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Registration of permanent residence in Croatia.

Registration of permanent residence in Croatia.
Croatia is a young and peaceful country in Europe. Those who are tired of noisy cities and crowds of people, will find an outlet in this small corner of tranquility. Among the Russians there are many who yearn for peace and stability (and the country's economic level is also contributing to this), and who is ready to try to obtain the status of permanent residence. And the task is not simple, and requires detailed consideration.
How to register a Russian citizen in Croatia?
Registration of Croatian permanent residence is preceded by two more procedures related to the preparation of documentation. The first is getting a Schengen visa to the country. It is best to immediately register a national one, which allows you to stay in the state for about a year. The second procedure is the execution of a residence permit, which you can start living in the country for at least a year. After this comes the waiting list for permanent residence. For this, a Russian must live in Croatia for at least 5 years (for spouses of residents or citizens of the country this period is only 3 years).
To move to Croatia for permanent residence, a Russian needs serious grounds, supported by the relevant documentation. Each option has its pros and cons, but all of them, potentially, allow a foreigner to register a permanent residence in the country.
The grounds for registration of permanent residence in Croatia:
Conclusion of a real marriage with a resident or citizen of the state. Fictitious marriage will lead to deportation and ban on obtaining a visa; Reunification with a relative who is a resident or citizen of the Republic of Croatia. In this case, the Russian must provide documents confirming the existence of family ties; Education in the state educational institution. Diplomas of Croatian universities are listed throughout Europe, which contributes to their popularity among Russian entrants. Tuition fees for foreigners are from one to three thousand euros; Business immigration. Among all EU countries, Croatia is one of the most profitable for entrepreneurs. The government is aimed at developing the state's economy, including at the expense of foreign businessmen or investors. Although this option of immigration requires considerable financial investment; Acquisition of real estate. Despite the popularity of this method, getting permanent residence with him is not easy. Positive verdicts are issued only in half of the cases, and all fees and charges must be paid by the owner of the acquired property. They account for 5% of the total amount of the transaction; Employment in a local organization. To get a job in the country, a Russian must confirm a high level of qualifications, and have a profession in demand. Ideally - be an IT-specialist, or workers in the specialty associated with difficult working conditions. Or it is possible to issue a patent for the implementation of medical or journalistic activities.
Other options, such as refugees, are not considered. The reason is that on their basis it is almost impossible to obtain permanent residence.
List of necessary documents.
In modern conditions, no bureaucratic procedure is complete without the preparation of documentation. And the design of permanent residence of any country, including Croatia - is no exception. Collecting a package of documents is an important stage of the whole process.
Documents for registration of permanent residence in Croatia:
Statement; Autobiography of the applicant; Foreign and internal passports; Certificate of birth of a citizen of the Russian Federation; Certificate of absence of previous convictions; 2 photos meeting the following requirements:
width - 35 mm, height - 45 mm; colored; without damage, scratches and stains;
The applicant's financial solvency for at least the first two months of residence in the country, at a rate of 60-70 euros per day:
an extract from the bank account; a certificate from the place of work, indicating the monthly salary; sponsorship letter, with confirmation of the sponsor's solvency;
A receipt confirming the payment of the state fee for permanent residence in Croatia.
Depending on the reason for moving, the list of documents is supplemented with the following items:
invitation letter from the employer or educational institution; contract for the purchase of real estate; documents confirming kinship, when reunited with relatives; certificate of marriage.
Documents (both originals and copies) are translated into Croatian and notarized.
How to increase the receipt of European citizenship?
Consideration of applications for registration of permanent residence takes time. It is necessary to check the reliability of the information submitted, not to mention the grounds for relocation. Therefore, the period during which a Russian can complete a permanent residence in Croatia, rarely is less than 3 months. And you should not try to accelerate this process.
Price is a key issue for Russians. Including, and with the design of the Croatian permanent residence. First you need to pay for a national visa (about 60 euros). Then the residence permit is paid - and here the cost starts to change - in most offices the payment will be from 2 to 6 thousand euros per person.
The cost of registration for a Russian citizen permanent residence in Croatia is also changing. It all depends on the reason why he goes to the country:
Training - from 2500 euros; Employment - from 1000 euros; Entrepreneurial or investor activities - from 2500 euros; Conclusion of marriage / family reunification - from 500 euros; Refugee - from 1000 euros; Purchase of real estate - from 1500 euros.
Advantages of registration of permanent residence in Croatia.
The Republic of Croatia is one of the countries that signed the Schengen Agreement. Therefore, the Croatian permanent residence gives its owner all the rights of an EU citizen, except for the opportunity to vote and work in law enforcement agencies.
The rights and opportunities provided by the registration of the status of permanent residence in Croatia:
visa-free crossing of the borders of the EU countries; official employment in European organizations; enrollment in educational institutions in Europe; opening and doing business; opening bank accounts or issuing loans; social benefits, medical care; simplified procedure for obtaining residence permits for the relatives of the owner of Croatian permanent residence; subsequently - registration of the second citizenship.
Other possibilities to settle in Croatia.
With the fact that the design of permanent residence (and, in the long term, citizenship) of Croatia brings many advantages, there is no arguing. But this is a complex, long (about 8-10 years) and very expensive procedure.
But, to move to Croatia, you can go another way, and formalize Romanian citizenship. This is also done not in one day, but the timing and price of registration is much lower than in other cases. A list of rights granted by the Romanian passport includes all of the above opportunities for permanent residence and is similar to full-fledged citizenship of the European Union.
Sweden is a northern EU country bordering Finland and Norway.
To date, a simple and affordable procedure for obtaining Romanian citizenship on the territory.
Since 2008, the law on granting citizenship in Croatia has become more stringent. Russia.
Portugal allows its citizens to have a second citizenship. In the Russian legislation is also missing.
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