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Real estate in Holland.

Real estate in Holland.
Real estate in Holland.
The availability of own housing is one of the main conditions for obtaining a residence permit in the Netherlands.
Having in Holland real estate and a concrete business, you and your family have all chances for obtaining a residence permit there.
The apartment is 50-100 square meters worth $$ 65.000-90.000.
Under it you can get a loan of $$ 42.000-58.000. House - a two-three-storey block in a row of 4-6 houses - an area of 120-200 square meters will cost you $$ 90.000-120.000.
The prices indicated reflect the average cost of housing. The cost of similar housing located in a small town, as a rule, is lower by 15-20%. In Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague - by 10-50% higher.
What gives possession of real estate in Holland? For individuals, this is an opportunity to live in a civilized, friendly, cultural country. For investors, this is a reliable investment of funds, in order to generate income for subsequent sale or lease of the property.
Real estate in Holland is steadily growing in price. The income of a private person from the sale of real estate is not taxed. The rate of return for the rental of real estate is (percentage of the total value of the property per year): 12% for residential buildings and apartments, 8-10% for office premises, 8-9% for shops and shopping centers, 9-11 % - for industrial buildings. For businessmen, this is the opening of one's own company and office in the country that is the center of world trade, direct contacts with producers and suppliers of products.
Real estate in the assets of your firm will provide an increase in its prestige in the eyes of foreign firms and banks, which allows you to receive commodity loans and expand financial opportunities based on mortgage lending.
For industrialists - is the organization of its own productions, knowledge-intensive divisions, marketing and distribution centers, free access to the shopping gates of Belgium and the financial centers of Luxembourg.
Costs associated with the acquisition of real estate in the Netherlands.
The real estate firm will charge 1.5-2.2% of the value of the property and 0.5-1% of the loan amount for its services.
The tax on the purchase of real estate will be 6%. Notary fees and expenses for registration of documents - 0,7-1,5%. The bank fee for the opening of a mortgage loan is 1.5% of the loan amount.
Tax on real estate - 0.3% per year. Insurance - 0.16% per year. Utilities (gas, water, electricity) - $$ 1,300-1,800 per year.
Holland is a state in Western Europe. Possessions - the island of Aruba and other Netherlands Antilles, forming a federation that has an equal status with the territory in Europe.
The capital is Amsterdam, the population is 16 million. The official language is Dutch, but almost all Dutch people speak English and German. The country consists of 12 provinces.
In Holland, the situation in the real estate market is developing in accordance with well-known principles and laws of supply and demand. Property prices in the Netherlands are constantly growing and this growth is noted by experts over the past 30 years.
The cost of the property in Holland is affected by the following factors:
location (prestigious Amsterdam, student's Utrecht, port Rotterdam, the informal capital of Holland, the medieval city of The Hague, the seaside resort of Scheveningen, the frontier with Germany Venlo, the industrial Eindhoven, etc.)
- profitability of the object in case of renting it.
- Year of construction, technical condition of the object, material from which the house was built, etc.
Some advantages of buying property in Holland:
property prices are rising steadily. The average for the year is 1.5-5%. There is a constant growth of your capital;
housing can be rented and also receive an appropriate income;
becoming the owner of real estate in Holland, you can also open a firm and obtain a residence permit, legally staying in the country. After 5 years of legal residence in the country, you have the right to obtain citizenship.
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