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Review: Monastery Preveli (Greece, Crete) – Acquaintance with the spiritual side of Greek life.

Review: Monastery Preveli (Greece, Crete) - Acquaintance with the spiritual side of Greek life.
Beautiful, fresh air, nice atmosphere.
without an excursion can be incomprehensible and not very interesting.
Monastery Preveli, too, was often in the epicenter of battles.
It was insanely beautiful!
By the way on the road you can find absolutely charming little houses of local people, churches, solar panels, mills, in general, to touch, so to speak, the life of ordinary Greeks.
Entering the gate you can immediately go to the souvenir shop. There you can buy various spiritual goods: frankincense, candles, charcoal, lamps, sacred books.
There are things that you can buy only in Greece - rings with prayers in Greek, braided from the thread of crosses.
Also on the territory of the monastery there is a holy spring. You can take a bottle with you and get water.
The monastery is always a kind of isolated economy, a kind of separate world. Preveli is no exception.
When I went to the temple, I felt a bit uncomfortable with the abundance of women with uncovered heads. I confess, even the thought of condemnation crept into my mind.
The guide explained to us that the Greek women stopped wearing handkerchiefs in the temple during the time of the Turkish conquests. This was done in order to differ from the forever wrapped in shawls of Turkish women.
According to the atmosphere, the Greek temple, of course, differs from Russian. They have lighter rooms (at least in Preveli), there are not many icons on the walls. We were lucky to find the end of the service in Preveli. The father is very colorful - a true Greek. The service, naturally, was in Greek.
However, you do not feel confusion in the Greek temple.
The guide explained that the tablets are hung by the Greeks, when they ask about something before the icon. Ask about family well-being or improvement of living conditions - on the plate house. On health - on the plate is a person or a sick organ, whose recovery is being prayed for.
General impression: Acquaintance with the spiritual side of Greek life.

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