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Residence permit in Denmark. Residence permit in Denmark.

Residence permit in Denmark. Residence permit in Denmark.
Residence permit in Denmark.
There are several grounds for obtaining the right of permanent residence in Denmark.
You can get a residence permit in Denmark if you run a business as an owner or co-owner in the territory of that country under certain conditions: The company works legally; Investments in the amount of more than 50 thousand euros; The company makes a profit and provides local residents with jobs.
A residence permit in Denmark can be obtained through employment in this country. To do this, it is necessary to conclude a contract, and then, if necessary, extend it. Competent specialists are very much appreciated, especially in areas that have a deficit in Denmark: scientists, doctors, programmers.
Getting an education in Denmark's educational institutions & ndash; Another way to get a residence permit in Denmark. Education here is paid, but at its completion it is guaranteed to find a job with a good salary.
The future student needs to speak English. It is very important to learn Danish & ndash; this can be done in a few years while you are studying.
Due to certain circumstances (war, poor living conditions in the home country, victims of extremists, etc.), refugees may not leave Denmark. They are issued a residence permit for 6 months, which can then be extended. After 5 years of legal residence, you can obtain a residence permit in Denmark.
The combination of a legal marriage with a Danish citizen or a foreigner with a residence permit allows them to emigrate here.
Marriage must be legal; Marriage should be created to create a family; Consent of both parties; Age of spouses must be over 24 years of age; Spouse (s) from Denmark must have a permanent income, housing (possibly rented).
After obtaining residence permit in Denmark, spouses are obliged to live in this country.
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