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Question about Russia.

Question about Russia.
1. The passport of Ukraine.
2. Certificate of Education.
3. Certificate of Birth.
4. Migration card.
5. Help that she is not married there (well, if we marry)
6. Leaf of departure.
7. Stamp in the passport for permanent residence.
And then here or on the state. program to go or get married .. well, it's up to us. Sense is not that. Home and there and there the same (permission for temporary residence, residence permit, etc.).
Faced with the problem - Leaf of departure and permanent residence. She is told at the passport office to get out of Ukraine you need a passport. And that she will write there a statement about the renunciation of the citizenship of Ukraine and so on.
2-3 days can be done in a travel agency. But - you need to call clarify.
Perhaps (according to rumors), there is a queue (we did four passports here and there was never a queue). But there it is convenient and modern, there is where to expect, they all do it themselves, the bank also has it.
The services of the passport registration of the thunder-dog of Ukraine for the sake of the cordon nadayutsya for mehkantsyv us�h areas t Autonomous republics Krim for the address:
m. ���, ��������� ��������, ���. Lenina, 64.
Mi pracieuemo ponedilka on the fourth, from 9:00 to 18:00, at the middle before 13:00, p'yatnitsya until 17:00.
Break for the day: 13: 00-14: 00.
Route no. 104 from metro station "Kharkivska"
bus number 104 from metro station "Borispilska",
Routine Taxi No. 529.
Telephone for reports:
But with the rejection of the citizenship of Ukraine, is not it too early? The residence permit in Russia is far from being Russian citizenship. She calmly can remain a citizen of Ukraine, having a residence permit and permanently residing in Russia.
A friend is now in St. Petersburg. He received a residence permit, works, is married, but he is a citizen of Ukraine, who has been discharged from the apartment. Passport also issued.
To sign out (it is removed from registration) means that the citizen will no longer permanently reside in this place, but will be in another and this other place is indicated fairly freely in the departure sheet. For example, when buying an apartment in the new building at an early stage of construction and selling the old one, the address of the house is often not known, or if the countryside, then write the village, the street. This is generally no one is checking-it's not necessary for anyone. In your sheet will be the address where the girl is going, with words.
Your girlfriend can just want to sign out any day. Not necessarily with the goal of leaving for Russia. Just on the grounds that she will not live here. And she will live in another apartment, in another city, she will buy an apartment and live there or she is going to rent a house, etc. This is her desire. And this is not a problem-unless it is artificially created.
IT DOES NOT NEED TO REFUSE FROM CITIZENSHIP NOW EXACTLY! Until your girlfriend "settles down" in Russia, that is, she does not receive a residence permit, she does not need to give up the citizenship of Ukraine. 1 time you just have to come, but then.
In addition, even purely logically, this is now going by internal routes, but if in half a year they say everything, only by zagranu, then this will be a problem for you. And further.
In the internal passport of a citizen of Ukraine, Russian passport holders can not make any marks and stamps about the legal presence of your girl in Russia. If I am not mistaken, it is in the passport that such stamps are staged. And in Russia it is the passport that will be the document that proves the identity. Specify this. But in my opinion, that's what our friend Kostya, who left for St. Petersburg, explained to us.
But, if it has the right of ownership, it is not worth it to register in a year there, having paid an administrative fee for violation of the registration rules. Previously there was 17 UAH. All!
Another thing-and what are the rules in Russia when obtaining permanent residence for a show of departure girl will be in Russia and what will be demanded from her-it needs to be recognized there. Most likely, she will not be registered there, since she is not a Russian citizen. I will register, get a residence permit, and then either marry or work and already then-citizenship and travel to Shchors to renounce citizenship.
About the registration-statement - this is nonsense, or you do not understand. What and how it is correct - so it is really necessary to have a passport. Yes, it's easy to enter with orientation purposes or work can be done internally, but for a stay abroad you need a foreign passport - this is the usual norm of international law. The first step to citizenship - the RVP - is already and is the ACCOMMODATION, the stamp on this is put in the passport.
Passport should be made for permanent residence (permanent residence). It will be in place of your internal passport. It is necessary to make out. When crossing the border (at the airport or train), a migration card will be issued. It will be necessary to fill it in and on arrival to take up migration registration. That is, in fact, you remain a citizen of Ukraine. Next, we made a patent for work here (we even concluded a labor contract with her and I hired her as a person in person as a migrant should be able to provide and pay a tax every three months for this patent 3000 rubles.) Then we prepared documents for the RWP (temporary residence permit). Got it. Between this everything was a bunch of translations of documents, translations certified by a notary (birth certificate, passport, certificate). it is better to do several copies. There were medical examinations. Then, in theory, they could file documents for the state program on obtaining citizenship for compatriots (here it is a prerequisite that you were born in the USSR, that is, until the collapse of the union (until August 1991), but the state program was suspended now and what will happen next.
And more - make a certificate that you are not married and that there are no children, so that in case you want to get married - do not have to fly for help back.
I was here faced with the fact that the quota for the RWP for 2013 ended. Have to wait for next year.

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