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Registration of a working visa to Montenegro.

Registration of a working visa to Montenegro.
The popularity of Montenegro among Russians is undeniable. Beautiful sea, beautiful sunny climate, untouched nature, low crime rate, clear language - all this makes the country attractive for Russian tourists. Many of those who have visited here, are beginning to think about moving forever. Deciding on such a step is not easy.
In order to be able to stay in Montenegro permanently, immigrants prefer to start their own business or enter into a labor agreement and obtain a work visa. If your financial situation does not allow you to open your business, you do not have a solid bank account or real estate in Moscow, you should think about who you can work with and how to legalize your situation in Montenegro.
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Stages of obtaining a visa.
According to the legislation of Montenegro, the conduct of work requires official registration. When a potential employer is already found to work, a Russian will need to issue a work visa to Montenegro.
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This procedure is performed in two steps:
You need to get a work permit. On the basis of permission to issue a residence permit (residence permit), or boravok.
It should be noted that all these documents are registered in the territory of Montenegro in the police station at the place of your stay.
List of necessary documents.
To obtain a work permit, you will need to collect the following documents:
Statement from the employer, with a request for admission to work. The announcement confirming open vacancies. Education document. The type of document (diploma of the institute, certificate, certificate) depends on the profession, on which it is planned to work. For unskilled labor, a certificate is sufficient. A hairdresser, for example, can get by with a diploma about completing courses. For specialists this will be a diploma of a higher educational institution. Independence from the type, the document must be nostrified in the Ministry of Education of Montenegro (in Podgorica). The cost depends on the type of document, so, the diploma from the courses will cost you 50 euros, and the diploma from the university - 150 euros. Do not forget about the cost of travel (about 12 euros). Any of the documents submitted must be translated into Serbian, the cost is about 45 euros. A photocopy of the passport. Receipt for payment of state duty.
The package of documents must be submitted to the territorial inspection, which deals with employment issues. The procedure is simple, but requires knowledge of the Serbian language. Often the registration of documents is handled by the future employer.
If the aim is to obtain a residence permit in Montenegro (Borava), firms specializing in such services can help, its cost is about 60 euros.
The next step will be to contact MUP - Immigration Service of Montenegro, for the transfer of the following documents:
Information about the absence of previous convictions (it is drawn up in advance in Russia, operates in Montenegro for 6 months). It will take a translation of the certificate into Serbian (10 euros).
Contract for the rental of housing in Montenegro (original) or list nepokretnosti (extracts from the cadastral register, confirming the ownership) in the case of the availability of their own housing. Photocopies of the passport. Translation of the passport (10 euros). The document on the medical examination passed (35 euros).
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Medical insurance (25 euros). Extracts from the Montenegrin bank confirming that you have 3650 euros on your account (in 2018 the immigration service accepts 1000 euros). Receipts confirming payment of standard rates (25 euros). Back to the table of contents.
Consequences of illegal work.
The law of Montenegro is very strict with regard to persons who work illegally. This can result in significant amounts of fines to the employee and the employer. Labor relations are regulated by Zakonom o zaposljavanju i radu stranaca. This law allows you to regulate all questions about the work of foreigners, from the time of admission and to dismissal from work. In accordance with the law, the employer can not employ an employee who has a work permit issued not to his firm, but also without a residence permit. In case of violation, the fine may vary from 500 to 20 000 euros.
Montenegro is an amazing country. If you are planning to come to rest, a visa for Montenegro is not needed for Russians for a period of up to 30 days. But do not confuse immigration with the country with tourism. If you are planning on how to move to this country forever, do not be afraid. Simply for successful moving and quick adaptation, study the issues related to the legalization of your stay in the country, acquire basic knowledge of the Serbian language, evaluate the financial side of the trip.
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Only a thorough and sober approach will make it possible to translate your dreams into reality and enjoy life in sunny Montenegro.

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