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Residence permit in Hungary through the company from the company Robinson.

Residence permit in Hungary through the company from the company Robinson.
Residence permit in Hungary.
The company Robinzon Property offers you to issue a residence permit (residence permit) in Hungary. Robinzon Property is a European company, we specialize in the design of residence and real estate. We have an office in Moscow and representations in different countries.
The residence permit in Hungary for business emigration
This category of residence permit is a residence permit in the country and the Schengen area without time restriction. It is suitable for individual entrepreneurial activities and doing business.
The legislation of Hungary, like the legislation of many other European countries, permits the possibility of obtaining residence permits for those who own a Hungarian legal entity. In order for a foreigner to have the right to apply for a residence permit on business grounds, he must create at least three new jobs for local residents.
The main expenses that are associated with the registration of an enterprise and doing business in Hungary, as well as describe the nuances associated with the registration of an entrepreneurial residence permit in Hungary. When you register a company in Hungary, you will also be expected to attend to the accompanying costs:
Minimum authorized capital: 500,000 HUF (
2000 EUR). You can make 50% immediately, the rest of the authorized capital is & # 8212; within one year from the date of registration; Minimum share of one founder: 100,000 HUF (
400 EUR); Registration fee: 15 000 HUF (
60 EUR); Signature samples certified by a notary: 1 500 x 3 = 4500 HUF (
18 EUR); Certificate from the register of real estate on the possession of a legal address: 4 000 HUF (
16 EUR); Provision of a legal address (cost on request); Trustee for receiving mail correspondence (cost on request); Maintenance of full accounting and submission of reports to tax authorities: 20 000 HUF (
80 EUR) to 50 items and with 1 worker.
Services for the registration of a company in Hungary include full legal support, filing an application for registration with a registry court, opening a bank account, and interpreting for all instances.
Income tax in Hungary is 18%. The residence permit is initially issued for 1 year. After three years of uninterrupted residence (it is allowed to leave for 45 days a year). You can apply for a permanent residence permit. You can apply for citizenship in 8 years. If you have a primary interest in starting a business in Europe, then business in Hungary is one of the least expensive and financially promising ways.
Hungary is interested in foreign investments, therefore actively implements market reforms and creates the most favorable conditions for business.
Hungary has concluded agreements with 65 countries on avoidance of double taxation, among which Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.
The Hungarian Law "On Companies" provides for several variants of the company's forms:
� Closed company with limited liability - Kft;
� Open joint-stock company with limited liability - Rt;
� Partnership with unlimited liability - Kkt.
� Limited Partnership - Bt;
The most popular is the first option. It is almost the same as our Limited Liability Company (LLC).
Closed Limited Liability Company (KFT):
� The company does not issue shares;
� The minimum statutory fund is EUR 2,000;
� There are no restrictions on the number of founders;
� 100% ownership of the company by a foreigner is allowed.
A feature of registration of a legal entity in Hungary, whose founders are not residents, is that the registration process can only take place through a Hungarian lawyer.
Preparation of documents and their accompaniment to the registration authorities is carried out exclusively through a lawyer who is responsible not only for the correctness of the documents, but also for the reliability of the data provided.
Information to be provided to a lawyer:
Name of the future company and activities; Passport data of the founders; Addresses of permanent residence of founders; If the founders are several - the amount of contributions to the statutory fund of the company; The legal address of the future company (this should be a real office, not just an address for correspondence); Primary registration of the company allows that the actual address does not necessarily coincide with the legal address. If necessary, we are ready to provide such an address.
After the received data, the lawyer prepares a package of documents:
company charter; samples of signatures; power of attorney; application to the Registration Chamber; copies of documents, etc. A guarantee of a Hungarian citizen may be required. It will also be necessary to pay the state fee and make a payment to the registration chamber.
Permission to register a company in Hungary.
On the basis of a package of documents prepared by the lawyer and a bank statement, a permit is issued for the registration of the firm.
Already on the basis of this permission the company can start its work in Hungary, although the final decision on registration is made later.
Features of registration of KFT in Hungary.
At the time of registration, only 50% of the authorized capital (EUR 1,000) is required, the balance can be paid within 1 year; If the founder of the company is one person, the authorized capital is paid in full (EUR 2000); To sign the banking forms you need a personal visit to Hungary; The director can be a citizen of any country; The company registration number is the same as the taxpayer's number and the VAT number.

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