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Registration of a residence permit in Estonia.

Registration of a residence permit in Estonia.
Reception of residence permit in Estonia, registration of companies in Estonia, Registration of companies in Estonia. Residence permit in Estonia. Permanent residence in Estonia, Estonian citizenship, the second passport of Estonia. business immigration to Estonia.
During the period of political instability in Ukraine, more and more Urainian citizens are thinking about investing their forces and investments in business development in European countries, and more precisely in the Republic of Estonia.
They get a residence permit in Estonia, open companies in Estonia, get a second passport, citizens of Estonia, ie Immigrate to Estonia.
Why choose the Republic of Estonia?
First, the loyalty of political forces and the Estonian authorities, acceptable legislation for the development and successful prosperity of business.
And, of course, it is not an unimportant factor-getting a residence permit for Europe.
The advantages of a residence permit in Estonia are very impressive.
Holders of a temporary residence permit in Estonia will be able to travel throughout Europe, and the Schengen countries without visas have rights almost on par.
citizens of Europe, receive medical care and support as aboriginal people, are heavily subsidized by the state, and receive substantial benefits in taxation!
You can obtain a residence permit in Estonia:
x & gt; registering a marriage with a person permanently residing in Estonia;
x & gt; a residence permit for a close relative in Estonia residing in Estonia.
x & gt; for work in Estonia.
x & gt; to study in an educational institution located in Estonia;
x & gt; for business in Estonia.
x & gt; whose permanent legal income ensures his residence in Estonia;
x & gt; in case of significant public interest;
Entrepreneurship in Estonia.
A foreigner who has an equity participation in a business association or who acts as an individual entrepreneur and who has enough money can apply for a residence permit in Estonia for business in Estonia.
Commercial association or individual & ndash; the entrepreneur must be registered in the Estonian Commercial Register and the alien's residence in Estonia is important for the business of CV.
A commercial association or an individual entrepreneur should have a commercial plan, from which follows the nature, size of entrepreneurship and size, qualifications and abilities of the necessary personnel, as well as:
At least 1 000 000 kroons are invested in the activity of a commercial association in Estonia.
At least 250 000 kroons are invested in entrepreneurial activity in Estonia by an individual entrepreneur.
The foreigner must have a permanent legal income for 6 months preceding the application, which guarantees his residence in Estonia. The legal income is received legally received wages, legally obtained from business activities and property, income paid by a foreign state pension, scholarship, alimony, allowances.
A foreigner must have an insurance contract that guarantees payment for medical treatment expenses, in connection with his illness or injury, along with those who have a health insurance during the application for a residence permit:
A foreigner who resides in Estonia on the basis of a residence permit who wishes to stay outside Estonia more than 183 days a year must register his or her residence outside Estonia with the Citizenship and Migration Board.
Documents required for obtaining a residence permit.
Applying for an urgent residence permit for business, it is necessary to submit the following documents:
x & gt; additional application form "Application for a temporary residence permit or extension of residence permit" ;
x & gt; additional questionnaire "Data on close relatives, spouse, family members and dependents";
x & gt; established form of autobiography;
x & gt; document certifying the education, occupation or occupation of the applicant;
x & gt; document certifying the amount of capital invested by a foreigner in Estonia under foreign control;
x & gt; color photo size 40x50 mm;
x & gt; document certifying the legal income of an alien for the six months preceding the filing of the application;
x & gt; an insurance contract that provides for the payment of treatment costs due to the illness or injury of the applicant during the period of application of the application for a residence permit. The insurance contract should not be presented if the foreigner (foreigner) is a person insured by compulsory health insurance in accordance with the Law on Health Insurance, or in the case provided for by an international agreement;
a document certifying payment of the state fee.
An alien may be issued a residence permit for business if:
x & gt; the foreigner's investment in Estonia is 1,000,000 kroons, in the case of a business association,
x & gt; The foreigner's investment in Estonia as an entrepreneur-physical person is 250 000 kroons.
A residence permit for business is issued up to 5 years, which defines the scope of the entrepreneur's activities and, if necessary, the scope of the activity. An alien who has been issued a residence permit for business can not work in Estonia under the direction of another person.
Assistance in obtaining a residence permit for entrepreneurship.
Our company takes care of all the services and concerns associated with the help of opening a business in Estonia, obtaining a residence permit in Estonia, registering companies in Estonia, registering companies in Estonia, permanent residence in Estonia, Estonian citizenship, the second passport of Estonia, business immigration to Estonia.
How everything happens, by the points.
To apply for a residence permit in Estonia, it is necessary to open a company in Estonia, where one member of the board will be a foreigner and another resident of Estonia.
A person wishing to obtain a residence permit in Estonia needs to come to Estonia, on an Estonian visa for 1-2 days. (It is necessary to plan your arrival time in advance, prepare a meeting with a notary, and send a copy of the passport) During this time, documents will be issued from a notary to open a new company, where 1 member of the board & ndash; manager, will apply for a visa for a residence permit in Estonia, the second member of the board of the resident of Estonia (YOU clearly decide who will be the second member of the board in the firm) After, our company transmits the documents for residence permit in Estonia to the commercial register.The registration process takes a maximum of 5 days. The card where the members of the board are indicated are sent by e-mail, so you do not have to wait in Estonia and YOU can leave for Ukraine. At this time, Tallinn is preparing a package of documents for filing for a residence permit in Estonia. The whole package of documents is handed over to the applicant, and the applicant submits these documents to the consulate of the Republic of Estonia in Kiev, it is necessary to make an appointment with the consul beforehand. In the consulate of the Republic of Estonia in Kiev, the documents are registered and sent to Estonia to the Citizenship and Migration Department. The maximum period for considering an application for a residence permit in Estonia is 2 months. After that, the Department makes a decision regarding your application.
The first residence permit is issued for 2 years, which gives.
the ability to enter all Schengen countries.
After making a decision, you can get a sticker about the residence permit.
When filing documents, a fee of 100 euros is paid.
The price includes the preparation of all necessary documents, local expenses for obtaining residence permits in Estonia, with the exception of state / duty, which the applicant pays in his home country, in the consular section.
On our part, residence permit is issued for one month.
From the moment of the petition of the applicant in Ukraine to the consular department of the Republic of Estonia, it can take up to 2 months.
After 2 years, you can apply for a permanent residence permit or 5 year old.
The cost of services is 3500 euros for citizens of Ukraine and Belarus.
Uv gentlemen, in case of ambiguities and issues.
Please contact us, we will answer all your questions with pleasure.
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