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Reform of the immigration law of Italy: proposals have been made.

Reform of the immigration law of Italy: proposals have been made.
January 19th, 2013 by admin.
The Association for Legal Studies on Immigration (ASGI) on January 14, 2013, proposed to consider 10 points on the basis of which the reform of Italian immigration legislation is supposed to be carried out. This is & # 8212; Immigration to Italy, asylum, as well as obtaining Italian citizenship by immigrants.
Diversity and simplification of entry. Make mandatory and the annual Fluxsee Decree, which will meet the needs for employment in selected regions. Create a new condition for the legal entry of foreigners into the country on a visa that provides for a job search (valid for 1 year), but obliges foreigners to return to their country in case of failure. Simplify the procedure for recognizing the diploma and qualifications received abroad. Refund the taxes paid in Italy if the immigrant finally returns to their homeland and does not claim to receive a pension in Italy.
The introduction of the mechanism of regularization of every foreign citizen who is on the territory of Italy, who has his own business in the country or family / relatives (family and emotional ties). Guarantee the conversion of all types of residence permit, the extension of the residence permit to the competence of the communes (municipalities). Cancel the integration agreement, cancel the tax on residence permit.
Strengthening the right to family reunification, which will partially relieve foreigners of the requirements for the provision of data on income and housing, as well as favoring the legalization of those families who are already on the territory of the Republic without a residence permit. Equalize the rights of minor immigrants with the rights of Italian citizens, as well as ensure their residence permit.
Close Centers for Identification and Deportation (CIE). The deprivation of liberty will be carried out by the decision not of justices of the peace, but of professional judges. Only especially dangerous individuals will be put in jail. Reduce the number of deportations from Italy (except: serious violations, voluntary repatriation). Abolish penalties for unauthorized entry or stay in the country.
Granting the right of asylum on all borders, especially maritime. Guarantee reception of foreigners under EU standards, eliminate existing Centers for the Reception of Asylum-Seekers (CARA). Reform the composition of territorial commissions and the discipline of humanitarian protection. Make available free legal aid, as well as grant the right to stay an alien in Italy, if he filed a lawsuit.
Ensuring the observance of the principle of non-discrimination. Establish an autonomous, independent National Agency for Combating Discrimination, authorized to investigate and take sanctions. To guarantee stateless persons the status of a stateless person (status di apolide), as well as obtaining a residence permit in Italy.
Ensuring equal access to social services and public services to foreigners, excluding all discriminating conditions and requirements that prevent the right to social assistance. To grant foreigners the right to work in public organizations, except for cases of employment in public authorities and places where there is a question of protecting national interests.
Protection of victims of exploitation. To guarantee to the foreign victims the forms of compensation, the initial "period of reflexation", the issuance of residence permits, regardless of cooperation with the judiciary.
Ensuring fair and uniform legal processes for all foreign citizens, transferring to judges of general jurisdiction all the competence in committing procedural actions concerning the legal status of citizens. Improve the legal status, as well as the conditions for immigrants to stay in prison or sentenced to an alternative punishment.
The reform of the law on Italian citizenship and the right to vote, thereby recognizing the right of all foreign citizens in Italy to vote in elections, as well as the right to obtain Italian citizenship in a short time. Approve the principle of the soil (ius soli), guarantee to all minors, in particular those who were born in Italy, the acquisition of Italian citizenship on special, "lightened" conditions.

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