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Refusal to enter Korea.

Refusal to enter Korea.
In recent times, cases of refusal to enter South Korea by Russian tourists have become more frequent. They can refuse entry without explanation of the reasons directly at the airport while crossing the border.
Such unpleasant situations are caused by the fact that many Russians come to the visa-free South Korea not for tourist purposes but for the purpose of working. However, in order to engage in labor or business activities in Korea, you need to receive a special visa. In fact, such people become illegal migrants, because they are illegally in Korea and are engaged in illegal activities, which is not encouraged by the Korean government and law enforcement agencies. Unfortunately, because of this, not only they suffer, but also ordinary tourists from Russia.
How to protect yourself from refusing entry to South Korea.
A complete guarantee of the peaceful passage of the South Korean border, unfortunately, no one will give, but some precautions can reduce the risk of denial of entry to a minimum. Employees of the customs, border and migration services of South Korea pay special attention to people who come to the country with unclear goals, without a return ticket, for an indefinite period, without a solid cash reserve, as well as without confirmation of residence or booked cheap hotels with the option to refuse from the reservation.
Thus, the following precautions can be recommended, which can reduce the risk of denial of entry to Korea.
Firstly, this is the entrance to Korea on a tourist or medical permit. This fact usually removes all questions about the purpose of coming to the country. But if you go to Korea for a medical examination, the border guard officer may not be convinced of the documents for a small and cheap medical examination in the Korean clinic.
If a person flew to Korea on his own, booking certain excursions or tours can help with documenting this fact. It is unlikely that there will be much help from any cheap sightseeing tour around Seoul or Busan, but a long and expensive excursion can convince the Korean migration service officer for your tourist purposes.
Secondly, it is desirable to have a rather large cash reserve. It's about cash, because the balance sheet of your credit cards can not be verified by the border guard officer. What should be the volume of this cash - a difficult question. With some degree of certainty, we can say that the sum for calculating $ 100-200 per person per day will look reassuring for the border guard. I agree that the amount can turn out to be solid, but there's nothing to be done. On the other hand, a border control officer may not ask for money, but you need to be prepared for such a turn.
Third, you must have a reservation in the hotel or an invitation from the host party. If this is asked at the border and you can not respond and show anything, then the probability of refusing entry to Korea in this case will be very high.
Fourth, you need to have the air ticket back. I think the comments on this matter are superfluous.
In any case, when crossing the border, you should be polite, do not argue with the border guard, show aggression, demonstrate the ambiguity of goals and intentions of staying in Korea, and behave unusually and defiantly. If you behave like an ordinary tourist, then problems on the border with Korea should not be.
And if you go there to study there on an exchange?
If there are all supporting documents, then problems should not arise.
And if I go to Korea in order to hitchhike around the cities of the bark for about a month and a half! Without a visa! How to advise on insurance!
If there is a return ticket and medical insurance, then the sex of the case is already done. It is better to book a hotel, but immediately abandon it after successfully crossing the border. It is possible to find such a variant with minimal penal sanctions for refusal. Or as an option honestly explain on the border of their intentions, confirming their availability of a large amount of money and armor to the car (if any). In this, too, there is nothing illegal, although it looks a little extravagant for the border guard. Here you just need to be persuasive and not cause suspicion of unreliability.
Good afternoon. The question is, I went to Korea without a visa for 50 days, returned and a month later I want to go for another 30 (without a visa), is it possible.
This issue is better to clarify in the Embassy of South Korea.
But in any case, it must be remembered that denial of entry can be declared without explanation. It will be enough to have one border guard suspicion about the unreliability of a person entering Korea. In any case, you need to be prepared in detail and clearly explain to him why you are going to visit the country again after such a short break.
And if I go to Korea to a Korean, who is a citizen of the Russian Federation himself, and went to work, the ethnic Korean himself, he? I am Russian. I'm not going to work but just live with him for a long time, without a return ticket. Have the right to not let his wife go to her husband?
As far as I know, if you are not a citizen of Korea, you may be refused entry to the country without explaining the reasons. But in general such information is better to clarify in the Korean embassy.
Hello, refused to enter the border, without substantiating the reasons, sent back to Russia, while not deporting other stamps in the passport. After what time can you try to enter Korea again?
You can immediately try again to enter Korea. There are no time limits. Try next time to have more solid supporting documents, which allow you to convince the migration control officer of your reliability. Good luck to you!
And if there are several North Korean visas in the passport? They wanted to fly to South Korea for the New Year, and adult members of the family have several North Korean visas.
I do not know about any direct prohibitions on entry to the territory of Korea for people holding a DPRK visa. But, you know, these countries are at war, so problems can arise at the borders. There can be no guarantees here.
Hello. Tell me please was in Korea half a year ago, In July, I wanted to make a tourist visa to go again but for three months, refused the visa, Put a stamp on my passport with a visa refusal! The question is: will I have problems because of this stamp. Thank you.
Legally, denying a visa does not in any way affect the ability to obtain a visa again. This can only alert the embassy staff. But if you have all the documents in order, then the visa must be issued. Nevertheless, remember that a visa can always be refused without any explanation. Good luck to you!
How to make a work visa and is it difficult to obtain it?
A work visa can be obtained from the Embassy of South Korea. It is relatively difficult to obtain, as it is issued only to highly professional specialists, and if Korea is interested in such specialists. Without an invitation from a Korean company, a work visa is almost impossible to obtain.
Hello, tell me please, if you do not pass the border at whose expense is the return journey?
Unfortunately, due to who was denied entry to Korea.
Tell me please. This is the situation. My good friend received a guest invitation straight from Korea, but the visa was denied in Russia. For what reasons did this happen, and is there any way to circumvent this situation? For example, try your luck with the same documents in another city of our country?
This could happen for completely different reasons, each of which, most likely, boiled down to the fact that the employees of the Korean Embassy are afraid that your friend will remain in Korea to work. Perhaps this was indicated by his young age, the difficult financial situation, the doubtfulness of the invitation, etc. To get around this situation, you can simply apply for a visa with a new set of more convincing documents. The option with another city is also possible, but due to the above reasons it is unlikely to bring success. Good luck to you!
Hello I want to go to Korea for a visit. For only 58 days. I did not do a visa. I bought tickets there, back. There is the address of the apartment where I will live and the telephone number of the person to whom I'm going. What other documents are needed? . Or all the hotel reservation is necessary?
A full guarantee of the successful passage of the border with Korea to you and the embassy will not be given, since the issue of admission to the territory of Korea is decided by a specific employee of the migration control. If they do not convince your documents that you do not plan to violate the laws of Korea, then he will let you in if they do not convince you, then he will not miss it. Therefore, I recommend that you have the most complete set of documents confirming the purpose of your visit to the country. If you are going to visit, it is desirable to have an invitation in Korean. The remaining documents in themselves will be unconvincing, in my opinion. I also note that staying for a visit for 2 months will also look rather strange in the eyes of the migration control worker. Good luck to you!
And what documents are needed if I go to Korea for training?
The same as usual + information on enrollment in a Korean university, a certificate of education, a certificate of absence of tuberculosis and financial guarantees. More detailed information should be clarified in the Embassy of Korea.
Hello. For the first time I go abroad. And she chose Seoul for her first trip abroad. If this is the first trip abroad, can I refuse? If I have a hotel reservation, a return ticket and a decent amount of money (cash) ..
They can refuse, but if everything is in order with the documents, then the probability of this is small.
Hello, my brother was blacklisted. The migration control officer could not understand the reason for changing his name. Brat was in Korea several times. He had no problems with the law. Currently, a person can not enter this country as part of a replacement crew for a Russian ship. In fact, a good job is covered. What will you advise in this situation?
Unfortunately, almost nothing can be done. Korea can not let anyone into its territory. Your brother & # 8212; persona non grata in Korea. Try to contact the Korean Embassy for clarification.
Hello, tell me please)) I'm flying in transit from Incheon to the Philippines, but there is no ticket to the Philippines yet! I want to buy a ticket in Seoul at the ticket office (cheaper), can there be problems in crossing the border?
They can. Try to imagine that you will tell the whole confusing story to the border guard, and try to imagine his reaction to this strange story. It will be much easier for him not to let you into the country, than to understand such complex logistics.
I came to Korea for 60 days, I want to go to Russia for a week, make a visa and call on a visa for another 60. Is this possible.
In principle, it is quite possible. At least from a technical point of view. But if I were an employee of the border guard service, I would be alarmed by such a tourist who has been in a relatively small country for more than 4 months. When you re-enter (even if you have a visa), you may have questions and problems.
Tell me if I need a return ticket to Russia if I'm traveling on a visa for 90 days? Thank you in advance.
In principle, this is not necessary. But you need to consider that the border guard is not obligated to miss you even if you have a visa, if he has suspicions that you will engage in illegal activities. The probability of denial of entry with a visa is small, but it exists, so having a return ticket will be an additional insurance against non-entry.
Yesterday we flew from Seoul. We did not let in. We were flying for tourism purposes. We had all the necessary documents with us (except for visas) since we were in Russia. We had round-trip tickets, hotel voucher, medical insurance and enough money for ourselves. We turned it back without trial and investigation. Is it possible to sue them? In the law for Russians offer 60 days without a visa and so only their air carriers earn on people and vse.Net would be consulates in Russia to check people and give them a refusal here so that people are not wasted . And so you are counting on the law of pr letaesh and only when it becomes clear that you are not admitted.
To sue them is not allowed, as Korea & # 8212; it is a sovereign and independent country and can let on its territory, whom it wishes. You can refuse entry if you have a visa.
Tell me please. We fly to Korea for the first time with my brother (we are 30 years old) for 12 days. Seoul and Busan. There is a hotel reservation. There is a return ticket to another country. Will they let us go? And if they let in Korea, can we stay for 20 days? is not considered a violation?
If you are admitted to Korea, you can stay in its territory for up to 60 days, and this will not be considered a violation.
If a Korean citizen challenges me, is it a guarantee that I will pass customs? And for how long can I stay in Korea on call?
No, this is not a guarantee. A border guard officer has full authority in deciding whether to let you cross the border. He can not miss any person without explaining the reasons.
In Korea, without a visa, you can stay up to 60 days, without the difference & # 8212; on call or on other grounds.
Hello. I arrive in Korea from Thailand, there is a return ticket in my hands 30 days back to Thailand (where I permanently reside). Tell me, if for some reason they suddenly do not let me into Korea, which country is deported to?
Most likely, in the country of citizenship.
Good day! And the certificate of absence of tuberculosis necessarily everyone should have, even if I go for 5 days for tourist purposes? And if you need it, where can I get it?
A certificate of absence of tuberculosis is needed only to obtain a visa to Korea. If you are going to Korea for a short period for tourist purposes, this document will not be required.
Good afternoon. I'm flying to Korea for a month, there are hotel reservations, a ticket has been bought back and forth, the route of stay there is approximate, but there is a problem with the money, because for such a long time I have considered everything budget for recreation. Very worried, so I decided to ask if they are checking money in money.
Money can check. The probability of this, unfortunately, I can not tell. You can make an extract from a bank card, which should be with you, on which there will be a more solid amount. Perhaps, this will impress the border guards more.
Hello! Can someone tell me how to be? Me my boyfriend and girlfriend did not miss, we signed a document with a girl, then the document is not a guy. Passports were taken from us. We sit in the sump as prisoners, there is no food, we drink water from the paper .. we do not explain anything. Buy tickets are not going to listen & # 8230; How to be? And what rights do we have in this situation? Good people tell me. Is there any chance to get to Korea again because there are people familiar with Korea who can somehow help but for this it is necessary that someone listen to us and except for the guards no one comes to us, & # 187 ;. And is there any option that we bought a return ticket not at our expense?
Hello. I want to fly from Khabarovsk to Seoul to friends he is a native Korean Russian wife.
and I almost every week fly to China on work many times was to China.
there is a chance that they will let me into Korea there is a phone number and the address of a Korean.
The probability of refusal, of course, is. It is believed that the border control of visa-free countries is more loyal to those who come to the country for classical tourism, that is, they rent a hotel room and have a tour program. In any case, you need to have a return ticket and a sufficient amount of money for the tourist, so that the border guard does not think that you want to get a job illegally.
I'm going to go to South Korea to admire the places and sights. There is a return ticket. Stay about a week. Is there any chance that I will be refused a visit?
Unfortunately, no one will give any guarantees. The probability of refusing entry is always. What should be done to minimize the risks of such failure, is written in the article.
Hello! can the conviction of a person be affected by refusal of entry?
Yes, of course, he can.
Recently, my friend went to South Korea to rest. From her, I learned that with her deployed a lot of Russians. With what it can be connected? Maybe because of the upcoming winter Olympic Games. Will it be a reason for refusing entry?

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