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Residence permit of Finland.

Residence permit of Finland.
when buying a property.
and other options.
Residence permit, permanent residence, Finnish citizenship for real estate?
Security and income guarantees + residence permit of Finland.
You can purchase private properties - profitability of 2-6% per annum.
Variants of objects and examples of income opportunities are described below.
The details, guarantees and procedures for the execution of the residence permit are described here.
Get income + residence permit with the safe contribution of your savings to safe Finland.
Benefits of Finnish real estate.
- A high percentage of Finns who prefer to rent accommodation can buy real estate for subsequent leasing. (More than 32% of Finns live in rented housing)
- Property prices in Helsinki are in moderate growth since 2010.
- Protection of property rights and low level of corruption.
- An independent court, an effective law enforcement system.
- Lending opportunities at 2-3% per annum.
- The status of the Neutral Country in military conflicts is enshrined in the constitution.
- The independent policy of Scandinavia in the event of any political upheaval.
- Small risks of involvement in a regional conflict (the country is not part of NATO!)
How to get a residence permit from Finland when buying a property?
First, plan what percentage of the return you want, and choose an active or passive approach to managing your objects.
From this will depend on the choice of objects, the form of ownership, the procedure for registration of objects and residence permits and other legal nuances.
At your request, we will organize a full service + free consultation.
This is convenient for those who prefer moderate profitability and comfort.
A passive approach to asset management involves either long-term lease of commercial or private real estate, or short-term lease, but with delegation of lease management by our company.
This is convenient for those who prefer the maximum profitability, and is ready to take part in the management of objects.
This implies either long-term or short-term lease with the provision of additional services on the basis of its own facilities.
- Registration of the Finnish legal entity.
- Registration of residence permit of Finland.
- Selection of real estate.
- Inspection of objects, bargaining, re-registration.
- Service and additional services.
We help only those who intend to receive an honest income in Finland, and are ready to become a taxpayer in Finland.
We implement only legal procedures, we DO NOT help asylum seekers, fictitious marriage, etc.!
Requirements for income and taxes on the rental of real estate.
Taxation of rental income is calculated on the basis of the capital gains tax rate: a 30% rate with annual income up to 30,000 e, and a 34% rate if the income is above 30,000 e.
For example, the net income for a residence permit for a family of 3 people should be at least 2200 e per month. When receiving income-rent, the total income before taxes should be 2948� / month or 35376� / year.
We provide the widest range of immigration services and REAL-ESTATE, FULL SUPPORT: consultations, analytics and real estate transactions, registration of residence permit, etc.
Examples of real estate for residence permit and permanent residence in Finland.
- Management of the lease of premises by type of Office Center (office hotel)
- Rent to individual companies - for example, 5-20 firms.
- Possible extra. services: rent of virtual offices, concierge, rent of postal addresses, processing of correspondence - this will create an additional turnover.
- Purchase of a suitable premise.
- Breakdown into sectors or individual rooms.
- Profiling of premises (placement of companies, creation of cells for individuals, rent of postal addresses, etc.)
- Rent to individual companies, for example 5-20 firms: production, storage facilities, offices, etc.
- Possible extra. services: rent of virtual offices, concierge, rent of postal addresses, processing of correspondence (this will create an additional turnover)
- purchase of several cottages (not necessarily nearby)
- organization of their short-term lease.
- rent additional facilities (ATVs, boats, snowmobiles, bicycles, etc.)
- purchase of several apartments (not necessarily nearby)
- organization of their short-term and medium-term lease.
- buying a floor or a whole house.
- equipment of individual apartments.
- organization of short-term and medium-term rent of apartments.
- sale of individual apartments and an agreement on trust management.

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