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Registration of a visa to Saudi Arabia.

Registration of a visa to Saudi Arabia.
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is the official name of this state, is known throughout the world as the largest exporter of oil. Life in Saudi Arabia is subject to the laws of Islam. The country is officially a theocratic, that is, the subordinate authority of religion. Most of this Arab state is occupied by mountainous deserts, which are of little interest to tourists. But even if there are people wishing to obtain a visa to Saudi Arabia in 2018 is not so easy.
Mosque in Saudi Arabia.
Types of visas that are issued today.
A visa to Saudi Arabia is not issued to anyone who wants to. The authorities of the country do not consider it necessary to develop certain sectors, for example tourism. Therefore, it may not be worth trying to get permission to spend a vacation in this country. Tourist visas for Russians simply do not exist. Neither individual nor group. Exceptions are possible, but extremely rare and only for groups accompanied by local operators.
Perhaps, one day, the recreational resources of the Red Sea will be used, on the coast of which lies one of the largest Arab states. But this will happen very, very, very soon. So, individual travelers can say goodbye to the dream of getting acquainted with the sights, culture and life of this country.
The visas that can be obtained in 2018 are:
transit; educational (student); workers; business visa; guest, only for those who have relatives in the country.
For registration of the above types of visas it is necessary to apply to the embassy or consulate of this republic. For registration, you will need to apply for a visa to the UAE and have an interview. It is worth preparing for the fact that the representative of the diplomatic mission will ask leading questions about the purpose of the trip. It is not necessary to allocate, that it would be desirable to look at sights or to get acquainted with culture of this state more close. With such wishes, the applicant will most likely be refused a visa.
The embassy of the country reserves the right to refuse to issue a visa at any time, without explaining the reasons for such refusal. From anyone who goes to Saudi Arabia, it is necessary to observe fairly strict rules concerning clothing and behavior, as well as the importation of certain items, in particular, images.
Map of the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Moscow.
Do I need a visa?
To visit the kingdom, a visa is clearly needed both for residents of Russia and for citizens of Ukraine. But in some cases you can get to this republic without a visa.
Visa approval is not required if a person plans to visit Saudi Arabia in transit. But it is necessary to take into account such nuances:
Permission is not necessary if the time interval between flights is not more than 18 hours. If the transplant lasts less than 6 hours, the alien is not allowed to leave the transit zone at the airport. If the transplantation lasts longer than 6 hours, then it is possible to leave the transit zone only with the permission of the airport employee. But it is worth remembering that if a foreign representative who is provocative is dressed or has an unacceptable appearance for the Islamic faith, he will not be released.
It is also worth considering that women in this country have a special attitude. If a woman travels unaccompanied by males, she does not have the right to leave the territory of the transit zone. She can leave the transit zone only with the help of a male relative. But for the exit it will be necessary for the border control officers to submit documents confirming the relative relationship of the woman to the man.
Required documents.
To open any type of visa to Saudi Arabia, the embassy provides a standard package of papers:
International passport. A copy of the first page should be attached to it. Questionnaire. The application of the standard form can be found at
Requirements for completing the questionnaire:
You can fill it either by hand or using a computer. You can choose from English, Arabic or Russian. Two photos of the established sample. The size is 40 by 60 millimeters. An invitation letter from the host party.
Table: additional papers required depending on the type of visa to be issued.
� A document from the university of Saudi Arabia. The paper must state that the foreign national is enrolled for training.
� Evidence attesting to the fact of the applicant's birth.
� Certificate confirming the absence of previous conviction.
� Medical certificate confirming that the applicant is not HIV-infected, hepatitis A, B and C, meningitis, encephalitis and other infectious diseases.
� Type of activity of the enterprise.
� Date of enrollment of the applicant in the staff.
� The size of wages, the purpose of the trip to Saudi Arabia.
� Registration card of the inviting company.
� Documents proving the relationship.
Visas for religious pilgrims.
A special group visa can be obtained by believers who perform the sacred Hajj, that is, a pilgrimage. The organization of such tours is carried out by special religious associations, which exist in many countries of the world. Russians who profess Islam can also use their right and visit the main Muslim shrines located in Saudi Arabia. Popular in recent times and education in Saudi Arabia.
In order to gain access to the organization of pilgrimage tours, the organization must be recognized in the ICA and meet all the requirements. Hajj is not an expensive event, but Muslims are willing to make such an effort to fulfill their religious duty and visit the two shrines of the Islamic world: Mecca and Medina. The visa for a group of pilgrims is much easier for Russians than for any other case.
Pilgrims in Mecca.
Transit visas and visa-free travel.
When traveling through the territory of Saudi Arabia to any other place in the world by plane or car, you will need to issue an appropriate permit. However, if the docking of flights provides for staying at the airport no more than 18 hours, a visa is not required. But there are a number of features of finding in the terminal building.
If the transplantation takes less than 6 hours, the tourist of any gender and age will not be released from the transit zone. Women will not be released at all, regardless of time, if they are not accompanied by a man. It can be a son, a husband or a brother, and the relationship will need to be confirmed.
Men and accompanying female relatives will be released from the transit zone if the waiting period lasts more than 6 hours.
And only on condition that the passport control officer deems them trustworthy, and the appearance will meet the standards of decency. That is, no short pants and sleeves, drawings on clothes, piercings or tattoos in a conspicuous place.
But even if the transfer zone will be allowed, the passport will remain at the airport with the official. Instead, a receipt will be issued, which, upon return, will have to be exchanged for the document again. So many visa-free travelers prefer to spend time without leaving the terminal.
A story about modern life in Saudi Arabia.
A transit visa is required if you plan to stay in the territory of the KSA for some & # 8212; three days. In this case, you will not be able to avoid a visit to the embassy. But this does not guarantee obtaining the necessary permission.
For consideration, which usually takes about five days, you will need to show:
Passport, valid for more than six months after the visit is completed; Questionnaire, where among other things there is a clause about religion, and it can not be missed; Visa to the country of destination; All tickets or documents for the car; Two color photos; Receipt for payment of consular fee.
For women, there are additional requirements, namely a marriage certificate or a document of kinship with an accompanying man. Otherwise, a visa, even a transit visa, will not be issued. Obtaining any other visas, except for accompanying her husband, is almost impossible for women in general.
Working and commercial visas.
These are the types of visas that can be obtained relatively easily. But there is always a chance of getting rejected. The main package of documents remains the same, but depending on the goal it will be necessary to supplement it with some information.
Businessmen conducting business with partners in Saudi Arabia will need to be presented with an official invitation on behalf of the company.
It must be certified by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the region or industry concerned. But this is the case when contacts and contacts are already established.
If it is a question of business development, then it is possible to apply directly to the CCI. From there, in turn, will come a letter confirming the purpose of the visit, its importance and necessity, as well as the data of the entrepreneur. Such a document can be attached to the application for a visa.
To get to work in the UAE to foreigners is not so difficult. The developing economy of this state needs specialists from various industries, not just the oil industry, and therefore introduces simplified rules for obtaining a work visa.
Sample visa to Saudi Arabia.
Yes, you will need to get a work permit. But it can be done not only in the state body, but also in the employment service or even the travel agency. To the obtained permission it will be necessary to add:
Diploma or certificates of current qualifications (certified and translated); Medspravka, which states that the applicant is not a carrier of dangerous infections, such as hepatitis, meningitis, AIDS, tick-borne encephalitis, etc .; Driving license, if there is such a need. Back to the table of contents.
Family and guest visas.
To obtain any of these visas, you will need the same set of information as for all others. The difference is that both for women and for men it will be necessary to confirm the relationship with a person who has the citizenship of Saudi Arabia. It can be a marriage certificate, a birth certificate or another official paper.
Sample passport of Saudi Arabia.
Visa for children.
To cross the border of Saudi Arabia, the child should also apply for a visa. This republic does not put forward special requirements for children's visas. For registration of children's permission to enter this state, the parents of the baby should contact the embassy and file a package of papers:
The foreign passport of the child. It is worth remembering that children under 14 years can be inscribed in the passport of the parent. But they will be able to pass through the entry in the passport only if the adult's passport was issued before March 1, 2010. In other cases, children should have a separate travel document.
But as practice shows, it's difficult for a child to travel to Saudi Arabia on a parent's passport abroad. Therefore, in order to avoid problems, it is better to arrange your child's passport in advance.
To the passport there are certain requirements:
Presence of two blank pages for a visa stamp. The validity of the travel document must be at least 6 months from the date of filing an application for the opening of a visa. Photocopies of internal passport pages or birth certificates. Questionnaire. The application can be completed in one of two languages: English, Russian. Photographs in quantity of 2 pieces. A receipt confirming the payment of the consular fee.
If the baby goes to Saudi Arabia, accompanied by a third person, then a permit for removal from both parents will be required.
If a child goes on a trip with one parent, permission from the second parent is necessary only if it is banned from leaving the country of actual residence.
The cost of visas.
The cost of entering Saudi Arabia in 2018 is 2000 Saudi R $ 533. Saudi Arabia has introduced exit visas from the country. To leave this Arab state you will have to pay 200 reais or 53 American dollars.
But do not confuse the entry fee with a fee for issuing a visa. These are different concepts. Initially, a person must pay a visa and a visa fee for opening a visa, and then $ 533 is paid at the border.
The size of the consular fee directly depends on the type of visa that is opened:
To apply for a commercial one-time visa, you will have to pay 180 dollars. If it is necessary to issue a reusable ticket, you will have to pay 300 dollars. A single entry visa for organizations costs $ 55, multiple authorization & # 8212; 140 dollars. Opening a family visa will cost $ 180. Visas for employment and permanent residence in the UAE are $ 15. For registration of the state and educational visa the consular fee is not raised.
The visa fee for all types of permits is the same and is $ 65.
Possible traps for failure.
Notification that the reasons for denial of a visa are not announced, can be found both on the official website of the embassy of the KSA, and at the stands of the diplomatic mission. But there are several indisputable "irritants" that will lead to a rejection with 100% probability.
The first reason is Israel's visa. Officially this is not voiced. Nevertheless, the presence of a visa of this state in the current or even the previous passport, and this is carefully checked, means the inability to enter Saudi Arabia. Even if it was just about transit.
The second reason is tattoos, piercings that cause hair. If in a photograph or, worse, on the applicant itself, such a thing is noticed, the refusal will not take long. The authorities of the theocratic monarchy demand compliance with the rules of their country from all, regardless of their nationality.
The third reason is the "religion" graph. Of course, according to the Constitution of many countries, this information is not mandatory. But the KSA has its own laws, which correspond little to the existence of other opinions. Therefore, you will have to indicate your religion. But only if in this column there will be "Islam" or "Christianity", there is a chance for a successful outcome of the case.
The fourth reason is sex. The Arab world is adamant: a woman should travel only when accompanied by a man and not otherwise. Therefore, representatives of the second half of humanity must either accept this fact, or refuse to visit Saudi Arabia.
Embassy and visa centers of Saudi Arabia.
The Embassy is located in Moscow on the third Neopalimovsky Lane, 3 Telephone: +7 (495) 245-34-91, +7 (495) 245-39-70 The Embassy operates Monday to Thursday from 9 to 15. Non-working days: Friday-Sunday .
The visa center is located on Bolshaya Yakimanka street 38A. Phone: +7 (495) 7220790 Works Monday to Friday from 9 to 15.
I'm from Tajikistan, I want to get a working visa to Saudi Arabia, how can I do this?
I'm from Ukraine, I want to go to live and work in the future on a permanent basis in this country and marry a Saudi citizen, how can I do this? Is it possible?
Good idea for you.
I am a citizen of Ukraine. She married a refugee from Palestine who lives and works in Saudi Arabia. I can not open a visa because my husband is not given an invitation for me from work. Officially, we have been married for 3 years.
Help, please, open a visa, who can.
I am a Russian, a Muslim, I want to go with a son and son-in-law to a small Hajj (I die). The expiration date of my passport is April 14, 2016. I want to visit Mecca from March 15 to March 27, 2016. Will they give me a visa?
I'm Muslim, I'm 32 years old, English at a basic level, maybe a little more, I read Arabic. There is an economist diploma, how can you make a working visa from Tajikistan to Saudi Arabia? Tell me please.
Yes, of course, you can go with your husband, it's much easier. I've been there 7 times already.
I'm Muslim, I'm 32 years old, English at a basic level, maybe a little more, I read Arabic. There is an economist diploma, how can you make a working visa from Tajikistan to Saudi Arabia? Tell me please.
Change your faith and forget about this state! Do you want to live like a bird in a cage?
Is it possible to get a guest visa to Saudi Arabia for a foreign husband who works there on a contract basis? Thank you.
I lose the meaning of life. I want to go there to live.
Rashid, I will give advice. Take a closer look at the UAE. There you at least have a chance to become a second-class person, in the KSA you are doomed to third-rate. And only citizens of KSA can marry a citizen, and it only shines to you if you do an inestimable service to the King. What could you offer him?
About to marry a citizen of KSA, then it is quite possible.
Is the cost of the visa increased in 2017 for people who repeatedly commit the Hajj?
I want to go to Saudi Arabia with my dad. How can I do this?
How to get a job in Saudi Arabia? I live in Moscow.

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