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Residence permit in Finland.

Residence permit in Finland.
Finland is located in the very north of Europe. Having received the status of an independent state back in 1917, she managed to enter the most prestigious associations: the European Union, the Northern Council, became a party to the Schengen Agreement. On its territorial borders is in contact with Norway, Sweden and Russia. Geographical proximity with the Russian Federation and the Baltic countries, access to the sea, allowed it to develop rapidly, as an exporting state. Finland ranks first in the pulp and paper industry in the world, but this is not the only successful industry in the country. As a tourist destination Finland is becoming more popular every year. More than 35 national parks are concentrated here, which collected the rarest and almost disappearing specimens of the animal and plant world. Visit this country will be interesting for the traveler with a variety of preferences, including for fans of ski resorts.
About a quarter of the territory of Finland is beyond the Arctic Circle, but this did not prevent a moderate and continental climate in different regions due to the warm influence of the Atlantic. The weather situation on the whole is equated with the Moscow one, that's why it is quite comfortable for Russians here. Geographically, the republic is divided into 3 parts: the region of lakes, coastal lowlands and the northern upper reaches. The population exceeds 5.5 million people, more than 91% of whom speak official Swedish.
Benefits of obtaining a residence permit in Finland.
The right not to issue a visa for entry to any other country that is part of the European Union, the opportunity to live and work in the EU.
The main ways of obtaining residence permit in Finland.
Business. Getting a residence permit can be obtained if you open your own business in Finland or buy a ready-made business. After the emigrant gets a job at his company, he can apply for a residence permit. The main condition for this will be the salary: it should be no less than the minimum wage in the country. If the owner of the company relocates and all other family members, then the income must be much higher.
Marriage. In the event that the migrant has come to the country to work, but the circumstances have changed & ndash; the emigrant entered into marriage with a citizen of Finland, the right to receive a permanent residence permit is granted. The term of this authorization is limited to the period of validity of the foreign passport and can not be longer than 4 years. VNZh this method can stop if the marriage is terminated.
Unhindered visits to the Schengen countries, stay in them and employment without a visa.
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