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Residence permit without employment.

Residence permit without employment.
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Residence permit without employment.
A completed application form + Spanish application + model 790 (3 different forms for each member of the family) is filled in by Tramitex employees and sent electronically to the signature Internal passport and 1 photocopy of all its pages. A motivation letter for each member of the family and the Spanish language with an explanation of the reasons and conditions of residence in Spain. It is made by employees of Tramitex. A health insurance policy issued by an insurance company accredited in Spain. The policy must cover the entire period of stay in Spain, medical expenses and expenses for repatriation in the event of an accident or sudden illness and have a validity of at least 1 year. With a translation in Spanish if purchased outside of Spain. We work with the Spanish Sanitas insurance, there are doctors who speak foreign languages. In the case of the client's desire, we arrange everything completely for the insurance according to the official tariffs of the company (in this case we are only intermediaries).
The medical insurance policy should not be confused with insurance for tourism. The purpose of the policy is the availability of a foreigner medical care, similar to the Spanish social insurance system.
Certificate on the absence of a criminal record with an apostille and sworn translation (obtained in the IC of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for registration, we translate in Spain). A recent medical certificate with a translation into Spanish, containing the following wording: "This is to certify that Mr. / Mrs. _____ does not suffer from diseases that could damage the health of people as stipulated in the International Sanitation Regulation of 2005." # 8221; Serve with an unapproved photocopy. We send the sample and inform you about the procedure. Confirmation of the availability of housing, similar or above the average level for the Spaniards in the region. Serve with the enclosed 1 non-certified photocopy. Escritura, a certificate from the Real Estate Register or a lease contract. Confirm the availability of funds sufficient for a normal level of accommodation, including, as appropriate, the family members of the applicant, during the entire period of intended residence in Spain without employment. The first member of the family 26 thousand euros + 6 thousand for each subsequent. We also submit documents on business / work / tax returns and documents on real estate in Russia. The specific list for this item will always depend on the specific situation of the citizen, as well as on the latest experience of filing documents for a specific moment in connection with the constant changes in the position of the consulate, which is connected with the immigration policy of Spain.
Serve with the enclosed 1 non-certified photocopy.
Documents confirming the relationship between the applicants, with a sworn translation into Spanish: birth certificates and marriage certificates. Serve with the enclosed 1 non-certified photocopy.
The registration for the submission of documents for a residence permit without work is carried out for 0.5 & # 8211; 1,5 months. In the case of requesting additional documents, 10 working days are provided and a new time for document infringing is given. After that, if all the conditions are met, the case will be transferred to the migration service at the location of the real estate in Spain. Two weeks after the filing of documents, our employees ask for a meeting at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain in Madrid, where you can see whether all documents have arrived and receive a tracking number on the Internet. The average period of consideration is 1-1.5 months. After the release of a positive response, the client receives a visa for entry, upon arrival, handles fingerprints and receives a resident card for 1 year. This card (the document proving the residence permit in Spain) is extended for 2 years, which is also extended by 2. After 5 years, the right to a permanent residence permit, which is renewed every 5 years, arises.
The whole process is carried out remotely, sworn translations, insurance, all forms and accompanying letters are needed. Communication with lawyers is carried out via phone, Skype and e-mail.
The cost of our services is 1200 plus VAT for one member of the family and 600 euros for each subsequent member of the family. VAT (21%) is mandatory for collection, except when the invoice is issued to a legal entity registered in the territory of the European Union.
With each client a contract is drawn up in Russian. As guarantees of our work, we include in the contract the condition that in the event of a denial of residence permit, our company takes on the responsibility for appealing the decision on a no-cost basis, as we prepare a package of documents for filing in strict accordance with Spanish law and are confident in the right of our client to receive them a residence permit.

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