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Rest in Russia in the summer of 2018: where to go?

Rest in Russia in the summer of 2018: where to go?
Overview of the best destinations for recreation in Russia in the summer of 2018. Rest on the sea. Active and excursion holidays. We separately consider where you can go cheap and where it is better to rest with children. Useful information and prices.
The review was updated in 2018 (prices are up-to-date). The cost of air tickets in the examples is indicated for round trip flights from Moscow and St. Petersburg for the summer of this year. We recommend that you buy tickets for the summer in advance, as the prices closer to the holiday season will only grow. In order not to overpay for the flight, learn our tips on how to look for cheap air tickets.
Cheap tours are searched on the search engines Level.Travel - they find the most favorable offers among 120 tour operators. And to find a really cheap tour, read the 7 rules of online search for vouchers.
To all who go on vacation on their own, we recommend to look for hotels and the private sector on a special price comparison service - TripAdvisor, you can rent an apartment on the service. Focus on reviews and descriptions to choose the best accommodation option.
Rest in Russia at sea in the summer of 2018.
Black Sea.
In addition to Sochi, Lazarevsky, Anapa and Gelendzhik, there are many Black Sea resorts that are not overcrowded with tourists - spending holidays in them is much more pleasant. So, where can you go to rest in the South of Russia in addition to well-known untwisted resorts? Summer vacation at sea will be good if you choose a sparsely populated resort, for example, a quiet village of Ashe near Sochi or the cozy towns of Krinitsa, Divnomorskoe, Kabardinka, Abrau-Dyurso, Khosta, Dagomys and so on. And even better - go on vacation in the summer of 2018 in the Crimea and completely immerse yourself in his leisurely rhythm of life.
Both the Crimea and the Krasnodar Territory can boast of the most beautiful nature, so if you suddenly get bored on vacation, just grab a map and drive out of the village - shady paths in the mountains will necessarily lead you to something interesting!
The cost of air tickets in summer from Moscow: in Sochi - from 5700 rubles., In Anapa - from 9000 rubles, to Krasnodar - from 6300 rubles., In Simferopol - from 6200 rubles.
Prices for housing in the Black Sea in the summer of 2018 are as follows: in Sochi, a double room in a guest house costs from 1,000 rubles a day, in a 3 * hotel - from 2,000 rubles per day, you can rent an apartment from 1200 rubles per day. The cost of living in Anapa in summer is slightly cheaper.
Tours in Sochi cost from 12,000 rubles for two people with a flight from Moscow.
Useful notes about summer vacation at sea in Russia:
(Photo � LaVru / / License CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)
Sea of Azov.
There are not many resorts on the Azov Sea, as on the Black Sea, but there is also a big choice here: Yeisk, Primorsko-Akhtarsk, Peresyp, Kuchugury, stanitsa Golubickaya and Dolzhanskaya, Shchelkino in the Crimea and others. The Sea of Azov is more suitable for rest with small children: it is smaller and warms up faster, beaches and sandy bottom, which is also safer for children. But on the beaches of the Black Sea is dominated by small or large pebbles, so it is not superfluous to buy special shoes to enter the water.
The cost of a flight from Moscow to Rostov-on-Don in the summer of 2018 is from 6,000 rubles.
The prices for accommodation in the Azov Sea in the summer of 2018 are as follows: in Yeysk, a double room in a guest house costs from 800 rubles a day, in a 3 * hotel - from 2500 rubles per day, you can rent an apartment or a house from 1700 rubles per day.
Baltic Sea.
To improve health and enjoy the charm of the Baltic resorts, you can and in Russia - in the Kaliningrad region. What is the only Curonian Spit with its wild sandy beaches-dunes, dancing forest and sea!
The resorts of the Baltic Sea are purely European - clean, well-groomed, a bit toy and certainly with an old architecture. In Zelenogradsk the German spirit is sharply felt - the city was once a royal resort. It is famous for its wide sandy beach, but Svetlogorsk beach is not so good, besides it is washed with water, but the city has a hilly relief and is surrounded by tall pines. You can also relax in Amber, Pleasant and Pioneer.
Flights to Kaliningrad for the summer of 2018 with a flight from Moscow cost from 6800 rubles.
Prices for housing in the Baltic Sea in the summer of 2018 are as follows: in Zelenogradsk at the beginning of the season a double room in the hotel costs from 1000 rubles per day, in the height of summer - from 2500 rubles, in Svetlogorsk the cost of the hotel starts from 1500 rubles. Rent an apartment or house can be from 1300 rubles per day. Read our review of the best options, where you can inexpensively stay at the resorts of the Kaliningrad region.
You can relax in the summer in Russia not only on the Black, Azov and Baltic seas. Read also about the rest on the Caspian Sea.
(Photo � Ekaterina Sotova / / License CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)
Active holiday in Russia in the summer of 2018.
South of Russia and the Caucasus.
Where to go for active rest in the summer of 2018? Unequivocally in the south of Russia - that's where the expanse of amateurs is well stretched out on vacation! In the vicinity of Sochi, you should walk to the Khmelevsky Lakes, which are at an altitude of 1800 meters, and admire the gorgeous views, visit the Plesetskaya Slit and make a trekking trip along the yew-boxwood grove in the village of Khosta. A great way to test your endurance and at the same time enjoy the beauties of the Caucasus is to climb the plateau of Lago Naki or climb Kazbek. And those who are interested in water sports, we recommend to go to Anapa (the village of Blagoveshchenskaya) - there are ideal conditions for kitesurfing. In the village of Golubitskaya on the Azov Sea you can do paragliding and windsurfing.
Read also about the rest in the mountains of the Caucasus: in Krasnaya Polyana and Dombai.
In Crimea, there are plenty of opportunities for active recreation in the summer: for those who are interested in diving, we recommend you to go to Cape Tarhankut, to the village of Olenevka - you are guaranteed the cleanest water and beautiful coral reefs; those who are keen on paragliding and hang-gliding (or want to try themselves in this), we advise you to go to Koktebel - it was there, on Mount Klementyev, in the 30s, the birth of the Soviet hang gliding. From the top are amazing views of the volcanic massif Kara-Dag and the ridge Uzun-Syrt, and in non-flying weather you can always take a sea excursion, visit the reserve, go to the neighboring town-towns or just sunbathe on the beach.
Well, how about in the Crimea without mountains? Choose any and start the climb! You can walk to the Valley of Ghosts and meet the sunrise there, you can bypass the whole Meganom or climb Ai-Petri along the Taraktash trail - in the Crimea there are many picturesque hiking trails for every taste.
Tickets to Crimea from Moscow for the summer of 2018 cost from 6200 rubles. Find tickets >
(Photo � stas.medvedev / / License CC BY-NC 2.0)
Altai is a combination of romance, mysticism, Spartan conditions and unmatched landscapes. You can visit Altai on your own, then it's best to have a tent, sleeping bags and an SUV so that you can easily get into the hard-to-reach and secluded places of the Altai Mountains, or you can ask for help from tourist companies that offer a variety of activities: rafting, horse riding, , car and hiking tours. Read more about the rest in the Altai.
The cheapest thing is to fly from Moscow to Novosibirsk (from 9700 rubles), and from there already to get to the Altai Mountains by train, bus or car. The flight to Gorno-Altaisk costs from 14,300 rubles. Read a detailed overview of all the ways to get to Altai.
Why not go on an active vacation in the summer of 2018 in Kamchatka? Far, hard to access, but such a beautiful Kamchatka attracts primarily the Valley of Geysers - this is one of the seven wonders of Russia and the only geyser field in Eurasia. In this amazing place you can get, only by ordering a guided tour by helicopter - the valley ecosystem is carefully protected. In addition, on Kamchatka you can raft along the rivers, make an ascent to active and extinct volcanoes and swim in hot thermal springs.
Flights for June - August 2018 in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky from Moscow cost from 30500 rubles. Yes, rest on Kamchatka is not a cheap pleasure, but it's a real adventure!
The sacred Baikal, covered with a variety of myths, legends and legends, dreams of seeing many. This is one of the cleanest places on the planet - just think, you can drink lake water! The lake is inordinately large, it's not for nothing that it is called the sea, so it's best to take cruises along the Baikal - so you will be able to feel its greatness and size more fully.
The cost of the flight from Moscow to Irkutsk starts from 25,000 rubles.
Cheap and well-planned summer tours to Karelia look for This is a local tour operator company, which knows Karelia as its five fingers, so it will not be necessary to overpay to intermediaries. On the site you can also make a tour yourself: choose tours, entertainment and the number of days.
The wonderful land of 27 thousand rivers, mirror lakes and harsh Finnish nature attracts both romantically minded tourists, dreaming of seclusion and escape from civilization, and fans of outdoor activities - in the summer you can perfectly raft on the rivers on kayaks, go boating along the Ladoga skerries, diving in the White Sea (cautiously, coldly!), climb the sacred mountain Nuorunen - the highest point of Karelia - and much, much more.
(Photo � -5Nap- / / License CC BY 2.0)
Where in the summer in Russia go to have a rest with the child?
Before planning a holiday with a child in Russia in the summer of 2018, it is necessary to decide what type of holiday you prefer: beach, active, wellness or cultural and excursion. Below we will look at each species separately.
Sun Sea Beach.
Children will be comfortable both on the Azov, and on the Black and Baltic Seas - so that only you can choose where to go for a holiday. For quiet and quiet beach rest we recommend to go to the "family" resorts of the Azov Sea, for example, Kuchugury and Golubitskaya village - the sea there is shallow and warms up already in May, the waves are small, the bottom is flat and sandy, and the beaches with beautiful golden sand and an abundance of beautiful shells , which are so fond of collecting children. Not far from the villages there is a mineral lake and mud therapeutic lakes, you can go to Taman and Veselovka, and Crimea is nearby.
If you want to relax with a child on the Black Sea, then it's better to go to the resorts of the Southern coast of Crimea or to Sudak, and you can also relax in small towns of the Krasnodar Territory. As for the Baltic Sea, there is an excellent beach in Zelenogradsk - from there it is easy to get to the Curonian Spit.
To choose a good holiday resort with children at sea, read about the best sandy beaches in Russia and the best beaches in Crimea.
If your child is already old enough, you can go camping with him to the Caucasian or Crimean mountains or to learn a new sport - for example, wind or kitesurfing in Anapa or in the village of Golubitskaya. On the Black Sea resorts, horseback riding and a variety of water activities are popular - catamaran and tarzanka skiing. It will be interesting for the child to visit water parks, of which there are many in the south.
Cultural and excursion vacation with a child.
Of course, Moscow and St. Petersburg are the two main cities of Russia, where you can go for cultural rest with your child in the summer of 2018.
St. Basil's Cathedral and Red Square, Arbat and Tverskaya, the Bolshoi Theater and the Tretyakov Gallery, the Alexander Garden and the Ostankino TV Tower - the Mother See of all places of interest.
The classics of St. Petersburg - St. Isaac's Cathedral, the Bronze Horseman, the Winter Palace and the Savior on the Spilled Blood, the Kazan Cathedral and the Peter and Paul Fortress and much, much more. And just walking around the historical districts of the Northern capital, looking into courtyards-wells and narrow alleys, is a pleasure. Interesting and the neighborhood of St. Petersburg: Peterhof, Pushkin, Vyborg, Ekateringof, Pavlovsk. By the way, in St. Petersburg with a child it is better to go in late spring, summer or early autumn, when the rain is not so much and warm weather is established. Learn how to visit the museums of St. Petersburg for free and how much it costs to travel to St. Petersburg.
On the Golden Ring of Russia, it is worth to pass by those who are interested in architecture and architecture of Russia - ancient temples, monasteries and fortresses are captivated by their beauty. Depending on the route, tours of the Golden Ring include 8 to 12 cities, and you can also go on a trip yourself. North of the Golden Ring is the so-called Silver Ring of Russia - a tourist route, which includes such ancient cities as Veliky Novgorod, Velikie Luki, Staraya Ladoga, Vyborg, Ivangorod, Pskov, Vologda, Korela and so on.
Recreational rest.
Go to the Caucasian mineral waters and join the "water society" - an excellent idea for a holiday with a child in Russia in the summer of 2018. You can choose from: Kislovodsk with a beautiful Resort Park and narzannymi waters, famous springs of Essentuki, Lermontov Pyatigorsk with an abundance of health resorts and attractions, balneological resort Goryachy Klyuch and others. Suitable for recreational purposes and resorts of the Baltic Sea - Zelenogradsk, Svetlogorsk, Amber.
Read also the detailed material on where it is best to have a rest with a child in Russia (all seasons are considered: summer, autumn, winter and spring).
(Photo � Hombit / / License CC BY 2.0)
Inexpensive rest in Russia in the summer of 2018.
Let's find out which cities and which resorts in Russia can fly the most cheaply in the summer of 2018. We quote the prices for air tickets for the summer period with flights from Moscow and St. Petersburg. The minimum cost of tickets in both directions, current at the time of writing the review, is indicated.
Where to fly inexpensively in the summer from Moscow?
St. Petersburg - from 4400 rubles. Mineral Waters - from 4900 rubles. Arkhangelsk - from 5300 rubles. Volgograd - from 5600 rubles. Sochi - from 5700 rubles. Kazan / Krasnodar - from 5800 rubles. Rostov-on-Don - from 6000 rubles. Crimea - from 6200 rubles. Kaliningrad - from 6400 rubles. Anapa / Makhachkala / Vladikavkaz - from 6800 rubles. Nalchik - from 7100 rubles.
As you can see, an inexpensive vacation in Russia in the summer of 2018 can be organized in a number of Russian cities - tickets to most of the most popular resorts cost less than 8,000 rubles. Of course, you need to manage to book tickets in advance. If you stretch out with the purchase until the departure, you will have to overpay greatly.
Where to fly inexpensively in the summer from St. Petersburg?
Flights for the summer of 2018 with a flight from St. Petersburg are significantly more expensive than from the capital, but there are still options.
Moscow - from 4900 rubles. Volgograd - from 7000 rubles. Kaliningrad - from 7200 rubles. Rostov-on-Don - from 8200 rubles. Nizhny Novgorod - from 8500 rubles. Mineral Waters - from 10,000 rubles. Kazan - from 10500 rubles. Sochi - from 11,500 rubles. Krasnodar / Anapa - from 13000 rubles.
Find out more about the best places to relax in Russia in each of the summer months: June, July, August.
The source of the introductory image: � rrrtem / / License CC BY 2.0.
Where is the best place to relax on the Black Sea in the summer of 2018?
Where it is better to have a rest in Crimea in the summer of 2018?
Where to have a rest with a child in Russia?
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