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Registration of companies in Krakow.

Registration of companies in Krakow.
Important documents.
Our company provides a range of services in the creation, organization, as well as reorganization, purchase and sale, and liquidation of business activities. Call to Poland 48 690 95 65 95.
Our prices for the company registration services are from 500 euros. Call will discuss and help.
A legal entity, a representative office of a foreign organization, a branch may be established on the territory of the Polish state. As a rule, there are a lot of reasons for creating business on the territory of foreign countries. Of these, two main points can be emphasized: the development of a new market, as well as a significant reduction in costs. After accession to the EU - the Polish market is the largest in Central Europe, and is excellent for both one and the other kind of activity. The organizational form of the legal entity most popular for small and medium-sized companies is LLC (Limited Liability Company). For a wider range of activities, JSC (joint-stock company) is suitable.
The opening of one's own business makes it possible to become not only its owner / owner, but also the general director / chairman of the board. The Polish state does not limit the composition of foreign founders, after registering activities in the territory of the Republic of Poland, the firm acquires an equal right in the market, as well as other commercial facilities.
Our company undertakes all formalities of registration of the enterprise such as:
Registration of the constituent document (contract), the creation of the draft regulations (registration in two languages), the registration of the company in the state register and the tax inspection, the selection of the legal address, the production of the working press and the opening of a bank account, the payment of all costs for the registration of the enterprise, including an interpreter to the budget of the Polish state, free consultations and so on.
When creating your enterprises, our company minimizes costs as much as possible, before the state budget, adjusting the rates of relevant fees and taxes, for the shortest lines on weekends to you terms.
We assist in the registration of companies in Poland, especially in Cracow and Rzeszow and Warsaw, Wroclaw and in any other city of Poland. Our main office is in Krakow and here we do everything. We are talking about a limited company. Where the minimum authorized capital is 5,000 PLN.
Company registration in Poland.
The price of registration of a limited liability company is from 1,700 euros of service (for a company with a capital of 5,000 PLN). If the capital is more - the price of services will increase. According to the interest rate of the client.
The price includes notary fees, court costs associated with the signing of the company agreement and registration in the National Court (KRS), the Tax Inspectorate (US) and the Statistics Office (GUS) PLA 1000 PLN, after registration we will provide checks and calculate.
Our price does not include:
initial capital (5.000PLN) costs for legalization of stay in Poland (visa, hotel) expenses for obtaining permits and licenses (if necessary); address of the legal address for the office from 1200 - zl net (required, paid separately). accountant, required, zero activity, starting at PLN 250 (contract for a minimum of 6 months) Then decide.
Preparation of the template of the agreement-charter, limited liability company, Organization of conclusion of the contract LLC with a notary, Notary - from 700 PLN to 1000 Preparation of documents important and necessary for registration of the company in court, statistical office, tax inspection (number: NIP, VAT, VAT -EU), Registration in the National Court Register (registration number KRS), Registration with the Statistics Office (REGON number), Registration with the Tax Inspectorate (number: NIP, VAT-R, VAT-EU); Registration with the tax inspectorate NIP-8. Transfer of ready-made documents to you.
To prepare the transaction, we need to know in advance:
data who will be the owner or owners of the company, members of the Council (name, address); if the owner of the company is another company - an extract made from the register for the company; what the company will do (in which business it will work, whether it is an extension or a subsidiary company from another country - a short description can be compiled in Russian or English); a certificate from the tax inspection - it is necessary, that there is no debt, or a recommendation from the bank, or a certificate of good conduct (owners, members of the Board) is NOT NECESSARY.
This information and some documents (passport, any application in connection with economic activity in the territory of another country) should be sent to us in advance (by e-mail).
Then we organize a notary, an interpreter, even on the same day, it is possible to prepare all the documents important for the registration of the company.
At the expense of your customers - we will make an invitation from the notary beforehand so that they can arrive in Poland on that day.
All documents that will be submitted to a court or a notary must be translated into Polish by a sworn translator.
The cost of interpretation and translation is an additional cost.
cost of one hour of interpretation / about 450 PLN (2 hours of work is required) cost of transfer 1 page / about 60 PLN (it will take some time for translations, depending on what the charter will be - from 6 to 10)
The time that takes for the finals and the full registration procedure is 4-8 weeks from the time of submission of documents to the court.
For the registration of the company, a limited liability company is NOT mandatory and will not need an office lease contract for the office of the company - we offer a virtual office (KRAKOW, RZESZOW, WARSZAWA, WROCLAW) - the headquarters of the company is a separate service.
Prices The virtual office in Warsaw, Katowice, Krakow and Rzeszow, Wroclaw, are the same. In Warsaw, the prices are different.
If you are interested in an office in Warsaw - write and we will prepare information for you on prices.
Payments for services, we accept in cash, on the day of signing the documents. Also, it does not matter to us.
Sure, no problem. We will open many companies and clients do not come here. On the account of licenses, this is already looking at what we will decide and what licenses you will need, please understand the difference in company registration and obtaining licenses for the firm - if the activity according to the PKD requires the availability of licenses,.
We can check the types of activities which the firm plans to engage in whether they require a license. That is, even if the firm, more precisely the type of activity defined, requires obtaining licenses, they will be received AFTER REGISTRATION OF THE FIRM and not at the time of registration or before registration.
Thus, you will understand - how quickly we will open YOUR firm and you will need licenses at once.
We will inform you how quickly we can receive them after registration of the company.
If licenses are not required, then it will be clear to you that the firm can immediately begin to perform activities.
As far as I know from the experience of registering construction companies, construction does not require specialized licensing if you are engaged in general construction activities, and if by some unique types of construction it is of course necessary to check everything in advance and understand.
For our part, we are ready to help in the preparation of both the PCDs that you plan to deal with, and after registration, the companies are ready to help in obtaining all licenses if such are required.
No license is required to open a company. But if there is a contractor, he can ask about the firm's qualification, and maybe not ask for the final result.
We take money, go to the bank, we go to the account. And the statutory fund has appeared. )))
Watching what goals you pursue. A new firm is good for one, a firm with a history for another.
Here is the latest information, read what and how is done on the link on our website.
Of course, we are engaged in discoveries of companies in Poland. Let me ask what site they found out about us? Now we are on a business trip and in the office of Krakow, no one in there. Therefore we can talk to you by phone (write it, also you can call us 48 690 956595).
Or please write your questions and what kind of help and services do you want from us?
I'm sure. We will help you in each !! "
On this issue, there are many important points from which your expenses for the services of our lawyer will depend. Every situation must be considered in a specific case.
Full company registration services in Poland (Spolka zoo) 2000 PLN services are ours. + separate payments for a notary, for cattle and others as a whole will be from 900 euros. up to 2000,. Also a big role in the cost is played by those types of activities that the firm will be engaged in, besides, it is required to answer the question - the firm will be registered with the presence of shareholders, or without their presence, because if without is one procedure, with them - another ,. You also need to remember about the address for the registration of the company in Poland,. We can offer a virtual address for 1500 zloty bruto per year, or in advance to find a physical address for which you will be allowed to register the company LLC and in which, upon your arrival in Poland, you will be physically and legally, We will gladly assist in each of the procedures for registering a company in Poland. Call our Polish office at 48-690-95-65-95.
With the desire and understanding that then you will need to choose the company who will prepare you and make the opening of the "Spalk" (accountant translator, lawyer and notary), that is, which will engage in the opening of the company with your activities.
No problem. Firms are heavy. We can help you in purchasing or re-registering a Polish company. We can also help with the search for options for open and for sale companies in Poland. Different firms have different financial and other stories so it is very important to approach the issue responsibly. Search and selection of the company is a serious question. You also need to immediately understand for what specific purposes you will need a firm. In general, how do you see many details and many nuances in which our employees understand perfectly. We will be happy to help you.
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