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Residence permit and citizenship of Hungary.

Residence permit and citizenship of Hungary.
Residence permit - 2,5 months.
Residence permit in HUNGARY.
Procedure for obtaining the residence permit of Hungary:
Conclude a contract of sale of real estate (making an advance payment of 10% of the value of the property) Obtaining a permit for the purchase of real estate (after registration of the contract of sale and notarization of its notarially documents are submitted to the city hall and after 1 month issued an official permit for the purchase of real estate) Acquisition of real estate (after obtaining the permit, the property is transferred to the new owner and the rest of the amount is paid for the purchase of the property). Reception of a category D visa at the place of residence for 1 month. Applying for a residence permit to the migration service (you need to provide a passport for owning a property and a passport with a visa D, on the basis of these documents for 1 working day you will be issued: a residence permit in Hungary and a temporary residence permit card. After 1 year, the Migration Committee is asked to extend the residence permit for 5 years, and after 3 years you have the right to apply for a permanent residence permit. After 8 years, the right to obtain the citizenship of Hungary appears.) The approximate period for obtaining a residence permit is about 2.5 months.
Benefits of obtaining residence permit in Hungary:
The ability to move freely around the Schengen countries The work permit in the Schengen countries The possibility of training children in any country of the Schengen Agreement Exchange of a driving license without re-exams Registration of a car in your name.
In Hungary, there is no minimum limit for the purchase of real estate for obtaining residence permits. In Hungary, there is no annual property tax, only a one-time fee for the purchase of real estate is paid in the amount of 4% of the value within 1 month after taking ownership. The cost of the apartment is from EUR 25 000. There is no need to open accounts in banks or register a company for obtaining residence permit.
Necessary set of documents:
Passport Insurance One-year insurance Notary obligation that you undertake to renew insurance annually on the territory of Hungary Notarial undertaking that you undertake to support your wife and children in Hungary (if applicable) Application for photo permission (2 pcs.) work Help from work, which states that you can work remotely. Extract from the bank about the balance of the account (no less than EUR 500 per person per month) Documents for spouses and children Documents on real estate Cost of services for rovozhdeniyu purchase real estate and obtaining residence permit procedures by LARGO MANAGEMENT GROUP depends on the value of the acquired property, for more information please contact our employees by phone: +7 (495) 204-28-82.
Nationality of Hungary.
The advantages of obtaining Hungarian citizenship.
Ability to enter the territory of more than 140 countries. To live, work and study in the territory of the European Union and the Schengen zone.
In order to obtain Hungarian citizenship, you must:
Sign a contract with our company. Provide the required set of documents. The application form completed and signed personally by the applicant on the letterhead of the Hungarian consulate.
Necessary set of documents:
Birth certificate Internal passport Passport for trips abroad Autobiography Set of photographs (color, size 3.5x4.5 cm, strict full face) Additional documents on request (for example, marriage certificate, birth certificates of relatives, etc.) All documents must be translated in Hungarian and notarized. Largo Management Group can assist in the translation and certification of documents.
Each case when obtaining the citizenship of Hungary is individual, therefore full information about the necessary documents and the terms of obtaining citizenship, it is possible to receive only after the evaluation of our specialists.
Procedure for obtaining Hungarian citizenship.
Additional opportunities for cost sharing:
Ready-made company in Hong Kong with an open account in the Hong Kong bank.
Registration of a company in Scotland with the opening of a current account in a European bank.

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