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Residence permit in Estonia (residence permit)

Residence permit in Estonia (residence permit)
Estonia & mdash; a small state in Europe, since 2004 & ndash; member of the EU. Most of the population of the country speaks Russian. Obtaining a residence permit in this state gives many advantages, the main ones of which are:
x & gt; The opportunity to live, work, travel and receive education in any country of the European Union.
x & gt; Stability and security of your business and family, which will be guaranteed by the legislation of the European Union.
In Estonia, you can obtain a residence permit for a period of 2 to 5 years.
Having a residence permit in Estonia, it is not necessary to permanently reside in this country. However, if you are absent for more than 183 days a year in the EU, you will need to register your absence with the Estonian Police and Border Protection Department, indicating one of the possible reasons (work, illness of relatives, etc.).
Permanent residence permit in Estonia (permanent residence)
Initially, you can get an urgent residence permit, and only after that apply for permanent status of Estonia. You can apply for permanent residence after 5 years.
Citizenship in Estonia.
Citizenship in Estonia you can get if you lived in the country on the basis of a residence permit for at least 8 years, of which the last 5 years & ndash; constantly.
The grounds for obtaining a residence permit.
1. For work (head of the company).
The owner of the firm can be its leader in one person.
The residence permit is issued for 2 years in order to manage the company, with the right of subsequent extension for the same period.
To do this you need:
x & gt; Register a company in Estonia.
x & gt; To conduct a real, documented, activity of not less than 5 months.
x & gt; Provide a standard package of documents, as well as a certificate of registration of the company, and documents supporting the activities of the company (bank statements, documents confirming transactions, etc.).
You can apply for a residence permit at the consulate of your country. You do not need to come to Estonia.
If you register a company, if you want to move to live in Estonia immediately, before you get a residence permit, you can apply for a work visa at the consulate in your place of residence, which you will be provided with for a period of 1 year free of charge.
Those who stay in Estonia on the basis of a working visa "D & raquo ;, can apply for residence permit directly in Estonia.
The decision to grant residence permit is taken for a maximum of 2 months after the filing of the application and the provision of all necessary documents.
In this case, your family members will get a residence permit guaranteed, and for the same period.
There is no compulsory requirement to learn Estonian. Living in Estonia, you will be able to speak your native language.
The total period for obtaining a residence permit is from 7 months.
Company registration & ndash; 650 euros with personal presence / 850 euros without personal presence.
Preparation of a package of documents for residence permit for one applicant & ndash; 1000 euros.
Preparation of a package of documents for residence permit for a family member & ndash; 800 euros.
Children under 18 years - free of charge.
The price does not include:
x & gt; Government fees & ndash; up to 100 euros / per one;
x & gt; Translate documents & ndash; depends on the volume;
x & gt; Contract for renting premises in Estonia;
x & gt; Medical insurance & ndash; up to 120 euros per quarter.
Standard package of documents required for solicitation:
x & gt; The document proving the identity (passport).
x & gt; Color passport photo 4�5 cm, on which the person should occupy 70-80% of the frame.
x & gt; Application for an urgent residence permit.
x & gt; Information about the next of kin.
x & gt; Written justification of the applicant (in free form).
x & gt; Confirmation of the availability of a dwelling in Estonia (for example, & ndash; lease).
x & gt; The company's registration documents and papers confirming the activities.
x & gt; Document on payment of state duty for petition. It is paid in person when submitting documents.
Renewal of residence permit for work.
An application for the extension of the residence permit is filed 2 months before the expiration of the validity of the temporary residence permit to the Police and Border Guard Department.
Documents required for the petition:
The same as originally submitted, with the exception of the autobiography, data on immediate relatives.
2. To conduct business activities.
x & gt; register a new company or buy an operating one, and at the same time invest at least 65 000 euros;
x & gt; or be an individual entrepreneur who has invested at least 16,000 euros in his business in Estonia;
x & gt; provide a standard package of documents, as well as a certificate of registration, constituent documents, bank account statements, tax return declaration data, documents confirming transactions, etc., in order to confirm real activity in Estonia for more than 4 months;
x & gt; provide a business plan in Estonian or English.
The decision to grant residence permits is taken within 2 months after the filing of the application and the provision of all necessary documents.
More information about the residence permit for entrepreneurs you can get here.
3. For settlement to the spouse.
It is necessary to provide a standard package of documents, as well as a certificate of marriage, birth, and documents of the spouse in Estonia.
The issuance of a residence permit will be denied if false information is presented during the application, the marriage is fictitious or the spouses will not live in Estonia.
If the marriage lasted less than 3 years, the residence permit may be issued for a period of up to one year and extended no further than 1 year at a time; if more than 3 years, a residence permit can be issued for up to three years and extended to three years at a time.
You can also read about other grounds for obtaining residence permit in Estonia on the official source & ndash; site of the Department of Citizenship and Migration of Estonia.

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