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Registration of permanent residence in Sweden.

Registration of permanent residence in Sweden.
Among the countries of Europe, Sweden has consistently ranked among the first in terms of the quality of life of its citizens. However, the rules for immigrants in the kingdom are quite strict, and whoever can not move can not. Therefore, the Russians, before moving to permanent residence in Sweden, you need to thoroughly prepare.
How to register a Russian citizen in Sweden?
The procedure for the preparation of the permanent residence of Sweden is preceded by two more stages, necessary for passage for the majority of Russians. The first is the issuance of a visa. The long-term national, category "D" is better suited. Although sometimes you can get by and tourist - category "C". The second stage - the registration of a residence permit (residence permit). With this document, you need to live in Sweden for 3 to 5 years, depending on the reasons for the move.
Options for registration of Swedish permanent residence, with the features of obtaining a document:
Full-time education in the country's educational institutions, or professional retraining:
The student must provide a document confirming the enrollment; Registration status is possible after 5 years of residence in the country;
Reunification with relatives or marriage with a resident / citizen of Sweden:
It is necessary to prove the existence of family ties or the validity of the concluded marriage; Registration status of permanent residence is possible immediately;
Employment in a Swedish organization for permanent or seasonal work with a long-term employment contract:
The applicant submits a copy of the invitation letter from the local organization; Registration of the status of permanent residence is possible after 4 years of residence in Sweden;
The opening of a joint-stock company, obtaining a stake in it, or investing in large amounts in the economy of the country:
The applicant confirms the reality of the open business and its official registration; Registration of the status of permanent residence is possible after 2 years of residence in the country.
Also, theoretically, there is the possibility of obtaining political asylum, if at home there are appropriate prosecutions. Another option is a refugee from areas of military operations. For obvious reasons, both cases do not work for the Russian Federation.
List of necessary documents.
Moving to Sweden is the desired goal of many Russians, and the registration of the status of permanent residence is a mandatory step on this path. And there is no way to do without collecting a package of certificates and certificates confirming the applicant's social status and intentions.
Documents for registration of permanent residence in Sweden:
Application form for obtaining a status; Passport valid for at least 3 more months; Certificate confirming the absence of previous convictions; Confirmation of the fact that the applicant has lived in the country the required period of time; Confirmation of financial solvency of the applicant:
A certificate from the work, where the monthly salary is indicated; an extract from the bank account; certificate of income of the enterprise; sponsorship letter, with confirmation of the sponsor's solvency;
Colored copies of all the completed pages of the internal passport of the Russian Federation; Receipts of the paid state fee.
Other categories of Russian citizens may require additional documents:
When moving with one of the parents - permission to leave and stay in Sweden from the second; Birth certificate of the child;
A document that identifies the applicant as an dependent relative (when moving with able-bodied family members);
a work permit; labor contract (copy); Nostrified by a diploma in this specialty, or a diploma of passing exams on it in a Swedish educational institution (foreign diplomas in Sweden are not listed);
document on the income and profitability of the enterprise; certificate of state registration of the company;
When reuniting with relatives / spouses:
confirmation of family ties; Marriage certificate.
All the provided list of documents is translated into either English or Swedish. Translations need to be certified by a notary.
How to increase the receipt of European citizenship?
When submitting reliable information, the period during which a Russian can complete a permanent residence in Sweden is from three months. If not all documents have been submitted, or there are doubts about the applicant's honesty, the time limit may increase (as well as the chances of receiving a refusal).
Making such documents requires money. In particular, the cost of registration for a Russian permanent resident of Sweden, depending on the situation, can be from 175 to 1500 Swedish kronor. Given the need to pay for the issuance of visas (from 55 to 100 euros) and residence permit (from 500 to 2000 Swedish kronor), the total amount is quite impressive. Although for students with a scholarship the situation is more rosy.
Advantages of registration of permanent residence in Sweden.
Making a permanent residence in Sweden, as can be seen from the above, is not only difficult and long, but also expensive. And what does this document give?
Advantages of permanent residence in Sweden:
visa-free crossing of the borders of European countries, with the possibility to stay there for 3 months every six months; possibility to engage in business, joint-stock and investor activities in the EU; the prospect of obtaining a diploma, quoted in most countries of the world, and subsequent employment in the chosen specialty (and with the corresponding salary); the opportunity to live in a country with extremely low crime and corruption, and, at the same time, high per capita GDP; the prospect of obtaining a pension that meets European standards.
Other possibilities to settle in Sweden.
Among the countries of the European Union, the majority makes rather strict requirements to foreign citizens who want to move to live in permanent residence (and, subsequently, to register their citizenship). This also complicates the task for Russians. However, there is a way out.
You can apply for Romanian citizenship. This country is loyal to applicants for its passports. Some categories of Russians can even claim a simplified procedure for obtaining Romanian citizenship. First of all, they are descendants of those who lived in Moldova and in the territory of Chernivtsi and Odessa region of Ukraine in the middle of the last century.
To obtain a Romanian passport, you do not need to give up the Russian one, and the entire clearance process is much cheaper and faster than other EU countries.
the possibility of entering the territory of the Schengen area and staying there for 90 days every 6 months; the right to receive education and work in Europe; the right to receive European medical care; in the long term - the opportunity to receive a decent salary that meets the standards of the European Union.
While some Russians are out of a sense of false or true patriotism.
It is hardly worth doubting the fact that not every Russian is available.
The Dutch laws provide for the possibility of dual citizenship for their citizens with certain restrictions.
Sweden is a northern EU country bordering Finland and Norway.
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