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Residence permit for pensioners.

Residence permit for pensioners.
The acquisition of the official status for residing in Bulgaria by a foreign pensioner, today requires minimal material and time costs. Due to the new legislation in force in the country, as well as adequate requirements of the consular services, wealthy pensioners have the right to obtain residence permits in Bulgaria, subject to several conditions. So the first step in this way will be the issuance of a visa "D", for a long stay in the country, which will be the basis for obtaining the status of residence permit.
A set of necessary documents.
To obtain a "D" visa, as a reason to enter the country and conduct further formalization procedure, you will need:
Visa application form with the applicant's personal signature in two copies; Foreign passport of the applicant with copies of the first pages. In this case, the period of validity of documents certifying the identity of the applicant must be valid for at least 3 months from the date of the approximate date of entry into the country; Two color photographs 3.5 x 4.5 cm; A health insurance policy valid on the territory of the EU, the amount of coverage of which must be at least 30 thousand euros for the period of its validity; Documents confirming the availability of housing, for example, copies of notarial acts on the ownership of real estate in the territory of Bulgaria; Documents confirming the financial security of the applicant: certificates of income, as well as copies of the pension certificate, statements on the status of bank accounts (the presence of a bank account is a mandatory condition); Certificate of conviction with two copies of the original.
Rights of a pensioner in the status of residence permit.
A pensioner who lives in Bulgaria in the status of residence permit, has the following rights:
Visa-free entry to the territory of Bulgaria, multiple crossing of borders; Getting high-quality medical care with access to free services, like citizens of Belarus; Unhindered registration of official invitations to the country of family members and relatives; Get a loan in national banks; Possibility of obtaining residence permit by the nearest relatives of a pensioner; Conducting an official business in the country.
Expenses for registration of residence permit by a pensioner.
When you prepare a minimum package of documents for obtaining an official status, you will need to cover certain expenses, for example:
The fee for the consideration of visa documents of type "D" - 4400 Russian rubles; Legalization of documents, as well as their translation into the Bulgarian language - 1500 Russian rubles; Acquisition of the policy will cost 100 leva for the basic package, more than 1500 levs for the VIP package, which covers the cost of the services of a psychologist and other specialists; The fee for making a personal card on the basis of a residence permit is 90 levs for a seven-day registration of documents, 45 leva for a thirty-day period for issuing documents; The total cost of the necessary documents is 500 levs; Statements on the state of the bank account - 40 levs; Extension of residence permit - 800 levs.
NOTE: If you are followed by children under the age of 21, as well as a spouse or spouse, the above documents are also required, except for documents from the pension fund. Among other things, copies of the certificate of marriage and the birth of children translated into the Bulgarian language and certified by the notary will be required. The cost of services for registration of documents varies depending on the period of stay in the country and is calculated individually for each applicant within the limits established by law.

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