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Rating of blogs and records of LiveJournal.

Rating of blogs and records of LiveJournal.
- Bicycles and infrastructure.
- The society treats foreigners well. There are not many Ukrainians here, like the Poles, for example, therefore, the "bad" the attitude towards them (us) was not formed.
- Socialism. People are equal, too poor not, which raises the level of security and "moods" in society. Yes, big taxes, but a lot of bonuses: help to children, free medical insurance for them under 18, free education up to 18, cheap after, affordable medicine for adults, good infrastructure, social security, etc.
- Water. Everywhere drinking and tasty (subjectively).
- Strangely enough, torrents. In all neighboring countries, they are punished for rocking, and in Holland, by law, this is not prohibited. For us it is positive, because here you can not buy dvd with Russian translation.
- Infrastructure. Roads, transport. Everything works and everything is logical.
- A minimum of bureaucracy. The state "works".
- Banking system and electronic money.
- Socialism. The general leveling, it is difficult to climb up and not be like everyone else. If you earn a lot, it does not mean anything as it would be, for example, in America.
- Integration into society. The Dutch are friendly outside, but they will never miss you beyond a certain barrier.
- Food. It's difficult to get used to.
- A flat country, I miss the hills.
- Overpopulation. You get used to it, but you still think it over.
- Everything is permeated and everything is measured in money, at times, and the relationship between people. Everything is insured.
- Lifestyle, when everything and everything needs to be planned. In my opinion, if you plan your whole life, life becomes boring.
My items. The opinion of the housewife, who brings up one younger child and one baby, who is always with her. I can not write shortly, I'm sorry 🙂
- I ride a bicycle, drive children. It is safe to go to any place and at any time.
- Great, great, great - they are everywhere! I love this fact!
- Despite the absence of explicit prohibitions from local children, they behave, as a rule, very well-mannered and decent. Those. they are not therefore not pulled back at every step, that this is not accepted, but because there is nothing to be done.
- From the previous paragraph comes the following: in the children's team it is comfortable to be. In public places with children is very calm and peaceful. And if our children start to break the peace a little, they are not condemned.
- Friendly and affable passers-by. Do not pass by the children indifferently.
- The entertainment industry for children at the highest level! I am sure that for adults too, but we did not have the opportunity to appreciate for the time being. Parks, zoos, amusement parks, museums on any subject, exhibitions, open days, children's playgrounds including. and closed (this is very important for local precipitation).
- Bicycles, pedestrians, and then cars. In order of priority on the roads of the city. Cars drive slowly, do not always miss pedestrians, but I do not complain.
- Contrary to old myths, shops work on Sundays and holidays. Not everything, but still, you will not stay without food! Once a month, organize a shopping Sunday, when most shops work, and every Thursday (in our city this is exactly Thursday), you can stoop until 21:00.
- There is mooore! Its a lot. This is for the lovers of the sea, as a fact. And for lovers of swimming, there are a lot of swimming pools at an affordable price and an entrance without references (though this can be attributed to minuses).
"It's easy to breathe here!"
- A lot of evergreen trees, from that and in winter green.
- A long period of flowering in trees and flowers.
- There are no sharp changes in temperature. Winter and summer in one color - it's about us! The annual temperature difference is only 20 degrees.
- The most ideal roads! Puddles disappear as soon as the rain ends. Clean and well-groomed throughout the country. The greater the backwater, the purer and tidier the streets and gateways.
- Delicious ice cream - do not necessarily go to Italy for him 🙂
- I can chat with strangers in unlimited quantities (this partly compensates me for communicating with close friends).
- Grandmothers-neighbors do not complain about life (and their neighbors), but from that they are very charming interlocutors. Can you imagine this in Ukraine / Russia? Me not )
- Conveniently and reliably rented accommodation. On the mortgage so far I can not say anything.
- Trains! Also, we adore them with the children.
"Flowers, flowers, flowers!" In any form, almost year-round! Many, at affordable prices, but do not want to buy - go and look around. In the same paragraph - large windows of living rooms in houses and apartments. This item needs to be done at number one at me 🙂
- German and British eBay and amazon. All you want. Fast and often free shipping.
- Unobtrusive medicine. I hope we do not have to transfer this item to the minuses, i.e. until their principle of non-interference and & quot; self-pass & quot; satisfied us.
- We are not reproached for not knowing the language. But it is better not to abuse it and still learn it.
- Convenient location - in the center of Europe. In Paris, we do not care that to Odessa or to Lviv. In the Alps, as in the Carpathians, instead of the South Coast - Cote d'Azur.
I thought for a long time that I would add "minuses" to Mitin.
- A high tax on imported goods. In the States and China, purchases are possible only through an intermediary. Not yet used.
- By removing or owning an old house with thin walls, large and stupid windows, it is very difficult to heat it. Rapidly heats up, instantly cools. In hot days, accordingly, it becomes incredibly stuffy. But there are few days)
- In the country it is early to put children to bed, which means that we can not, for example, go on a visit on a weekday (so that the whole family).
- Otherwise, I agree with the previous speaker)
What does not concern the country, but concerns us personally and in general foreign life:
"It's an interesting experience, it's a new experience and an opportunity to live differently." There was a need to move away from parents, to live independently and independently.
- Do not need a Schengen visa for at least another 4 years :))
- Open borders between states. For us - lovers of autotravels, it's very nice.
- There is no constant help from grandparents, but there is their daily moral support, and they also have their own need: to leave Ukraine at least twice a year to visit us, and at the same time see the world.
"Our friends do not have enough." As it turned out, after 30 real friends it's already hard to get.

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