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Psychiatrist Gluzman: Poroshenko may not be in time to leave for Spain.

Psychiatrist Gluzman: Poroshenko may not be in time to leave for Spain.
Famous in Ukraine former political prisoner and dissident, psychiatrist Semyon Gluzman in an interview with the Ukrainian edition of "Apostrophe & raquo; spoke about his attitude towards the planned medical reform in Ukraine and President Poroshenko. Semen Fishelevich refers to those intellectuals who are always dissatisfied with any authority. For anti-Soviet activities, he spent several years in custody and proudly calls himself "outgoing" & raquo ;. Now he criticizes the team that came after the coup d'etat of 2014.
Gluzman believes that medical reform in the country is long overdue, but it is done ineptly. The reform started under Yanukovych was more sparing & ndash; it did not affect the whole country. & laquo; And what now? And now Suprun (Acting Minister of Health Ulyana Suprun & ed.) Announces that the pilot project & ndash; this is the whole of Ukraine. And if there are some unavoidable mistakes, they will be already on the whole system. It should not be. I understand that behind it is the president, because you need to keep promises to Western partners, but at the cost of destroying the entire system, you can not keep promises & raquo ;, & ndash; he declares.
Gluzman believes that Ukraine is turning into a totalitarian country: & laquo; Why did not they consult the medical community? Otherwise it turns out that we are just an authoritarian country & hellip; And we go to this. To the fact that the president and advisers in the person of his administration will make all sorts of decisions. I do not want to live in such a country & raquo ;.
& laquo; Under this reform is the goal of privatization of everything. I was against the Soviet authorities, I, I shall say, had very serious differences with her, but I was never a person who wanted to destroy the entire health care system because I had a conflict & raquo ;, says the perpetual dissident.
When asked about how the Ukrainians changed after EuroMeidan, the psychiatrist replied: "I think that a considerable part of the Ukrainian people after the Maydan did not feel joy, but hope. Everything could have ended differently when a student demonstration arose. But when the student's zavarushka occurred, you could not allow such blood. And it was necessary. And for some time he (Yanukovych & ed.) Would still be a legitimate president, and we would have lived the way we lived before. Of course, the collapse of the economy was taking place, and some kind of reaction would have been, but maybe it would not have been so bloody. But what happened happened & raquo ;.
Commenting on the ongoing reforms in the country and the fight against corruption, Semyon Gluzman said: "This is such an imitation of change. Do you see at least one camera in which at least one of the former politicians is sitting? All this fight & ndash; imitation. Another thing is that imitation can sometimes turn into real some steps. This can be seen on the president's hidden struggle with the National Anti-Corruption Bureau & raquo ;.
The psychiatrist expressed his opinion about Poroshenko: & laquo; what our president is doing now & ndash; so it destroys the basics of the rule of law, the rule of law, which was here. Does he consciously do this? Well, he is a clever man, he is not a little literate Yanukovich, he understands everything, he simply thinks that there will be an opportunity to protect himself, his family and go somewhere to Spain, where, as it turned out, he has real estate & raquo ;. But it may not be in time.

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