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Residence permit in France for Russians.

Residence permit in France for Russians.
Residence permit in France & ndash; this is a wonderful document, through which you get the right to stay in France for a long time, and subsequently to apply for permanent residence.
In order to apply for residence permit, you must first open a long-term visa to France. This procedure is carried out in the Consulate in Russia. Holders of long-term visas can be in France from 3 to 12 months.
However, there are exceptions: so, if you legally resided on the territory of the European Union within the last five years, you can apply for a residence permit without a long-term visa for France.
So, obtaining a residence permit in France is possible after a long-term visa is issued & ndash; working, educational, visa of the bride or wife.
Visit to the OFII office.
Important! Arriving in France, a foreign citizen is obliged to witness the arrival in the country. For this it is necessary to visit the Office OFII & ndash; an organization dealing with immigration issues. This must be done no later than three months from the date of entry into the country.
Please note that you need to have the following documents with you: passport, international medical insurance policy, color photo, documents for housing in France (lease or paper confirming ownership).
During the interview you will have to answer several questions and undergo an express medical check-up. In addition, the staff of OFII can check your knowledge of the French language.
When the conversation is over, your passport will bear a special mark confirming that you are in France legally. This & ndash; a kind of analogue of residence permit. It will give you the right to live in the country for a year.
Registration and types of residence permit.
The second important step is & ndash; directly registration of residence permit. To obtain a residence permit in France for Russians, it is necessary to apply to the prefecture at the place of residence not later than two months before the expiry of the visa.
In the prefecture you will be informed of the full list of necessary documents and will appoint the exact date of obtaining residence permit. Be ready to wait one to two months.
Temporary residence permit is valid for a year. This document can be extended. Permanent residence permit is valid for 10 years, renewal is possible. ��� categories & laquo; Skills and talents & raquo ;. This document is valid for three years, after which it is renewed. The pension is valid for 10 years. If necessary, the residence permit can be extended. VNZh for the purpose of family reunification. Citizens of other states who live in France on legal grounds for a year and a half and do not plan to leave the country in the next 12 months can appeal for a residence permit for members of their family, that is, they have the right to get a residence permit in France, his spouse and minor children . In this case, the citizen must be financially secured, that is, he must have a permanent source of income, which provides him 1458 euros per month (according to 2016). In addition, he must have a spacious living space in France: not two must have at least 16 square meters, as well as 9 square meters. m for each next person. Finally, a person applying for a residence permit for relatives must be fluent in French, not a threat to France, and be physically healthy. There is another curious type of residence permits & ndash; & laquo; visitor & raquo ;, this is a residence permit without the right to work in France.
Documents for registration of a residence permit in France.
In the local prefecture, where you apply for residence permit, you will be able to form a list of documents for a residence permit in France. Usually the list of securities is as follows:
A neatly completed application form. Passport with a long French visa. Three color photographs without corners and ovals. Photo size & ndash; 3.5 by 4.5 cm. Data on civil status: birth and marriage certificates, birth certificates of children. Information about the availability of housing & ndash; lease agreement, a paper confirming that you own a property in France. Documents confirming the grounds for issuing residence permits to you. This is a contract with the employer, a certificate of registration of private business, a certificate from the university on enrollment. Help with financial well-being & ndash; an extract from a bank account or a document from work. The calculation is based on the minimum wage in France. International medical insurance. Two envelopes with your address. The brand costs 241 euros (for students � 58). It is sold at the tax office, and it can also be bought at a regular newspaper kiosk.
Residence permit: advantages.
Having received a residence permit, you can enjoy many benefits:
Freely move around the countries of the European Union. Free to study in a university in France. It is legal to get a job. Obtain medical care and have access to social security programs. To use the European credit system. Enjoy the beauties of France.
St. Petersburg: +7 812 3091786.
Kiev: +38 044 3921436.
Almaty: +7 727 3495174.
Nice: +33 629961135.
+7 812 309 17 86 (automatic)
+7 965 008 41 00.
Nice waiting.
Dear friends! Everyone coming to France is faced with the fact that very many aspects of ordinary life here are different from what you saw in Russia, and the national kind of sports of local residents is the "distribution" of foreigners. The mentality of local residents is very different from Russian, and the nature of doing business has its own specifics.
We have been living in France for 5 years and have created the company COFRANCE SARL specifically to help you solve most of the household and legal issues so that you can fully integrate into your local life, but also not lose touch with your business and affairs at home.
We can guarantee that we have learned during this time EVERYTHING necessary for a wealthy Russian to not only enjoy spending time on the Cote d'Azur, but also to create here a quiet harbor and a place for a quiet life and study of your children.
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