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Registration of a visa to Mozambique.

Registration of a visa to Mozambique.
A visa to Mozambique for Russians in 2018 is needed, it is issued only at the embassy of that state in Moscow. Previously, it was possible to get permission to enter the country at the border, but to date this possibility has been canceled.
Do I need a visa?
In 2018, a visa is required for travel. Permits to visit the state are handled by the Moscow embassy of Mozambique. In order to receive a travel authorization with 100% guarantee, you need to receive an official letter of invitation from a native resident or from a Mozambican employing company, which is difficult. We will have to wait long to realize all this, but in the remaining issues there should be no difficulties.
Required documents.
To get visa support for the country, you need to do it through the embassy.
Earlier it was possible to receive the document at the entrance, but now this rule was canceled. In order to complete the document, it is necessary to provide such a list of documentation:
the originals of the foreign passport, which is still valid in time, there must be at least one blank page in it, and the validity period is at least six months from the date of the future arrival to the Russian territory (to your home); To show the visa application form, the form of which is taken only from the embassy staff, it is necessary to fill in without errors and only in two languages - English or Portuguese; present the presence of armor in the hotel or housing for removal; a letter of invitation that provides all the necessary information about the inviter and traveler, also it specifies the purpose of the trip, the duration of stay in the country, its future residence and where is its registered residence, passport data, name, surname, etc .; two color photographs, 3 by 4 cm in size; a certificate from the workplace from the employer, where the amount of salary, position, length of service is indicated; official bank statement for the last three months.
Terms of operation.
Visas by validity are issued in two types: one or three months, during which you can stay without problems in Mozambique.
A one-time tourist visa will cost $ 50, but if you need to register it quickly, the extra charge for urgency will be an additional 25 dollars. Multivisa will cost more - $ 100. The extra payment for urgency will result in another $ 50 from the top. You can pay in rubles at the current exchange rate.
Terms of registration.
A small twist - the timing of issuing a multivisa without haste is 7 working days, if you top out the money for urgency, then it will be issued in 5 banking days, which is practically meaningless, because you can wait 2 days.
The processing time for the simplest visa is a little longer - from one and a half to two working weeks. If you pay for urgency, they can be anywhere from one week to 10 days. Express visa is issued for 4-7 days. The validity of a single entry visa is two months, and the validity of a multiple document is three months.
Continuously (without departures from Mozambique for the entire period of stay) in the state can be only 30 consecutive days.
Rules for entry into the country.
When entering the territory of the state of Mozambique, at the checkpoint are shown: a migration card with all personal information and a passport. At the airport entrance fee is not paid, but when departing from Mozambique, a foreign visitor must pay a state fee of $ 20.
Usually the state fee is paid together with the purchase of tickets for the return journey. If the tourist temporary visa is late, you will have to pay a fine, which is equal to 500 Mozambican Mikicals.
Basic information, geographical data.
Mozambique is one of the most ancient states in the world, where the first signs of civilization arose about two million years ago. It is interesting because it has a rich land and underwater fauna, paradise comfortable beaches and cognitive sights in the form of ancient cities. In the past 20 years, Mozambique has been gradually getting out of the economic crisis, life in it has begun to develop rapidly, and this has attracted a growing number of tourists.
Maputo is a province in Mozambique.
The country is convenient because it will find its place in the sun as rich people who love comfortable rest, and wild tourists who do not disdain cheap places for $ 5 a day, that is, the prices for recreation vary, suitable for any strata of society. The capital of the state is called Maputo. It is also noteworthy that the time zone coincides with Kaliningrad, and the difference with Moscow in time is only 1 hour. Unfortunately, there are no direct flights from Russia to the country. You can fly through Frankfurt or Doha from Johannesburg. From there, direct flights to the required destination, Maputo, to the capital of Mozambique are already underway. If you look at the geographical situation in detail, Mozambique on the world map is in the south practically at the very bottom of the African continent.
Where on the world map is Mozambique.
On the east side, along the entire length of the country, the Mozambique strait stretches, after crossing it, you can get to the legendary Madagascar islands. Surrounding the country are neighboring states: Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Zambia, South Africa and Swaziland. To get to the islands, as well as to visit the country, you need a Madagascar visa.
In this video you can learn about life in Mozambique.
It can be arranged in two places - in Moscow through the embassy or on arrival to the island. It is recommended to additionally arrange medical insurance, as the place is exotic and can happen anything, although this is an optional action.

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