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In what cases is it necessary to have a residence permit in Estonia?
If a foreigner plans to stay in Estonia more than 90 days during the first half of the year (work, study, etc.), he must obtain a residence permit (residence permit).
The residence permit in Estonia can be temporary (up to 5 years) or permanent.
How to obtain a temporary residence permit in Estonia.
- Marriage with a person permanently residing in Estonia.
- Family reunification (moving to a close relative permanently residing in Estonia)
- Work for hire in Estonia.
- Study in an Estonian educational institution.
- Own business in Estonia.
- Availability of significant financial means for the stay (without the right to work)
The condition for extending the residence permit already received is to confirm the preservation of the grounds for issuing it, as well as the presence in the country not less than 183 days per year.
One of the most common types of residence permit in Estonia is a residence permit for permanent residence in Estonia.
You can apply for a residence permit for permanent residence in Estonia if:
- you settled in Estonia on the basis of a temporary residence permit, and your permanent residence in Estonia is in the public interest;
- you had an urgent or permanent right to reside in Estonia, a residence permit for a long-term resident of Estonia or you were an Estonian citizen;
- you have permanently resided in Estonia for five consecutive years for a total of not less than three years, unless you have completed higher education in Estonia on integrated curricula for bachelor's and master's studies, for a master's or doctoral degree;
- well adapted in Estonia;
- the nature of your activity was consistent with the purpose and conditions of the residence permit you have been granted.
The above conditions can not be applied if:
- a foreigner was granted a temporary residence permit for living with a spouse (oh) and on this basis a foreigner lived in Estonia for at least three years;
- an alien was issued a temporary residence permit for residence with the spouse, and the marriage is terminated before the expiration of three years from the date of receipt of the residence permit, but the requirement for a foreigner to leave Estonia would be too burdensome for him;
- an alien was issued an urgent residence permit for living with a close relative, and the grounds for granting a residence permit were dropped, but the requirement for a foreigner to leave Estonia would be too burdensome for him.
To apply, contact the foreign office of the Republic of Estonia personally or the service office. To submit an application to the service desk, you must reserve time.
Documents for residence permit for permanent residence in Estonia.
- Applications-applications that are filled in the computer and printed. Instructions for completing the application form:
- an application for a temporary residence permit, if an application for a temporary residence permit is submitted;
- an application for the extension of a temporary residence permit, if an application for the extension of a temporary residence permit is submitted;
- data on a close relative and members of the family if an application is submitted for obtaining a temporary residence permit and extending the residence permit in case of changed data.
- Identity document;
- 1 color photograph in the size 40 � 50 mm;
- a document confirming the existence of a sufficient legal income;
- the contract of medical insurance;
- a document confirming the payment of the state fee.
The decision to grant a residence permit or to refuse to grant it.
The granting of a temporary residence permit or the refusal of its granting shall be decided within 2 months from the date of acceptance of the application for production. A residence permit can be issued for a period of up to 5 years.
When granting a residence permit, the residence permit card is issued to the applicant personally in the foreign representation of the Republic of Estonia indicated in the application form or in the service office within 30 days. It may take longer to send a residence permit card to a foreign office.
How to get a permanent residence permit in Estonia.
- availability of a valid temporary residence permit in Estonia;
- residence in Estonia for at least 5 years on the basis of temporary residence permit (temporary absence in Estonia does not exceed 6 months consistently and only 10 months for the last five years);
- data of place of residence are entered in the population register;
- there is a permanent legal source of income for residing in Estonia;
- there is a valid health insurance policy;
Integration requirements are met, i.e. knowledge of Estonian, at least at level B 1.
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