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Property in Uruguay.

Property in Uruguay.
Winter in Uruguay 2016, Punta del Este.
Islet of tranquility and stability & # 8211; this is what is valued today, what people need. Uruguay can be fully considered such an island, "quiet and comfortable." Neither religious discord, nor political struggle, economic crises generally bypass Uruguay. As now, a little & hellip;
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How is spring in Uruguay?
October & # 8211; early spring, and yet, sometimes the temperature reaches 24 degrees. The air is filled with the scents of blossoming jasmine, the smell of pines and eucalyptus. Nature is transformed in anticipation of summer. The same can be said about people! While still calm and & hellip;
Pros and cons of Uruguay.
To begin with, living here for almost 5 years, I would not have exchanged this country for something else. "# 8230; There are minuses, this is the country of the 3rd world, even if it is politically and economically absolutely stable and one of the safest in & hellip;
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Where to go to have a rest in the winter?
Soon comes the winter season of vacations and vacations, and you begin to dream about how you will sunbathe and swim while all the others are freezing. Where to go for a vacation? After all, I want a new and interesting! Then you should visit Uruguay, the resort of Punta & hellip;
Life in Uruguay.
Life in Uruguay is proceeding slowly and calmly. No one is in a hurry, time is spent in peace and harmony. "All the money you still will not earn, but life will pass" & # 8211; private theory of Uruguayans. Daily binding siesta from 13 to 15 and perpetual mate and & hellip;
Banks of Uruguay. Why "South American Switzerland"?
Already for many years wealthy Argentines have kept their savings in Uruguay in order to avoid permanent crises in Argentina. Uruguay does not give high interest rates and does not provide for its clients all the investment opportunities that you will find in Europe, but itself & hellip;
Immigration to Uruguay for permanent residence.
Every year, the rules for obtaining a Residence in Uruguay are complicated by the large influx of foreigners wishing to move to this small and wonderful country for permanent residence. More precisely, there are tightening in the rules for the last 2 years. Getting permanent residence and citizenship & hellip;
Tax comfort in Uruguay.
Uruguay is indeed an attractive country in respect of taxation. Recently this small country came out of the black & # 8221; and then & # 8220; gray & # 8221; list of countries and today is in & # 8220; white & # 8221; list, but still she was very friendly to foreigners. A person who immigrated to Uruguay & hellip;
Airport in Montevideo, Uruguay.
A couple of years ago, Carrasco International Airport in Montevideo entered the 10 most beautiful airports in the world and remains there to this day. Restrained elegant lines, large spaces and Art Nouveau style were appreciated. Architect Rafael Vignoli embodied his brilliant project & hellip;
Property prices in Uruguay.
To begin with, the idea of prices for real estate in Uruguay is very erroneous. Many believe that for a penny here you can buy a palace on the oceanfront. & # 8230; It's not like that at all! Of course, the prices are not comparable with the Russian, they are much lower, but not at & hellip;
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