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Residence permit in Austria.

Residence permit in Austria.
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Investing in the economy, entering into marriage, employment or studying at a university is only the main of twelve legal ways to obtain a residence permit in Austria. What you need to do in order to work peacefully and live in one of the most picturesque and modern states of Europe and to travel freely through the Schengen countries.
Immigration to Austria - accessible to everyone.
In Austria, excellent conditions for doing business, one of the best world health systems and high-quality education, as well as stunning nature and ski resorts, attracting millions of tourists annually. Many people who once visited the country are determined to stay here forever and this is possible! Residence permit in Austria, the first step towards permanent residence and citizenship, but even it already gives non-residents a lot of advantages available to the indigenous population. To date, 12 categories of citizens can apply for a residence permit:
Financially independent. Pensioners and people with stable income (not less than 2 thousand euros per month and 20,000 in a bank account). Knowledge of the German language is compulsory, employment is not allowed. The students. The main condition - admission to an Austrian university, employment in coordination with the university. Pupils. In addition to the documents on admission to the educational institution, the presence of an adult guardian in Austria is also required. Labor resources. There are four ways to obtain such a residence permit: for rare occupations, for qualified specialists, for graduates and the "blue card of the EU". You can also come as a "shift workforce" - for an internship from an international company. By a similar principle, with a few differences, a residence permit is issued for those who arrived with the purpose of a long trip or work under a contract. A separate procedure is envisaged for artists and religious figures, journalists, researchers and participants in the Au-pair program.
As for the permit for volunteers, it is issued only for a year and can not be extended.
Immigration to Austria, the process is gradual, first the citizens of the Russian Federation get the right to stay in the country for a year, then extend the residence permit for the same period, and after another three years. After five years of initial naturalization, you can apply for permanent residence, and subsequently citizenship.
Immigration from Russia to Austria - what you need in order to qualify for residence permit.
Almost all the EU countries put forward serious demands on foreigners wishing to obtain a residence permit, in particular, the satisfaction of five conditions is considered compulsory:
Financial viability. The required minimum income is determined depending on the category of citizens (for students, couples, etc.), but the average amount is about 900 EUR per month. Housing. In Austria, residence permit is not automatically issued when buying a property, but in order to get enough, if other requirements are met, conclude a long-term lease. Contribution to health care. Without medical compulsory medical insurance, you can not even get a visa, so before applying for a residence permit, you need to take care of getting an E-card. Integrity. A certificate of non-conviction is a prerequisite for immigration. Knowledge of the language. For a comfortable life in Austria without an excellent knowledge of German can not do.
In addition, immigration from Russia to Austria requires preparation of a substantial set of documents in each country, personal visit to the consulate in the embassy, as well as money spent on transfers, legalization, payment of duties and much more.
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