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Read online “In bed with the banker” author Williams Kathy – RuLit – Page 3.

Read online "In bed with the banker" author Williams Kathy - RuLit - Page 3.
- And I do not think that this is wrong, especially if you work here as a dietician. One glass of light wine has not harmed anyone yet, "Elliot said. - Samantha has devoted me a little to the details of your biography, but maybe you'd better tell about yourself?
For a moment, it seemed to Melissa that he wanted her to tell what she was doing in her spare time. However, common sense prevailed in time.
"And do not you think," Melissa asked sternly, "that for a start it would be logical to tell what kind of work you are going to propose to me?"
"Let's clear up the situation right away, Ms. Li: I'll ask questions." Your business is to answer them.
"A very democratic decision," Melissa remarked, and Elliot's glance flashed for a fraction of a second.
"I'm glad you think so, too," he said unperturbedly. "I'm going to go get myself something to drink." Will you still ... mineral water?
"No, no, it's enough for me to have one glass." It is important to observe the measure, otherwise you will get the impression that you are drinking medicine.
Elliot nodded abruptly and walked confidently toward the bar. Melissa with a grin noted how the barman rushed headlong to fulfill his order. Elliott Jay, one of the greats of this world, is probably used to such a conversion.
As soon as Elliot returned to his former place, Melissa handed him her resume. She guessed to take him with her literally at the last second before leaving the house. Elliott quickly scanned the resume and put it on the table between them. Then he leaned back in his chair and said, playing with a glass of white wine:
- Excellent grades, but there is no diploma about graduation from the university. What does it mean?
- I have not finished university yet, when I decided to go to America for a year. The easiest way was to get a nanny into an American family with a stay with them. And I was so fond of messing with children that on my return to England I postponed the receipt of the diploma for later.
- So, you did not consider getting a diploma as an especially important task from the very beginning.
Melissa shrugged her shoulders.
"I thought you were only going to ask questions." You did not warn that you will interpret my answers at your discretion.
Elliot again felt an itchy irritation, as if he had a splinter in him.
"So I can better understand your character." In my deep conviction, this is one of the goals of any job interview ...
- At work, to which I can agree or disagree.
Elliot suppressed a sigh and asked the following question:
- Why did you decide to switch to physiotherapy? - He involuntarily glanced at the figure of Melissa and again came across an obstacle in the form of another dress in a flower, only this time the flowers were smaller and more cumbersome.
He focused on the story of the girl. Oddly enough, this nondescript person had a strikingly melodic voice.
Melissa explained that she was always interested in how to improve the human figure, and was so interested that she saw this as her future profession in the long term.
"Everything is terribly expensive in London!" Can you imagine what prices their owners charge for the apartments? I think you can not. To be honest, unthinkable!
Elliot relaxed. Money. Despite the statements of this girl that she does not necessarily agree to his proposal, she, of course, needs money, as he had expected.
"You know, Samantha has a very high opinion of you. She assured me that you are a reliable person. She also said that you are very good with people.
Melissa had dimples on her cheeks.
- I like to think so, and it's very nice that someone else agrees with this.
A smile lit up the girl's face. Elliot even forgot for a moment, amazed at her unexpected charm.
Women in the life of Elliot, like everything else, took their strictly defined place. This did not mean that he was changing his girlfriends like gloves, just work for him did not go well with the wild life. Elliot always met with women who were as eternally engaged as himself, and who held high positions in the business community.
Elliott glanced at his watch. Soon he meets up with Alison. It is a very rare pleasure to see her at such an early hour for the weekday.
- Do you like your job? Elliot asked suddenly, turning his attention back to Melissa.
"What I want to offer you, will require a great deal from you. You will be busy at least from four days on and on, as needed. I will pay you for the full working day. However, if you want, you can continue to deal with your regular customers in your spare time. On the weekend, I'm afraid, too, will have to work, but in the end I do not think that all this will take more than three months.
Melissa was already fed up with all these walks around the bush, and she preferred to take the bull by the horns:
- I read about you on the Internet during the lunch break and found a lot of information, but not a word about your wife and daughter.
- I do not have a wife.
"So you're divorced?" Melissa said and stumbled into the frosty gaze of her companion. She shrugged in confusion. "Judging by your appearance, my question is beyond the bounds of decency." Do not be curious about your personal life?
"You are absolutely right," Elliot gritted through his teeth.
- And you prefer to keep a monopoly on the questions asked? Am I right again? No, no, do not bother to answer! Better tell me about your proposal, although I can not promise that I will agree to this job.
"Even though you need money?" Insinuated Elliot. He called the amount that he was going to offer her as a salary, and noted with satisfaction Melissa's confusion reflected. "It's too attractive to give up, is not it?"
Melissa looked hostilely at her companion.
- Not all can be bought for money.
- Right. However, most can be persuaded with their help. "Elliot's mouth twisted in a cynical grin.
- What is your daughter's name and why was it not mentioned anywhere on the Internet? She is all right?
Elliot's grief was gone, he frowned.
"Yes, she's all right."
He finished his wine and stood up from the table.
"I'll go get me another glass." Are you going to drink your mineral water?
"All right, I'll be white wine, too."
"So," Elliot said a few minutes later, when he returned with drinks, "about my daughter." I'll start with the easiest. Her name is Lucy, and she is fourteen years old.
- Fourteen?! - Melissa tried to quickly make the appropriate calculations in her mind. It turned out that Elliot became a father of only eighteen years!
"I see you've already calculated everything," Elliot said, sipping his wine and looking at the girl from behind the rim of the glass. "I met Rebecca when I was at university. She came from Australia to obtain a master's degree in psychology, and I was just a student at the Faculty of Economics and Law. "Elliot paused and looked at Melissa appraisingly. "I'm not used to talking about my personal life, but it seems that at the moment I have no other choice."
"I understand that you are, of course, a very important person, but still you are the same person as everyone else.
"Only very closed." I do everything possible to keep my private life in the shade.
- Apparently, you think that as soon as you leave, I'll start telling the whole health center the juicy details of your biography?
Elliot smiled, and from this smile at Melissa, for a moment, even caught his breath. The sharp features of Elliot's face softened, and under the guise of a tough business man, more like a soulless machine, a sexy young man suddenly appeared. This reincarnation produced an electric shock effect on Melissa.

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