brought us to victory.
Eugene, August 2012 (Novosibirsk, Russia)
Tatyana, July 2012 (Kiev, Ukraine)
In February 2010, they decided on immigration. At first we did not even know which country we wanted. We just realized that we do not want to stay in Ukraine. We rummaged through the Internet a lot of information and chose Australia. Found this site, contacted Alexei and chose a scheme of work through an immigration agent - Marina Matyushenko. Contact was held through Alexey. In September 2010. A confirmation of the qualification was obtained (10 subjects out of 12).
I wish everyone good luck and patience.
Separate thanks to Alexei and Marina! Without them, they would hardly have coped.
Alexey, July 2012 (Zaporozhye, Ukraine)
Sergey, June 2012 (Donetsk, Ukraine)
My name is Sergey. I have already successfully passed the entire process of issuing a visa to Australia and can not describe with words all the joy of finally receiving a notification of the grant. And I got it a couple of hours ago 🙂 And the buzz is not only that you finally feel free to live where you have wanted for a long time, but also because this whole long process has finally come to an end and it was worth it. Especially realize that you can start a new life very soon. I have lived in England and the USA for a long time, and for me Australia is not just a "pink dream". I understand that much will need to start from scratch and there are many difficulties ahead, but I also understand how useful this step will be in the future for me and for my family.
Eugene, May 2012 (Novosibirsk, Russia)
I was the main applicant, so I had to pass IELTS to 6666. This threshold I overcame with the fourth attempt in November 2011, however, by that time the threshold had already reached 7777 in the main regions, only in Western Australia was there a combination of my profession in the list and 6666 in the requirements. Having consulted with Alexey, it was decided to apply for state sponsorship for the 475th visa to the Western Australian region, and at the same time try to pass the IELTS to 7777. The fifth and sixth attempts to hand over the IELTS were unsuccessful, the average score was 7 in them, but it turned out to be a combination of 8 + 7 + 6.5, etc. In these days I'm waiting for the result of the seventh IELTS. I hope that in the seventh time I will type seven! In this case, there will be a plus of 10 points, and then I will be able to apply for the 175th visa! I hope and believe!
To confirm the qualification, Alexey sent a list of necessary documents, I collected it, tried not to pull it, do everything as much as possible, so as not to hold the ball on my side. The certificate from the institute and the diploma with the labor inscription did not make, recommendations from work places, the description of engineering activities, the writing of summaries, the list of trainings - Alexey and Marina corrected, given their vast experience, which allowed to shorten the time for work on them, and the samples were good for these documents. In mid-December 2011 sent all the necessary documents to Marina, and in the numbers of January 20, 2012 she submitted my documents to ENGINEERS AUSTRALIA for confirmation of the profession. According to the diploma, my specialty is MULTICHANNEL TELECOMMUNICATIONS, they confirmed me as a telecommunications engineer. The exciting months of waiting ended in mid-April, when I read Alexey's letter with the joyful news of the successful confirmation of the profession. The same day he phoned Alexei, he outlined the options for further action, where it was decided to apply for sponsorship of the state of Western Australia and continue trying.
IELTS on 7777.
Right after confirmation of the profession, within just a couple of days, with the help of Alexey and Marina, an application for sponsorship of the State of Western Australia was submitted. In the package of included documents, IELTS certificate with the maximum score (8,7,6.5,6.5) was enclosed. They submitted an application, went on a weary waiting time ... And now, I remember how on May 8 I received a letter from Alexei with the joyful news that the sponsorship of the State of Western Australia was received! But on the 475th visa we do not apply yet until the results of the last IELTS are received. If I dial 7777, then I will apply for the 175th visa, and if I do not dial, then on the 475th.
Daniyar, May 2012 (Almaty, Kazakhstan)
Uraaaaaaaaaa! I want to share the joyful news!
Thanks to Alexei Ushakov and Marina Matyushenko, I was confirmed with the specialty and experience at Managing Director. Acknowledging organization - AIM - Australian Institute of Management.
Then a month and a half engaged in collecting documents. It turned out a solid package of job descriptions, organizational charts, diagrams, tax reports and so on.
After that, all documents were translated into English and sent to AIM.
May 1, 2012 came the long-awaited response from AIM.
On February 12, 2012, I received L5 R6 W5.5 S6 Overal 6 on Ielts L7, and on April 18, 2012 - L7 R8 W6.5 S6 Overal 7. I was disappointed with my results, because I needed all seven.
And today, on May 14, an application was submitted for the sponsorship of Western Australia.
I want to tell everyone who doubts or hesitates in making a decision in favor of Australia: believe and you will necessarily get.
Oksana, May 2012 (Kiev, Ukraine)
Here we finally received a long-awaited visa!
Our process began in January 2008, the visa was received in May 2012.
At the start I, like the main applicant, the level of English was zero. While I overcame him, the rules changed and instead of 6 I needed 7, so I passed it only in June 2011 and then went to the visa, which was very important - in July the rules changed again. Before that, a syllabus was written and in January 2009 the specialty Accountant was confirmed. When collecting the necessary documents periodically there were problematic situations, which we decided not without the participation of Alexei.

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