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Receiving PMJ Malta Forums

Receiving PMJ Malta Forums
ZDVVASHSTUITE girls. (About me I'm married to a Maltese and lived in M. 2 years now I live in another country for 4 years), I just sometimes so much I miss Malta. tell those who live in Malta. as it is now there is a Russian (it's easy to find a job Russian.) you like living in Malta or you moved to another country. oh tell me about Malta, I'm very bored. and I think to move or not all the same. I do not have enough communication. beautiful stylish people. even if you go to the store for bread, then you will not be painted and will dress a mini. (There is no such thing here)
I do not remember in Malta in the store with bread painted people in a mini. For such you in Russia. You go to Malta at least on vacation. Maybe your fervor will fade.
in the Foreign countries section look for like-minded people.
Russian in Malta is getting worse. The local population was clearly annoyed that there were more of them, and the church also intended to build an Orthodox church on this piece of rock. Not to mention the fact that in the majority of people coming to permanent residence - people are not poor. And the standard of living in Malta is low. In Malta, it's better to go on vacation, but you do not need to live there permanently.
In occasion of painting you have amused me. Go to Moscow if you want to see stylish and beautiful people. In Malta, they go in shorts and slippers to a restaurant and to work, as well as in many other European resort towns.
in Malta is very ugly local population and not at all stylish.
a mass of thick Italians saw only in Malta. in Italy did not observe at all. they hide themselves, and on Malta you can relax against the background of the thick Maltese.
And in my opinion, in Malta, beautiful women with beautiful voices. Men, yes, many are fat, elderly, but young on the contrary very athletic, such athletes run along the embankments.
I also really miss Malta, although I was there only 2 times, for a total of 6 weeks. Necessarily still we shall go, soon the child will grow to English.
but it seems to me there are all beautiful walks. painted especially beautiful hairdresses. many visit hairdressers. Malta near all of Europe. and I live in Noaia Zealand just Australia next door. where the Russians work and M.
And than you do not like N.Zeland? I have a dream to go to Zealand))
I'm not saying that in Zealand it's bad just constantly pulls on M. and I want to know how it is now.
Do not exude that much too far and dearly from the Motherland.
Bella-Stella I want to ask you, you were probably in Australia, the climate is very different from New Zealand?

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