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Posted on: 14 Jun 2017 We moved to a new house! Excursion around the house in the USA (San Francisco). Features of apartment search in America.
Competition momondo "Journey on the traces of DNA"
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Comments & bull; 280.
Marina, at 3:28 - You "condominium" say, I did not misheard? Well, how can you, you yourself call a linguist (((
I really like the channel.
I finished cool like.
Heard, it is generally typical for Americans - to constantly move from one house to another, rarely stay in one house for life. So with baptism) you integrate.
throw your English channel please)
for a bulldog like ...
62 thousand. people watched the video of this fool.
Hi Marina, and what showed this DNA test?
enough to beg for the likes. Would you like to become a billionaire?
It sounds weird that you do not have a credit story yet, staying more than a year in the US and working on your own startup. Which can be considered by VC as you do not have intentions to stay and keep working, is not it? Could you please clarify a bit about how to improve your credit story?
They are collected at the training camps, in fact they do not rent the apartment for a long time.
Watch your video and the mood rises, thanks))
I might have missed, but how much does it cost per month to which you moved? To the pool, hall, etc.
Here's PPC. it is striking that in common areas, such cleanliness and order, it is clear that they are cleaning, but everything is whole, the objects are in their places. -culture of life at altitude! . want.
what kind of song at the end?
Lol. Can I earn money for those who want to withdraw, who pay the fee? And you were not interested to find out if anyone rented this apartment? It looks like a divorce. hmm.
I look at the Vidos to see Marina XD.
"dislayk and unsubscribe" because you are very beautiful, smart and kind)
Everyone is falling to America, before that I did not understand how good it was until I saw this striking difference from Russia. It is a pity that in Russia there are no such houses with swimming pools, a sports hall, a kitchen and other nishtyaks. I did not know that everything was so comfortable and made for people.
the fact of the matter is that you are most likely about Moscow, Peter, and I would like to see such homes throughout the country .. Anyway, in every city there are those who would like to live in such groups. That is to meet with neighbors in the gym, for example.
Paper Litmusovaya why, is, but the price will be appropriate))
Marina, this is illegal!
Biomaterials are prohibited from being sent across the territory of the Russian Federation.
And yet some Tatar boy took a walk with your great-grandmother ..)))
Marina do I love you?
The apartment and the dog liked, advertising is not. Really without advertising in any way.
Marina, you speak grandparents from Ukraine. but from what city?)
Great video. Thank you, Marina.
French Bulldogs - my weakness and passion and love;)
Now I'm subscribed to your channel;)
Invite the rolls to shoot more often;)
Oh, it's fbruldozhka. my favorite breed.
This is not a house, but an apartment!
I wish you health!)) This is your first video I watched and, if you will solve, the question - why is everyone so worried about "credit history" in USA?)) And if I have never taken a loan in my life (there was no need) and I'm not really going to , because I always have enough. Greetings from Kiev!
The most important question: how much does an apartment cost?
Marina hello cool videos, very interesting. I live in Dublin, a month ago were in New York, life in America is very different from European. Much is interesting, but here the prices in shops and the separate tax at cash department have surprised. Friends were asked why, but nobody gave a reply. the desire to live in America appeared.
4th move for 2 years? Do not you sign a lease for one year at a time? For how long in California is most often lysed? Or is it possible to break the contract? How does this happen?
What is the name of your DNA test?
The last shot made me laugh! Doggy . Marina, you're awesome.
In the city you can not see any greenery. A dog should be walked on the roof.
I wonder what kind of apartment we can rent for this money?
Welcome to America, in the apartment will take those who have a salary more and credit history is better.
Marina, take a video about how you follow your figure. Very interesting)
Hello, tell me, have you already chosen a person in London? I'm waiting for an update. 🙂
Marina, as always, is beautiful, and the appearance of a typical Ukrainian girl.
Marina is a smart girl!
Cool cool)) more videos)) I'm so glad that you signed a "recently there are no normal bloggers at all (and you look nice, I learn a lot about autumn))) thanks, thanks))))
interesting video. I have, but. Please, work on "Eem". Actually, after 3 minutes I could not concentrate on the meaning of the talk, these stretching "em's" is simple. will distract.
why in Russia are not these houses with common premises?
Often would be the Force in the frame. The French are so cool!
Depressnjak it is urgent. Country of consumers and robots (
Oh, in the background, my favorite cookies, Maris, also always take them. When we bought our house, the Red Fin site helped us a lot. We found it ourselves, went ourselves to look, without a broker (the broker was only on the seller's side), bought it really, a bit more expensive than it was stated.
Marin, hello, and if it's not a secret, what price did the given apartments cost you?
I have so many questions that there are doubts about you and your video. what is the price for rent, how much did you pay for the prepayment, for what visa are you in America.
Bliiiin! only Russian citizens! ��� � ����!
Very cool new house! How much does the rent cost, if not secret?
You're amazing! Do the pliz tutorial - how to learn to jump into the water with a fish. My dream)))) every time I watch you jump, I want to learn urgently)))
It's still better to live in Russia.
Oh my God! You are stolen and held back by force.
hello, do Americans notice your accent? and generally when, for example, does any of the Russian stars sing in English Americans hear the accent?
You're very talented, smart and interesting.
Hello Marina! Please remove the video, about your MacBook Pro, like the experience of using it. I really want to see your video))) I Lyosha
Thank you for your work)
Often you want to score on everything, but what you do is very motivating.
so I did not understand - how much was the fee and he returned in the end, or was it two financial losses?
How beautiful it is there
After watching these videos, there is a wild desire to work and achieve in life, so that you have the same chic view from the window in the morning!
I do not think that scam, so they would not limit the audience to Russia.
Paramount! I used to live there. Do they have deals? A year ago tiny studio was $ 3,800. I recommend a breakfast place downstairs, the Grove, their "Dave's way" Benedict is delicious.
Hello, Marina! I really like your positive always! I joined recently, I would like to make friends, moving awesome, now it's clear that in America, not everything is in neutral tones))) very nicely done!
+ Masha Greenwich thank you very much! 🙂
Not a house, but a 5 * hotel! Thank you for the amazing video! : *
What is the name of the 2 English channel?
Marina Mogilko Thank you.
+ Yura Grimak linguamarina.
As in the States everything is correctly arranged in terms of infrastructure! At us in Moscow all sleeping areas are continuous Dog walking area
Oh, it's a pity that only Russian citizens can participate in the DNA competition. I am from Belarus)))
Marina, and how many apartments are in the center of Francisco? How many rooms and how many people do you have for cohabiting?)))
You might wonder why you live in San Francisco, not, for example, Miami, especially in the winter?
Marina, today I was just thinking about the DNA test))) I want to decide everything to make it .. and the English channel is also a project that I'm just starting to create too .. shorter thoughts converge, I like to watch your videos.
DNA test for 90 bucks. Boo ha ha.
Interesting video as always, and in the meantime in Moscow we warm water in a kettle to wash in a basin, hot have disconnected.
Does someone disturb you to install a water heater? Or have they also turned off the electricity?
The video is extremely cool and positive. Laik is unequivocal.
p.s. if she molded herself - a double shot 🙂
I do not remember where I read it, but the point was that it's impossible to reliably identify a nationality with a DNA test. It's just money. People are cool, they pay. Paternity, sores is another matter.
I love your video "Best motivator"
Maybe someday I'll meet with you in California. "How do you want my environment to have such clever and motivated people"
mdaa. will have to get used to. I like living in CLICK. there's a bitch building a bus station.
very positive video O
You're so beautiful. Thank you. We really love you ���
and how much does the registration fee cost on average?
from 30 per person.
How much does the Hut cost?
Here is the first advertisement from Marina appeared)) apparently it is inevitable)

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