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Residence permit and permanent residence in Belgium.

Residence permit and permanent residence in Belgium.
The residence permit in Belgium will help you to enjoy all the benefits of immigration to the European Union. This small developed state enables citizens living outside the country not to pay taxes and not serve in the army, have visa-free entry to other EU countries.
Residence permit Belgium: citizenship and other rights.
According to the law, you can obtain Belgian citizenship by being born in the territory of this country or having one of the parents of Belgian origin.
There is a special document & mdash; Code of Belgian Nationality. It gives the right to receive Belgian citizenship to immigrant children who are permanently residing in that country.
Also citizenship can be obtained after three years of residence in Belgium. Of all the countries that are members of the European Union, only Belgium has a term of 3 years (naturalization term). If you do not have citizenship at all or are a refugee, the term is two years.
If you are a businessman: how to get a residence permit in Belgium.
The procedure for business immigration to Belgium is not so complicated, but requires a responsible approach:
it is necessary to create an LLC (S.P.R.L.), the authorized capital of which is at least 18 600 euros; for the work of your company in Belgium, before obtaining a residence permit, you must have a legal address, area for living, a specialist who will conduct the company's activities; for doing business you do not need to get a license or permission.
TDI & ndash; Consulting group provides qualified assistance for obtaining a residence permit in Belgium. We will also provide assistance for obtaining permanent residence in Belgium and issuing permits and licenses for the activities of your company, if necessary.
Residence permit in Belgium: permanent residence.
Having a residence permit in Belgium, you can:
get a job; study; freely (without visas) to travel around the Schengen countries.
For people who conduct their business in Belgium, the government of this country guarantees preferential working conditions. For example, the assumption of zero annual balance, while showing only the activities of your company.
If you want to get a residence permit in Belgium, you do not need to permanently reside in this country. In order not to lose your rights and get additional benefits of residence permit in Belgium, you can visit the country several times a year.
If your company in Belgium will actively and efficiently work, after 3 years after obtaining residence permit you have the right to obtain Belgian citizenship.
With our company TDI & mdash; Consulting group You are guaranteed to manage all documents to successfully obtain a residence permit in Belgium. Our specialists have extensive experience of this activity and will help even in particularly difficult situations.
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