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Registration of a visa to Paris independently.

Registration of a visa to Paris independently.
To cross the borders of France, tourists are required to obtain a Schengen visa. The visa to Paris in 2018 is made out by Russians without difficulty, the main thing is to follow the regulations.
Decide what type of visa you need: short-term and long-term.
A short-term visa is issued for up to 3 months. The document can be issued for both one and several entries to the country. This type is suitable for any type of trip. It can be both tourism and business trip. With such a visa relatives visit, take part in cultural events, internships and scientific conferences. Also this type is necessary for transit through France. An exception is the situation when a citizen does not leave the airport territory. Work on such a visa is prohibited. A long-term visa is issued for a long stay in France (more than 3 months), if there are grounds: work, study, family reunification.
Submission of documents.
The French consulate only submits documents if the purpose of the visit is to visit France. The applicant applies personally to the visa center or consulate.
Visiting the Consulate General of France is possible only by appointment. Visa centers operate without recording.
The application must be submitted no earlier than 3 months before the expected date of departure. The minimum period for considering an application for a short-term visa is 10 days.
A package of documents.
To apply, you need to prepare the following documents:
Questionnaire in French or English. Download forms and samples. Color photography 35 45 mm. The photo must be made on a blue or light gray background. Passport, which is valid for at least 3 months after the expected date of departure from the Schengen area. Receipt for payment of consular fee. Traveler's medical insurance. A photocopy of the Russian passport.
Additional documents on the purpose of the trip.
The list of additional documents depends on the purpose of the trip:
List of documents for tourist purposes and private entrances to the country: For tourists with the purpose of private trips - confirmation of residence, return ticket, proof of the availability of income (bank statement, certificate from work).
Reference from work.
To visit military graves - documents confirming the relationship with the buried. Confirmation of financial solvency. For property owners and their relatives - an extract from the real estate registry, documents confirming kinship, confirmation of availability of work and financial solvency. A trip to France with a working purpose involves the submission of the following package: A copy of the official invitation. For members of official delegations - a letter confirming membership of the delegation. Participants in the official programs of sister cities are the request of the mayor of the city, in which events take place or a written request of the mayor directing the delegation. For business trips - a written request from the host company, company, organization, or written confirmation of the availability of a job in France. For individual entrepreneurs - confirmation of economic activity, a written request from the host company. Drivers of international flights - a written request from the association of carriers from Russia with an indication of the purpose and duration of the trip. Railway transport workers - a written request to the Russian railway company indicating the frequency of travel. Aircraft crews - written requests from the operator company. Journalists - a document confirming journalistic activity. Letter from the publisher, indicating the purpose of the trip. To visit close relatives living in France, you will need: Written invitation of the receiving citizen with a certified signature. Signature is certified by the competent authorities. Confirmation of legal residence of a relative and family ties. Proof of income. For applicants who apply for a visa for study or internship, it is necessary: To participate in cultural events, conferences, a written request from the inviting organization is required. For students and students - a document on admission, student card. Application for sponsorship or other financial confirmation.
Additional documents for children.
Consent to the removal of a child abroad. For children under the age of majority, they will require:
Birth certificate. Consent of the parent (s) if the child is traveling alone, or accompanied by only one parent. If the child is an orphan, then the permission of the director or body of guardianship and trusteeship is granted. The permit is issued by the notary no later than three months before the date of the proposed departure. A copy of the current Schengen visa for parents who travel with the child.
Consular fee.
The price for a visa in 2018 is 35 euros, or 70 euros, if an urgent application is submitted (at least 3 days before departure, if there are grounds). When you apply for a visa in the Visa Center of France, in addition to the consular fee, you must pay a service fee for the services of the center - 2007 rubles. The price can be changed depending on the exchange rate. It is paid only by cash in the visa center. Charges are not refundable, even in case of refusal.
Since 2015, the filing of documents for a visa has changed due to the compulsory need to submit biometric data. The applicant handles the documents personally, his fingerprints are removed, and a digital photo is taken. The data is valid for 59 months (5 years).
Released from the surrender of biometrics:
Children under 12 years. Persons with reduced physical abilities, if not to remove fingerprints. Supreme persons and heads of state and their spouses.
Deadlines and reasons for refusal.
The minimum period for considering an application for a document in 2018 is 10 days. The passport can be returned without a visa. This can be done due to the lack of conformity of the photo to the requirements, due to the provision of knowingly false data, the applicant's incompatibility of the visa requirements, insufficient amount of money for the trip,
By e-mail to the visa department of the Consulate General, you can send a request for appeal of the refusal. Either correct mistakes and apply again by paying fees.
Only an individual who has been refused can write an appeal. If no reply is received from the consulate, file an appeal with the Commission of Appeals for review of decisions on Refusal of entry into France. The filing of an appeal must be made no later than two months after the receipt of the refusal.
All information about you, including the reason for the refusal, will be stored in a single visa information system accessible to all Schengen countries.
Tracking the status of documents.
After submitting documents to the visa center, you can track the stage at which the passport is located by entering the registration number and date of birth in the appropriate fields.
If you submitted documents after October 14, 2016, you can check the status by clicking this link. If earlier, by this link.
You can get ready-made documents yourself at the visa center. If you arrange courier delivery, the passport will be delivered home.

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