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Rest in Israel with children.

Rest in Israel with children.
In the previous review "Where to go with children in February" as one of the options was offered a trip to Israel.
Why? Because this is an excellent option for families with children.
At this time in Israel is warm enough. It's easy to get there. The flight is short and not at all tedious. There are many flights, inexpensive air tickets.
Israel is an amazing and unique country. They love children very much and do everything to make them happy.
And this means that there will be no problems with accommodation and meals for small tourists.
In addition, Israel is a state-museum in which ancient history, biblical legends, Christ's earthly path, various religions, the dramatic fate of the people, secularity and high European standard of living are intertwined in an incomprehensible way.
In Israel there are many wonderful places, which adults and children will be happy to visit. In addition, given the small area of the country, you can visit its different parts in a short period of time.
Where to go in Israel with a child and what to see?
Weather in the winter months in Israel is diverse. It depends on the location of the point you are going to.
For example, in the north of the country on the slopes of Mount Hermon at this time can be snow. Here at the ski resort you are waiting for funny skiing, tobogganing, snowboarding. Entertainment for everyone - from accompanying grandmothers and grandfathers to the smallest.
Possibilities of beach holidays in Israel in February.
It is unlikely that you will be able to splash at this time in one of the four seas, the waters of which are washed by Israel. This is the Red, Mediterranean, Dead and Sea of Galilee (the latter is the Sea of Galilee with fresh water).
The weather as a whole is comfortable: + 15 �, +21 degrees, although in February, rains often happen. But the water is still cold for a beach holiday. In the Mediterranean Sea (Tel Aviv), the water temperature is up to +18 degrees, and few people dare to swim in the cool Mediterranean waters.
In the Dead Sea, the water is slightly warmer: + 18 � C + 20 � C. And the warmest at this time is the Red Sea (in the resort of Eilat): +22 degrees.
Well, you can not soak up on the beach. But such a moderate and not hot temperature is a great opportunity to devote time to excursions and visit many interesting places.
On the holy places of Israel with children.
To visit Israel and not to visit Jerusalem is impossible. Do not be afraid that the child will not understand or will not be interested. An excursion through the tunnels to the Western Wall is unlikely to leave the child indifferent. The received impressions will be remembered for many years.
Jerusalem is the oldest city in the world. Its part, the so-called Old Town, is the center of Judaism and Christianity, it is historical, cultural and religious monuments of different people: the Jewish Wailing Wall and the Temple Mount, the Christian Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the Muslim Mosque of Al-Aqsa and the Dome of the Rock.
Zoos of Israel.
There are a lot of zoos in Israel. And their peculiarity - little animals live in them almost in natural conditions. Well, children really like to observe and communicate with animals. And visiting the zoos is guaranteed to bring them pleasure and joy.
On the eastern outskirts of Tel Aviv, the zoological center Safari in Ramat Gan is located on a vast territory (over 100 hectares).
This is a kind of African savannah. Animals live in huge enclosures, and an illusion of free communication with wild lions, giraffes, leopards is created.
Moving through the park in a special car or on your own car, you can make an amazing journey into the world of animals and birds, visit cognitive lessons for children. Here in the park you can relax on the many playgrounds and attractions.
Hamat Gader Park.
In this tropical park on the crocodile farm there are many crocodiles (about 200 species). Watching how they bask in the sun and swim in the water is very interesting.
And this is not the only entertainment in the park. Here you can have a lot of fun with the children on the water attraction Splash, take useful baths in the thermal springs and swimming pools.
There is a living area and mini-safari, where children can play with animals or listen to an amazing performance of trained parrots.
The Biblical Zoo.
In this zoo, which is located in the south-west of Jerusalem, has collected more than 200 species of animals that live in the land of Israel since the Biblical times, among which many are rare and endangered.
It's always crowded here. Picturesque nature, waterfalls, a lake, lawns, comfortable walking paths without stairs make this park an attractive place for resting parents with children.
Park A-Kofim is a monkey nursery.
In the Middle East - a park of this kind, perhaps the only one and it is located near Jerusalem in the forest of Ben Shemen.
The park very realistically reproduces the atmosphere of the jungle and rainforest. A lot of monkeys (more than 100 species) live practically in natural conditions in open enclosures.
There are so many interesting places in Israel and, of course, it is impossible to visit all places for one trip. But if you can visit the park of Australian animals Gan-Guru, the oceanarium on the Red Sea (Eilat), the nature reserve "Ein Gedi" (not far from the Dead Sea) - it will be wonderful and informative.
Museums of Israel and other attractions.
What to do if you want to see everything, but the time or physical endurance of your children is not enough?
In this case, you will benefit from a visit to the very original Mini Israel Museum.
It is a museum-country under the open sky, in which all the outstanding monuments of Israel are collected. And these exhibits are presented on a scale of 1:25. The country lives in this mini-world with its own life: planes fly from mini-airports, mini-ships are loaded in the port, trains leave the stations and all this is inhabited by miniature figures of people.
Interesting for children is the Tank Museum in Latrun, located between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. It strikes a variety of military equipment, mostly trophy.
The Israeli Museum of Marzipan.
It is one of the few museums in the world where exhibits (various fruits and vegetables, fairy-tale characters and even famous actors and politicians) are made of marzipan (a mixture of powdered sugar and almond flour).
Here, under the guidance of experienced mentors, children can create their own marzipan figures and even participate in the competition for the best song from marzipan.
Walking through the narrow streets of Jaffa, the oldest city in Israel, or the ancient Roman ruins in Caesarea National Park, visiting the delightful gardens surrounding the Bahai Temple, in a friendly and tolerant Haifa or the national park and the Ein Gedi reserve in the Judean Desert, will complement the missing pieces in the mosaic picture multifaceted and diverse Israel.
If you get tired of attractions and museums, you can simply go with the children to attractions or water parks.
The most famous: in Tel Aviv - Lunapark, Superland in Rishon Lezion, Aquapark "Shvaim".
And, as always, a few tips:
If there is no clearly defined plan and a sightseeing trip, it's best to stay in Tel Aviv. Excursions on all routes are sent from here. If you travel on your own, experienced travelers advise buying tours on site in Israel. Since it is cheaper. Not everyone knows that swimming in the Dead Sea with young children should be carefully. Very salty water on contact with the mucous membrane can cause severe burning and more serious complications.
Bye, bye ... And a successful trip!
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Israel & # 8212; a wonderful country, many pictures for some reason reminded me of the Crimea.
Yes, I am also fascinated by this small state and its people who have turned their country into a real oasis. It's interesting for everyone: adults and children.
Tatyana! I'm just happy that I accidentally left on your blog. I see many answers to my questions here.
Thank you, Galina! I'm glad that I was able to help you and my advice was useful to you. You are always welcome on my blog.
Tanya! I can not stop! read and read & # 8230; all interesting & # 8230;
Thank you, Galina! Your words are just "balm per capita". I want to do even more, more interesting and that it is necessary for someone to need.
And adults in the Dead Sea, perhaps even useful to swim?
Of course, you can swim and even need to. For this, they go there. But at the same time observe certain rules, because the concentration of salt in the water is very high.
Very interesting information, thank you. We are going to visit this country with a child and husband in the near future, is it interesting to buy medical insurance? When buying tickets, we are asked to choose whether we need it or not. Will there be problems when entering Israel without medical insurance?
Julia, to visit the country for tourism purposes up to 90 days, Russians do not need a visa. And, proceeding from this, registration of medical insurance is not obligatory. But the Israeli embassy pays attention to the fact that the final decision on entering the country is taken by border and other services when crossing the border. In this connection it is recommended to have insurance among other required documents. Problems in its absence may not arise, on the other hand, its absence may somehow affect the decision of the employee authorizing entry, and make it difficult to cross border control. And in case of illness during stay in the country, treatment is very expensive. So decide for yourself.
For some reason, they practically do not write about the Dead Sea, that it is necessary to go there in slippers. very sharp bottom.
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