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Residence permit: how to fill out an application.

Residence permit: how to fill out an application.
Under Russian law in 2018, a residence permit is issued for five years, and then extended as many times as you like for the same period. Since 2015, the state duty has increased, which must be paid for its registration. Now this state service costs 3,500 rubles. How to apply for a residence permit right from the first time?
How to fill in correctly.
Let's consider a sample of filling out an application for a residence permit. Surname, name and patronymic will need to be duplicated in Latin letters. All other fields are filled in Russian.
The application is filled in two copies. If you do this by hand, keep in mind that there should be no corrections and deletions.
Also, there should be no abbreviations and abbreviations. Everything should be written in a legible handwriting.
If there is not enough space in the allotted fields, you can complete the information on a separate sheet. On all additional sheets, you must specify the name of the applicant.
There should be no omissions or blank fields, otherwise the application will not be accepted. The names of the organizations in which you worked should be specified as they were at that time.
The signature on the application is placed directly in the FMS department, in the presence of the employee. Children sign their name at the age of 14.
The application form can be downloaded from the FMS website. A separate form is provided for minors.
Application form for the issuance of a residence permit.
Application form for the issue of a residence permit for minors.
Rules for submitting an application.
If you have been in Russia for six months with a temporary residence permit, you have the right to apply for residence permit. There are cases when employees do not accept applications, explaining this by the fact that only those who have lived in Russia for at least a year can obtain a residence permit. Such actions of FMS employees are illegal.
It is not necessary to wait six months for those who came to the program of resettlement of compatriots, citizens of Belarus and Turkmenistan (there are international agreements), as well as highly qualified specialists who came to Russia on labor contracts.
You need to submit documents personally, excepting the & # 8211; minors under 18 years old, for them it is done by legal representatives (father or mother).
The FMS officer should tell you how long the application will be considered, and also explain in what cases a refusal is possible. After your documents are accepted, you must be given a corresponding certificate confirming this fact.
Be sure to remind the immigration officer if he suddenly forgets to give you this document. In the event that your temporary authorization expires, and the residence permit is not yet considered, this certificate will be the basis for your legal stay in the country.
Through the Internet.
On the FMS website there is a message that due to technical reasons, the receipt of applications via the Internet is temporarily suspended.
What documents are needed.
The set of documents for obtaining a residence permit depends on which category belongs to the applicant. In the general case, in addition to the statement, you will need:
photo (size 35x45, 4 pcs.). With the requirements for a photo for obtaining a residence permit, you can read here; identity document; confirmation of the availability of sufficient funds (certificates of income, work), or disability; confirmation of the availability of housing; information on the absence of dangerous infectious diseases, including HIV infection.
When will the result.
The timing of the provision of services also depends on the category of the applicant. So, for example, voluntary migrants & # 8211; Russian speakers will not wait more than two months.
In general, you will be issued a residence permit six months after the application.
How to fill out the application for residence permit correctly.
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Do you specialize in migration policy?
She received a RWP in a simplified procedure for her marriage on July 14, 2015 in the Leningrad Region, then registered for 3 years. Now I am preparing the documents for residence permit, I will submit it after 14.01.2018.
Questions of the following nature:
& # 8211; confirmation of ownership.
So, I am a student of the magistracy, I get a scholarship in the amount of 1400-2000 rubles a month, and also I depend on my spouse + parents send money or when they come to give.
In the references from the place of work & # 8211; I do not understand. As understood, he should take 2-ndfl (works in St. Petersburg), over the past year? He changed jobs in June 2015, but before the end of May 2015 worked in another similar organization & # 8211; that is, one certificate from there (from January 2015 to May) and one from the current place of work (from May to January 2018)? 12 minimums for two should be in this case? A minimum of SPB or LO? are registered in LO, his work and my studies in St. Petersburg. The difference of 2 thousand per month, for two 4, and for 12 months, it's 48 thousand, not a little. If he does not have enough for two, can I partly confirm the scholarship + bank account statement? Actively used throughout the year & # 8211; arrival of funds, expenditure.
Count's relatives & # 8211; at the time of filing on pvp parents were in St. Petersburg, they played a wedding back, now again at home, it turns out in the first case, I pointed out that they are not working here, now I write that in their homeland, as well as their place of work?
The property graph & # 8211; about 3 years I do not really understand whether my uncle's spouse, where I and my spouse are inscribed, provide a certificate of ownership, a passport for him, and to come to UFMS? or how to confirm?
application for a residence permit of the Russian Federation. item 11. Eight months. in 2015g. worked nefits.Kakuyu amount must be kept on the bank account, to provide a reference to the paragraph 11 of the said application.
form fill on each sheet or is it possible to print 2-sided?

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